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Copenhagen Vegan Bakery Guide: 10 Spots for Plant-Powered Cakes & Sweets

Welcome to Copenhagen, where vegan pastries are so tasty that even the Little Mermaid might consider trading in her voice for a bite! The city is famous for its enchanting canals and Danish hygge, but something equally magical is happening – a sugar storm of vegan and vegan-friendly bakeries leaving taste buds in awe and waistbands expanding. 

Here, eggless wonders, butterless marvels, and dairy-free delights come together to prove that cruelty-free can also mean seriously, sinfully, and spectacularly delicious. 

So, put on your stretchy pants, embrace your sweet tooth, and check out the enchanting world of vegan bakeries and sweets in Copenhagen – where you can have your Danish pastry and eat it, too!

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The Best Vegan Bakeries in Copenhagen

#1 Glean

Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København, Denmark (inside the Torvehallerne Market)
As you’ve been searching the vegan foodie scene in Copenhagen, it’s possible that you’ve come across the magical mounds of chocolate-covered cream called Flødeboller. These Danish cream puffs or chocolate-covered marshmallow treats are a beloved treat in Denmark but not usually vegan-friendly unless, of course, you come here! 

This plant-based patisserie has recreated these iconic treats and filled them with raspberry, salted caramel, coconut, passionfruit, and more! As soon as you sink your teeth into the chocolate cream treat, you’ll be smitten and ordering a second (they sell them individually or in packs of six). In addition to the vegan Flødeboller, the patisserie also sells a variety of handmade fudge and seasonal treats during the holidays! 

#2 Kaf

Birkegade 21, 2200 København, Denmark
Right in the heart of a quiet residential neighborhood, out of the fray, is this charming vegan café and bakery. When the weather is nice, this is an ideal spot to visit and enjoy a light and flaky pastry and coffee under their giant oak trees on the patio. Their dessert and pastry case is always filled with a variety of gorgeous house-made treats, and they’re particularly proud of their gorgeous sourdough fermented pastries, which sometimes take over 40 hours to create (talk about patience!). In addition to pastries, your mouth will water as soon as you see their decadent tarts and rich cheesecake — triple chocolate, pecan, NY-Style, and more. 

a display of four vegan cheesecakes at the vegan cafe and bakery kaf in copenhagen

Vegan-Friendly Bakery & Sweets in Copenhagen

#3 Landbageriet

Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København, Denmark
As soon as you pass this vegan bakeshop, you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks by the gorgeous display of treats lining the window. It’s almost as if they have sugar superpowers, and you can’t look away, and once you look, you’ve got to go inside! You’ll find a variety of veganized Danish treats along with freshly baked bread, muffins, cinnamon buns, cookies, and more. Another bonus: their shelves are also stocked with gluten-free and even sugar-free options — everyone gets a treat (or two or three) at this spot!

#4 Bake My Day

Amagerfælledvej 162, 2300 København, Denmark
I think it’s guaranteed that the team at this vegan-friendly bakery will most definitely make your day with their lineup of sweet confections. The bright and modern spot is a little outside the city center, but it is absolutely worth the 15-minute metro ride. I expected just to find a couple of vegan options but, instead, was delighted with a mountain of possibilities. There’s no way to get out of here with just one thing. You’ll find a rotating selection of vegan donuts like peanut butter and salted caramel, along with butter cream-topped cupcakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies, mini cakes, croissants, and even raw, vegan, sugar-free sweets! See, I told you that you can’t get out of here with just one thing!

vegan pistachio covered donuts filled with cream from bake my day in copenhagen
Credit: Bake My Day

#5 Espresso House

A ton of locations throughout Copenhagen
This Danish, Starbucks-esq coffee chain has way more than specialty cups of joe! Depending on which location you visit, you might be surprised and delighted with a terrific array of sweets like giant double chocolate cookies, chunky rocky road brownies, sweet caramel buns, and much more! Every location varies slightly with what they offer, so if you find lackluster options at one, check out another spot!

#6 7-Eleven

Many locations throughout Copenhagen
You might think I’ve lost my mind listing 7-Eleven (especially if you’re from the US), but hear me out! 7-Eleven is way different in Denmark. I was honestly dumbfounded the first time that I walked into one; I thought, did I really walk into a 7-Eleven? These casual convenience shops have beautiful sandwiches, prepared meals, and a bakery case with vegan treats! Each location varies with what it carries, but the stand-out sweet stars are their massive, soft, and chewy cookies. The cookie tags are all labeled with a small “v,” but to be honest, I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t even realize it’s a vegan cookie!

Vegan & Vegan-Friendly Ice Cream Spots in Copenhagen 

#7 Nice Cream

Locations in Vesterbro & Nørrebro
This vegan ice cream company originally started with fruity popsicles from the back of a bike and ultimately grew into multiple shops across Copenhagen, and you can even find their pints on supermarket shelves! The house-made scoops are made with a coconut milk base and a mix of natural flavors to create the creamiest non-dairy ice cream in town. They also get really creative with their flavors — don’t expect anything subpar here. Try a scoop of the Heartbeets made with beetroot, orange, lemon, and ginger for something bright and fruity. If you’re more interested in something decadent, you can’t go wrong with the Sneaky Buzz — peanut butter Nice Cream with toffee caramel swirls, chocolate, and roasted peanuts. You can enjoy the scoops on its own or as a sundae, ice cream cookie sandwich, or a milkshake!

#8 Is à Bella

Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København, Denmark (inside the Torvehallerne Market)
I wasn’t convinced that this little ice cream stand inside the busy Torvehallerne Market was vegan-friendly. I wandered by it twice, examining the flavors, but nothing was labeled, and there were no tiny signs declaring “vegan options.” But on my second flavor stalking trip, a staff member asked if they could help. So I inquired, half expecting to hear, “Nope, sorry,” instead, they pointed out almost the entire front section! Their lineup includes quite a few fruity options and good old-fashioned dark chocolate. 

two scoops of vegan ice cream on a cone in copenhagen

#9 Ismageriet

Multiple locations throughout Copenhagen
The glowing green neon sign immediately caught my attention as I wandered through Vesterbro’s hip meat-packing neighborhood (I know, unsavory name). Through the doors of this ice cream shop, you’re greeted with a long retro counter filled to the brim with ice cream flavors, including delicious and creative vegan options! The favors rotate, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find salted caramel, almond stracciatella, coffee crunch, and many more!

Vegan Restaurant with Great Dessert Options 

#10 42Raw

Pilestræde 32, 1112 København, Denmark
I would’ve eaten at this hip little vegan café over and over and over again if time had allowed it! On top of being vegan, everything is also mostly raw and gluten-free, which is a dream for me. Their café menu is loaded with massive house-made burgers, colorful poke bowls, and healthy vegan brunch options, but what really steals the show are their handmade chocolates and cakes. Chocoholics will be smitten with decadent hazelnut truffles, peanut butter cups, “Snickers” cakes, and so much more.

a slice of vegan chocolate cake on a white plate next to a matcha latte on a wood table at 42 raw in copenhagen
Credit: 42 Raw

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