Vegan Travel Agent

If you’ve ended up on this page, you’re probably thinking one of two things — I want to go somewhere and have the most epic time, but will it be vegan-friendly, or I didn’t think travel agents still existed, let alone vegan ones!?

Oh, yes, my friends, travel agents do still exist and are here to help with all of your trip-planning woes! Whether you just want to book a short budget-friendly weekend away in London or see giraffes or blue-footed boobies on an ethical wildlife adventure, I can help!

Why Work with Me?

I didn’t get into the travel industry because I thought it would be a lucrative and glamorous career; I did it because I saw an opportunity to make a difference. Travel is a powerful tool — it can uplift communities and open our eyes, but it can also be damaging and exploitative.

We spend a lot of time pouring over product labels and company profiles, but often that same process isn’t used when it comes to booking trips. I want to inspire you to look at travel differently and realize that it can be an extension of your activism; it can encourage businesses to be more eco-friendly, adopt more plant-based options, support local communities, or all three. It’s all possible.

Your dollar is a vote, and as a travel agent, I want to help you spend it with places trying to make this world a little kinder and greener.

Benefits of Using a Vegan Travel Agent

No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, the benefits of using a vegan travel agent are enormous (whether you’re vegan or not), here are just a few:

  • Ethical & sustainable itineraries. Travel can enlighten our perspective, and it can support local communities and businesses that are working to protect our planet. I’m always looking for sustainable and plant-based friendly hotels and tours that my clients can support. As an advisor, it is my goal to use travel as a tool for good.
  • Less stress. If you don’t love spending hours researching hotels and train routes, hand it over to a professional! I can take as much or as little of the trip planning stress off your plate.
  • I’m your advocate. From finding food options to dealing with cancellations, I’ve always got your back! Maybe one of the perks is finding a mini bar stocked with vegan goodies — you never know!
  • Special perks. Sometimes I have access to exclusive deals and promotions that the public never sees!

If you’re wondering, do I only work with vegans? I won’t be checking any “V” cards at the door — I will work with anyone, but my specialty and what I promote within the industry is vegan-friendly.

Tune In!

As you’re walking the dog or driving to work, be sure to check out the Veggies Abroad Vegan Travel podcast! I’ll be highlighting all of the innovative vegan, vegan-friendly, and eco-friendly things happening in the travel world! It’s on all podcast platforms.

Travel Affiliations

You can rest assured I’m not a fly-by-night-yahoo; you’re in good hands! I am an independent affiliate of the Virtuoso affiliated agency, The Travel Society and a Founding Agency of Change member with Regenerative Travel.

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Travel Planning Services

From planning the full vegan enchilada to just giving you a little advice, I’m here to help. If you’re thinking do I really need to pay someone? I’d say, consider all of the other services that you pay for in order to have expert guidance and advice — sure beats hours of endless Googling and YouTube videos, right?

Concierge Travel Planning

This is perfect for all type of travelers, whether you’re looking for help with a portion of a trip to a custom itinerary. During our consultation call we will discuss your perfect getaway and how I can help. Concierge travel planning services are $550; I also offer one-on-one guidance by the hour.

Let’s Get Planning!


2024 Vegan Tours

In addition to travel planning services, I also curate vegan-friendly and sustainable tours to destinations around the globe! In 2024, we’re working on epic itineraries to Kenya & Tanzania, Bali, Costa Rica, and more!

Check Out the Tour Lineup

Vegan Vacation Inspiration

If you’re not quite ready to start planning your next vegan vacation but would like a little inspiration to get the travel juices flowing, I’ve got just what you need. Check out this fantastic vegan travel guides and when you’re ready to get planning, I’ll be here for you!

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