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11 Must-Try Vegan Breakfast & Brunch Spots in Copenhagen

Burnt toast and orange slices for breakfast? Not in Copenhagen! The City of Spires has a plant-powered party waiting to help you start your day!

The vegan brunch scene in Copenhagen is a vibrant, delicious, and a slightly quirky adventure that proves you don’t need eggs and bacon to rock the morning. From mouthwatering light and flaky pastries to avocado toast that’s worth its weight in gold, this is the land of brunch and breakfast where plants steal the show. 

So, strap on your brunch boots and join the fun; we’re diving fork-first into Copenhagen’s cruelty-free world of vegan brunch and breakfast deliciousness. 

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Where to Find Vegan Brunch Options in Copenhagen All Week Long

#1 42Raw 

Pilestræde 32, 1112 København, Denmark
If I could roll out of bed and head into this too-cool-for-school plant-powered eatery, I would! The hip vibe pairs perfectly with the colorful berry-topped smoothie bowls, specialty lattes, and unbelievable stacks of raw and gluten-free pancakes. 

While everything on the menu is top-notch, the superfood-packed pancakes topped with coconut cream and goji berries are something special — let’s be honest, a raw, gluten-free, vegan pancake can either be da bomb or da trash! If you’re feeling especially hangry, go for a triple stack of those pancakes or check out their special brunch platter — this baby is loaded with pancakes, sweet potato fries, toast, and granola! It’s safe to say you won’t be hungry for a while. 

raw vegan pancakes topped with apple slices, chocolate drizzle and goji berrie next to a coffee and green smoothie at 42 raw in copenhagen

#2 Bistro Verde 

Sankt Annæ Pl. 22, 1250 København, Denmark
This modern vegan spot always pushes the bounds of creativity, debuting new alt-meat products (Juicy Marbles, Revo Salmon) along with a colorful parade of veggie stars. Well, that creativity doesn’t end at breakfast or brunch! 

All week long, you can wander in here for traditional veganized Danish pastries like a golden Spandauer filled with vanilla custard or opt for something more traditional like almond butter topped toast, tart berry porridge, and much more. On the weekend, the special brunch menu comes out and features a knock-your-socks-off spread of fluffy pancakes, house-made granola, avocado toast, crispy bac’n, and more! The weekend brunch menu is only available Saturday and Sunday until 1 PM — don’t miss it.

vegan brunch platter with pancakes, toast and coffee at the vegan restaurant bistro verde in copenhagen
Credit: Bistro Verde 

#3 Kaf

Birkegade 21, 2200 København, Denmark
Pastry lovers, you can’t miss a visit here! This quaint vegan café is tucked back in a quiet residential neighborhood — if you’re not on the hunt for it, you’ll miss it. They are well known for their stunning house-made pastries, created with a unique natural fermentation process that makes them oh so light and fluffy! Depending on when you visit, you might be delighted with a fragrant cardamom knot, golden wave croissant, or pain au chocolate!

If you’re not in the mood for a pastry, no worries; there are more delights to pair with your matcha latte! Their breakfast menu also includes a variety of savory and sweet sourdough buns, house-made granola with fruit compote, and hearty brunchy sandwiches. 

vegan croissant, fruit, and a roll on two white plates on a picnic table at kaf in copenhagen
Credit: Kaf

#4 Vital Foods 

Kompagnistræde 41, 1208 København, Denmark
Looking for something affordable, delicious, and will fill you up? Look no further! This fast-casual vegan spot has an efficient all-day breakfast menu filled with crowd-pleasing favorites. Toast lovers will find options smashed with avocado or a zesty mix of cilantro pesto and cannellini beans.

In addition to a rotating mash-up of toast, they always have a couple of overnight oat options mixed with fresh fruit, peanut butter, jam, seeds, and more. If you’re short on time or looking for something to take on the train, this is a great place to go. 

vegan toast covered in avocado next to bowls of oatmeal topped with berries and coconut at vital foods in copenhagen
Credit: Vital Foods

#5 Det Rene Brød

Two locations in Copenhagen
At first glance, I thought, oh, there’s no way this spot has vegan options — it gave off a heavy “we like moo-filled delights” vibe, but I was wrong! This Danish bakery is popular with locals and visitors for its extensive house-made bread and pastry lineup. While enjoying an oat milk latte, vegans can also start their day with a delicious cinnamon snail, raisin tea buns, or a tebirkes (a traditional flaky pastry wrapped around almond paste and topped with poppy seeds).

One more bonus: They list many of their creations on their website and all the ingredients!

a spread of vegan pastries and bread next to a coffee mug in the sun at det rene brød copenhagen-min
Credit: Det Rene Brød

#6 Ibiza Bowls 

Refshaleøen, 1432 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Everything from the hip location inside the eclectic Reffen Market (only open from April to October) to the rainbow-colored lattes and positive affirmation bowls is downright Instagram-worthy. It’s safe to say that you won’t want to forget your camera for this spot. 

If you’re feeling radiant, you might want to check out their special acai bowl topped with house-made granola and seasonal fresh fruit, but if that’s not your vibe, there’s more. For the ultimate start to your day, go for the oh-so-chic Boho Brunch! This massive breakfast platter features a little bit of everything — a mini acai bowl, scrambled tofu toast, salad, croissant, and even cake! Yes, you read that correctly; you get to start the day with cake — go wild!

three brightly colored vegan smoothie bowls sitting on a diagonal on a turquoise table at ibiza bowls in copenhagen
Credit: Ibiza Bowls

#7 Bowl Market Copenhagen 

Two locations in Copenhagen
You need one more bowl spot, just for good measure! In the morning, they really pack ‘em in here; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a continuous line for a bowl lovin’ breakfast spot!

As I’m sure you guessed, this charming cafe has a love affair with breakfast bowls (acai, porridge) along with giant toast and bagel sandwiches. One big bowl bonus here is that you can make your own if you don’t love their pre-created options! Load your bowl with fresh fruit, granola, peanut butter, and more.

a large white bowl of vegan oatmeal topped with blue berry compote on a wood table in copenhagen

#8 Joe & The Juice 

Multiple locations throughout Copenhagen
This trendy café chain is known for its vibrant and health-conscious breakfast offerings with a few vegan options. In the morning, kickstart your day with an acai bowl brimming with fresh fruit and granola or a hearty avocado sandwich. They also offer a wide range of freshly pressed juices and smoothies, with the optional addition of vegan protein powder. Each location’s vegan options might vary slightly, so it’s always good to check before you go. Many also have terrific vegan sweet treat options!

Where to Find Vegan Brunch on The Weekend in Copenhagen 

#9 Beyla Bar & Eatery

Købkes Pl. 34, 1760 Carlsberg Byen, Denmark
On the weekend, set your alarm and put on your cutest outfit for a fabulous vegan brunch experience at the effortlessly cool Beyla Bar. This chic spot is part of The Ark Collection of conscious restaurants that have caused an international stir with their locally sourced innovative plant-powered fare. 

On Saturday and Sunday, Beyla busts out a flavor-packed lineup of sweet and savory brunch options — I can tell you, there aren’t many places in the world where you’ll find house-made banana bread with walnut mousse and yuzu gel! As if that weren’t enough, you also won’t be able to pass up an order of their blue oyster mushroom toast topped with feta cream. You’ll definitely want to bring a friend or friends here so you can sample everything. 

Bonus! Vegan Sweet Breakfast Treats in Copenhagen

Maybe you’re not looking for a stack of lemon curd-topped pancakes or a massive bowl of porridge and just want something sweet to get your day going; well, you’re in luck! These two vegan-friendly bakeries have traditional Danish specialties, peanut butter donuts, cinnamon rolls, and so much more. 

#10 Landbageriet

Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København, Denmark
In addition to vegan sweet treats, this artisanal spot also has gluten-free and sugar-free options! They have a cinnamon roll that’s gluten-free and sweetened with dates — I couldn’t believe it.

a round vegan cinnamon roll covered in nuts held in front of a church with a copper spire in copenhagen

#11 Bake My Day

Amagerfælledvej 162, 2300 København, Denmark
This spot is a little outside the city center, but definitely worth the 15-minute metro ride! Come here for a showstopping lineup of donut flavors, croissants, and more.

vegan pistachio covered donuts filled with cream from bake my day in copenhagen
Credit: Bake My Day
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