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The Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe to Visit in 2024

When I first started traveling as a vegan, I made many trips to Europe, and people were always so enamored with what in the world did I eat?! For some reason, folks on this side of the pond thought that vegan was a term only known in North America, and as soon as I left, I surely starved!

Well, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth — I thrived!

The vegan scene throughout Europe has been trending steadily upwards, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. A report by the Good Food Institute showed that plant-based food sales have grown by over 20% since 2020. In addition, a research study by SkyQuest showed that “more than 39% of European customers had either drastically reduced or completely eliminated their consumption of red meat.”

Those are no small potatoes!

The increased interest in a vegan diet isn’t just at the consumer level; government bodies are also interested. In 2023, Denmark announced new plans to boost the production of plant-based products as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases; they’ve even gone as far as to say that vegan food must be a “central element in the green transition.”

Obviously, it’s safe to say that Europe is a vegan playground for foodie travelers! I often get asked, “What’s the most vegan-friendly or best vegan city or cities in Europe?” So, I thought, let’s put together a list!

I’ve compiled this list based on a few criteria:

  • Number of fully vegan restaurants, cafes, & bakeries
  • Availability of vegan and vegan-friendly shops
  • Availability of vegan and vegan-friendly hotels
  • The city’s focus on sustainability — we all know you can’t talk about going green without addressing what’s on your plate!

So, without further ado, let’s plan all of the vegan-friendly cities in Europe that you’re going to visit!

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9 Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe that Must Be on Every Vegan Traveler’s List

#1 Berlin, Germany

I’ve enjoyed visiting Berlin twice but only scratched its vegan surface! The city is home to over 80 vegan spots and well over 100 vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes — incredible, right?

boats passing the large green bronze topped berlin cathedral on a sunny day in berlin

While eating yourself silly is fantastic (one of my favorite travel activities), the vegan fun doesn’t end there! You’ll also have the opportunity to peruse the shelves of a vegan supermarket, Veganz, go vegan shoe shopping at Avesu or LOVECO, and even take a vegan cooking class!

The one thing that the city is missing is a vegan hotel. It is home to the eco-luxe hotel, Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel, which does offer a few vegan options on its menu (hopefully, as it continues to green its operation, those vegan options increase).

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Berlin

  • 1990 Vegan Living (Vietnamese cuisine)
  • Lucky Leek (Michelin-Starred fine dining)
  • Plant Base (Breakfast & lunch café)
  • Brammibal’s Donuts

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Berlin

  • REWE vegan supermarket – opening soon
  • Avesu (Vegan shoe shop)
  • LOVECO (eco-friendly shop with men’s & women’s fashions & cruelty-free accessories)
  • Deer Goods (Vegan clothing shop)
  • Vegan food tour in former East Berlin neighborhoods
  • Vegan cooking classes & book club at Plant Base
spread of vegan vietnamese dishes with found hands holding drinks and cheersing above the table at chay long in berlin
Credit: Double O – Creativity Connects / Florian Kroll

#2 Hamburg, Germany

You might be thinking, wait, two cities in Germany!? YES! Two super awesome and vegan-friendly cities. I suggest planning an itinerary that includes both, as they are only a 2-hour train ride away from each other — or if you’re driving, you can stop halfway and stay at the vegan hotel, Ahead Burghotel!

Now that your Germany itinerary is partially planned let’s get back to the fantastic vegan scene in Hamburg! The city is home to around 50 vegan restaurants, plus a slew of vegetarian and vegan-friendly ones — just about any type of cuisine you’re craving, you will find here. In addition to that, a competitive vegan donut scene is happening here — Bramibals and Kjeks Cakeshop both have multiple locations and incredible creations. You MUST visit both.

a long display of frosting and chocolate covered vegan donuts at brammibals in hamburg

In between donut stops, you will want to do a little shopping at the vegan clothing shop Vunderland. Here, you’ll find a terrific selection of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Vunderland is also down the street from multiple fabulous vintage shops and another vegan and eco-friendly clothing shop, Mr. and Mrs. Green.

When planning your visit, try to come either in late July or October so you can participate in one of two mega-vegan festivals. The first is the Vegan Street Festival, which takes place in St. Pauli’s Spielbudenplatz on Reeperbahn, and the second is Veggie World, which takes over the Hamburg Convention Center (I told you it was mega!).

There isn’t a fully vegan hotel in the city (there was once, but it closed), but there are a couple of vegan and eco-friendly options to check out. Either stay in trendy Hafencity (Harbor City) at the 25hours Hotel HafenCity or enjoy waterfront views at the Empire Riverside Hotel.

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Hamburg

  • Kkokki Loves Vegan (Korean cuisine)
  • TA Vegan House (Vietnamese cuisine)
  • Vincent Vegan (Fast food)
  • Katers Köök – Veganes Deli & Katzencafé (Cat café with breakfast & lunch)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Hamburg

  • Vunderland & Mr. and Mrs. Green (Vegan clothing shops)
  • Denns BioMarkt & Alnatura (Vegan-Friendly markets)
  • Take a vegan cooking class at Kurkuma
  • Visit during one of the large vegan events — Vegan Street Festival and/or Veggie World

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#3 Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you don’t fall in love with the picturesque canals and historic streets, you will fall in love with the growing feast of vegan delights! Amsterdam has over 70 charming vegan cafes, restaurants, and funky food joints — your tastebuds won’t be bored. You can start the day with a stack of golden vegan pancakes at Factory Girl, then grab a Stroopwafel and round it out with eyepopping vegan junk food at the aptly named Vegan Junk Food Bar!

While meals are great, Amsterdam is also a sugar-filled pastry heaven! No visit is complete without a visit to Margo’s Amsterdam and SANIT-Jean Bakery — prepared to be blown away.

vegan danish topped with cream and lime curd from margos vegan bakery in amsterdam
Credit: Margo’s Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also home to a growing lineup of vegan shops like the other two cities! If you’re in the market for a new pair of kicks, you can shop till you drop at VEGA-LIFE.

When finding a place to stay, there is nowhere better than the Conscious Hotel Collection. They have multiple locations throughout the city and aren’t fooling around when they say they’re sustainable. Everything in the hotels, from the paint to the energy (they use Dutch windmills) to run it, has been responsibly sourced. All of the hotels also have vegan-friendly cafes onsite.

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Amsterdam

  • Trevi’s Amsterdam (Italian cuisine)
  • Veganees (Asian cuisine)
  • Men Impossible (Vegan ramen)
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Amsterdam

  • VEGA-LIFE (Vegan shoe shop)
  • Little Plant Pantry (Vegan & plastic-free, zero-waste shop)
  • Funky Vegan Festival (Estimated to take place September 2024)
  • Take a hands-on vegan cooking class

#4 Paris, France

Ah, Paris, the city of love, lights, and… vegan croissants? Mais oui! Believe it or not, the French capital has embraced the art of vegan cuisine with flair. Say “au revoir” to clichés of butter-soaked everything and enter a world of delightful plant-based pastries, from flaky croissants to creamy éclairs. But it’s not just about sweets – Paris offers a vegan voyage that will make your taste buds do the can-can. You’ll have quite the task of deciding where to go; the city is home to over 60 vegan restaurants!

I once had a conversation with someone who was worried about going to Paris as a vegan. I said the only thing you need to worry about is how you’ll get your pants to fit at the end of the trip!

While deciding which pastry to try (Land & Monkeys and VG Pâtisserie are can’t-miss stops), you will also want to support a few stellar cruelty-free shops! On the food side, you can’t leave Paris without checking out the city’s first vegan fromagerie, Jay & Joy. After that, maybe check out the product selection at one of two of Paris’ vegan grocery shops!

vegan cream and strawberry pastry from land and monkeys in paris
Credit: Land & Monkeys

When you’re ready to rest your head, you’re in for a treat; Paris is home to the vegan hotel, HOY. The chic boutique hotel is close to Montmartre and features the plant-based restaurant, Mesa de Hoy — it’s also a fabulous vegan brunch and breakfast spot in Paris!

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Paris

  • Aujourd’hui Demain (Junk food and it also has a small vegan shop)
  • Sweet Rawmance (Beautiful, mostly raw eats)
  • The Friendly Kitchen (fully gluten-free + vegan)
  • brEAThe Restaurant Montorgueil (Japanese cuisine)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Paris

  • Arsayo (Handbags, backpacks, and accessories made from apple leather)
  • Mon Epicerie & Vegami (Vegan markets)
  • Enjoy a vegan wine tasting near Père Lachaise
the skyline of paris with the Eifel tower popping up in the background and cherry blossoms in the foreground

#5 London, England

London is hands down one of my favorite vegan-friendly cities — I’ve been multiple times, even lived there for a summer, and the city never gets old. London’s vegan scene is like a culinary carnival, offering everything from Indian-inspired chickpea curry to fancy fine dining that’ll have you doing the happy dance. And if you’re craving a good old-fashioned British fry-up, fear not – you can find hearty vegan versions that are the bee’s knees.

the london parliament and big ben on the thames with a light blue and pink sky late in the day

Now, here’s the thing, London has been hailed the world’s vegan capital many times, and for good reason. Some say the city is home to around 400+ vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants! So, no matter how much time you have (unless you’re moving there), you must pace yourself! If you’re unsure how to pace yourself, I suggest you check out one of the city’s fantastic vegan food tours. There are a couple of options in Shoreditch and Camden Town, or you can create a custom private adventure.

While you can eat yourself into a coma, you might want to take a break and check out the city’s only vegan clothing shop, The Third Estate. Here, you’ll find cruelty-free and sustainable fashions for everyone.

Last but not least, hotels! The Vegan Society worked with The Hilton London Bankside to create the city’s first vegan suite, but in addition to that, there is the vegetarian B & B, Temple Lodge Club, or vegan-friendly options like Inhabit.

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in London

  • Mildred’s (Globally-inspired eats)
  • Purezza Camden (Vegan pizza & Italian)
  • DAUNS (Swedish cuisine)
  • Gauthier Soho (Michelin-Starred restaurant)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in London

  • Afternoon tea at Farmacy, The Egerton Hotel, or The Ritz London
  • Camden Town vegan food tour
  • The Third Estate (Vegan clothing shop)
  • Vegan wine & cheese tasting at La Fauxmagerie
  • Visit during one of the city’s many vegan events and festivals; check Vegfest UK, Vegan Nights, or The Vegan Society for more info.
two white plates side by side with vegan mushroom scallops covered in a yellow cream and gnocchi covered in a balsamic glaze at stem and glory in london

#6 Brighton, England

Brighton is a seaside gem. It’s one of the few places where I would pack up my cats and move in a heartbeat. If you love London, you’re sure to love Brighton. If London is too overwhelming, you’ll love Brighton even more! Just like London, it’s been graced with the title of world vegan capital — it’s home to around 240 vegan and vegetarian hotspots! It’s the kind of place where even the seagulls have traded their fish and chips for vegan sushi rolls.

While you can’t miss strolling along the vibrant Lanes, you’ll also want to pencil in a stop at the UK’s (maybe the world’s) first vegan shoe shop, Vegetarian Shoes. For over 30 years, the folks behind this boutique have been pushing animal-free kicks. After, create your signature scent at Eden Perfumes — all the scent blends and candles are vegan and cruelty-free. 

If you get lucky and visit on the last Sunday of the month, you’ll want to head to the unique vegan market at the Open Market. You’ll find everything from food to housewares!

While there isn’t a vegan hotel (just yet), The beautiful Queens Hotel offers a full vegan menu and will put you just steps away from the seafront.

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Brighton

  • Botanique (beautiful veggie-forward dishes)
  • The Round Hill Pub (Sunday roast)
  • No Catch (Vegan fish & chips)
  • Kusaki (Japanese cuisine)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Brighton

  • Shoe shopping at Vegetarian Shoes
  • Vegan market shopping at Kindly of Brighton
  • Grab a bottle of vegan wine at Seven Cellars (all wines are marked)
  • Take a vegan food tour through the city
  • Attend the Vegan Open Market on the last Sunday of the month, or check out the other vegan events and festivals from Vegfest UK.

#7 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, where the sun shines as brightly as the vegan spirit! This city knows how to dance its way through a plant-based fiesta. From colorful markets overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies to lively tapas bars dishing out patatas bravas and veggie paella that’ll make your taste buds flamenco.

colored brightly tield park guells that over looks barcelona on a sunny day

I recently met an American ex-pat living in Spain, and he said to me, “Vegans and vegetarians sure have a tough time in Spain.” My response was, “Have you been to Barcelona?” It’s not all ham and cheese in this sun-filled Spanish city! Although the city doesn’t boast quite the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in some of the other behemoths, it still is home to a good diversity of options that are growing! According to In Spain News, “43% of Spaniards already buy vegan products at least once a week, compared to 10% in 2018.”

Awesome, right?

When it comes to shopping, you will have quite a variety. The city is home to a vegan meat and cheese shop (set up just like a traditional counter), La Veganeria del Born, and three other fully vegan grocery stores, V Market, Vegacelona, and Vegans & Bio.

Check out the charming boutique hotel, Petit Palace Boqueria Garden, for a vegan-friendly place to stay. Located just steps from the famous La Boqueria Market.

Be sure not to miss our vegan guide to Barcelona to help with your planning, oh and this vegan bakery guide!

Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Barcelona

  • Rasoterra (Veggie-forward menu & natural wines)
  • Roots & Rolls (Creative sushi & Asian cuisine)
  • Gallo Santo Gracia (Mexican cusine)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Barcelona

  • Take a vegan-friendly Paella class
  • Learn to make a Catalan cheese board (vegan-friendly)
  • Load yourself up on vegan cheese at La Veganeria del Born
  • Shop till you drop at Vegans & Bio, V Markets, and Vegacelona
  • Visit during Vegan Fest Catalunya in September 2024
three colorful vegan tacos sitting on a dark gray tray at amarre 69 in barcelona
Credit: Amarre 69

#8 Lisbon, Portugal

This charming city is on a plant-powered voyage, and it wants to take you along for the ride, but that’s not always been the case! Over the last decade, a plant-powered revolution has occurred in a city known for its love affair with fish!

the lisbon skyline dotted with red roofed buildings on a sunny day

In late 2022, Burger King announced that it would pilot a fully vegan store in the city — 100% vegan burgers, fries, milkshakes, EVERYTHING! While the pop-up shop only lasted a month (hopefully, the success gets them to re-open it), you can still find many other fabulous options, from veganized traditional Portuguese treasures like Pastel de Nata to artfully styled plant-powered dishes.

If you forgot to pack a pair of shoes or are in the market for a new pair, no worries. In Lisbon, there’s a vegan shoe shop, Nae Vegan Shoes! The shop stocks hip sneakers, chic heels, handbags, and more. On the food front, you will want to check out the product selection at the vegan market, Green Beans — they also have a small café!

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Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Lisbon

  • O Botanista (Chic globally-inspired dishes)
  • Vegan Junkies (Junk food)
  • My Mother’s Daughter (Gorgeous & healthy fare)
  • Scoop n Dough (donuts & ice cream)
  • Vegan Nata (Traditional Pastel de Nata)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Barcelona

  • Vegan-friendly food walking tour
  • Take a vegan-friendly pasteis de nata cooking class at the Lisbon Cooking Academy.
  • Shoe shopping at Nae Vegan Shoes
  • Market hopping at Go Natural, Green Beans, & Time Out Market Lisboa
beautiful vegan pastry dish o botanista lisbon
Credit: O Botanistra

#9 Copenhagen, Denmark

Last but definitely not least! Copenhagen, where bicycles rule the streets and vegan eats reign supreme! This Danish delight is a treasure trove for plant-based foodies, and it’s a city that knows how to have a good time with veggies.

The vegan vibe pairs super well with the city’s (and country’s) focus on sustainability. This year, Denmark announced new plans to boost the production of plant-based products and has even said that vegan food must be a “central element in the green transition.” The country plans to invest more in technology, chef training, and more options in schools.

The vegan foodie scene has grown considerably in Copenhagen, allowing visitors to savor smørrebrød, a traditional Nordic sandwich, to multiple chic Michelin-Starred restaurants. A guide once told me that there was a time when the dining scene in Copenhagen was lackluster, but they put a lot of effort into changing that — they were successful!

Unfortunately, the vegan shopping scene has taken a hit in Copenhagen with the closure of a couple of shops, but you can find plenty of snacks and products at the vegan-friendly health food shop Helsam. Hopefully, we will see more stores open with the increased investment in plant-based options.

When it comes time to find a place to stay, you will have many vegan-friendly places to check out. I swear almost every hotel in Copenhagen has eco-friendly practices in play, and many have connected what’s on your plate to those practices. Two standout places include Manon Les Suites and Scandic Spectrum. Manon Les Suites offers vegan and gluten-free breakfast options upon request, and Scandic Spectrum is home to the vegan-friendly restaurant Ansvar. Scandic also aims to increase its plant-based food options by 60% by 2025!

Be sure not to miss our vegan guide to Copenhagen to help with your planning.

Vegan Restaurants Not to Miss in Copenhagen

  • The Ark and/or Bistro Lupa (Fine dining Michelin-Starred restaurants)
  • 42 Raw (breakfast & lunch café that’s also gluten-free & mostly raw)
  • V’italian (Italian cuisine)
  • Bistro Verde (Creative globally-inspired fare & smørrebrød)

Vegan Activities & Shops to Checkout in Copenhagen

  • Take a Michelin-Star vegan food tour with a visit to Ark, Bistro Lupa, & Veve (vegetarian restaurant)
  • Enjoy veganized Flødeboller at the chocolate shop, Glean
  • Check out the surprising vegan options at 7-Eleven (I was shocked)
  • Visit during the Plant Food Festival in early November, 2024
nyhavn harbor at the start of the day in copenhagen

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