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I’m Rebecca, and my path into the travel industry is unique.

Like many people, I took time during the pandemic to re-evaluate my career — I wanted to find a way to align it with my ethics in hopes of making this world a little kinder and greener.

But I struggled to find a job that ticked those boxes.

So, what does any college-educated person do when this happens, and they’re in the middle of a global pandemic? Well, they start a vegan travel blog based on their love of vegan food and eventually leave their 15-year career in the dust!

Honestly, I thought starting the blog would just help me pivot my career — I knew it would force me to learn new skills and network with like-minded people, but it’s turned into much more.

The blog offers mouthwatering lineups of vegan food, action-packed travel guides, and trip tips so you can plan your entire veggie-filled vacation, but if you don’t want to do all that work, there are other options! In 2023, I launched personalized travel planning services and vegan-friendly tours, with the inaugural to Thailand, marking the beginning of many more plant-powered adventures to come.

Building Veggies Abroad has become my form of activism. I have the opportunity to encourage businesses to make more sustainable choices and help travelers support companies that are making a difference. As an advisor and blogging queen, it is my goal to use travel as a tool for good.

Interested in letting me plan your dream getaway or learn more about the veggie-packed tours? Reach out via the contact me button below!

Partnerships with Tourism Orgs.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of tourism organizations across the US to promote the vegan options within their cities!

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