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Hamburg Vegan Guide: The Best Restaurants, Shops, + MORE

Updated April 29, 2024

Hamburg’s vegan food scene has flourished recently, making it a haven for plant-based eaters and culinary enthusiasts. While its big brother, Berlin, always basks in the vegan limelight, Hamburg is absolutely no slouch, and honestly, I wonder why its vegan-friendliness isn’t touted more often.

The food scene in Hamburg is diverse and plentiful; you’ll find vegan fast-food restaurants at the mall and train station (two at the train station, to be exact), along with multiple vegan clothing shops and markets lined with a slew of veggie products (I even found a massive display of vegan Lindt chocolates in a regular ole drugstore). On top of that, during some of my wanderings, I saw a few vegan billboards, plenty of signs proclaiming vegan options, and a PETA street team out in full force on the weekend – super cool!

Over two decades ago, my first trip out of the country and on a plane made a stop in Hamburg, and although I was just a baby vegetarian, I really only remember bread, cheese, and an egg McMuffin (oh, and sparkling apple juice). It’s incredible how much can change in a relatively short period of time.

Now that I’ve set such a fantastic scene, I’m sure you can’t wait to dive into all the options. So, without further ado, let’s get planning your eating adventure (hip tip: make sure you have stretchy pants handy)!

hamburg hafencity canals with boats driving through

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Is Hamburg Vegan-Friendly? 

If it wasn’t clear from my introduction, heck yes! Hamburg is incredibly vegan-friendly. The city is dedicated to sustainability and green living, which can’t be fully discussed without discussing what’s in your fridge or on a restaurant’s menu. 

From Korean street food and plump donuts to raw plant-powered bowls you’ll find a diverse selection of vegan restaurants in Hamburg. On top of an excellent selection of food, you will also enjoy checking out multiple vegan shops, and throughout the year, there are a variety of vegan events and food festivals organized in the city. 

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Hamburg

TA Vegan House

Reimarusstraße 13, 20459 Hamburg, Germany (there’s also a location in Altona)
As soon as I saw the vibrant, colorful bowls in a Google overview of this Asian spot, I knew I couldn’t miss visiting! The charming vegan restaurant is tucked into a neighborhood in Hamburg with a considerable Spanish influence, and it seems TA decided to use some of that inspiration to create Asian tapas. All of their super bowls are small tapas-style dishes, perfect for sharing (or not!). No matter if you decide to share, the small bowls make it ideal for sampling a variety of flavors or just having a small snack. One other bonus: The menu is well-marked for gluten-free items. 

a bowl with crispy vegan spring rolls next to another bowl with a Vietnamese salad at TA vegan house in hamburg

Kkokki Loves Vegan

Schanzenstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
In all of my food adventures, this is the first time I’ve encountered a vegan Korean restaurant. Between the colorful plant-powered dishes and the allure of the neon lights and bright décor, I couldn’t say no! The menu is extensive and entirely in German, so if your Deutsch skills aren’t up to par, you might need help, but don’t worry, their fabulous staff even helped me figure out what would be gluten-free friendly! If you’re interested in sampling a few things, you’re in luck: Kkokki offers several small plate options like crispy fried seaweed roll, tteokbokki, japchae, Nono chick’n, and more! Just make sure you don’t skip their potatoes — I don’t know what they do to them, but they’re incredible. 

Greentable Vegan Restaurant

Schauenburgerstraße 55, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Right next to the stunning Rathaus is this extra-green Asian spot. The location is terrific if you plan to explore Hamburg on foot—many walking tours start in this area. Like the other two delicious Asian spots, Greentable also has a mix of small and large bowls for your dining enjoyment. You’ll find traditional faves like Pho, bao buns, and veganized meaty dishes. Make sure you also pair your meal with one of their creative cocktails or teas; they are as tasty as they are pretty!

Katers Köök – Veganes Deli & Katzencafé

Kleiner Schäferkamp 24, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
I am a sucker for a cat café, especially if I’ve been gone from mine for a while (well, let’s be honest, a while could mean a day!). If you’re a cat-loving vegan foodie like me, this should be one of your first stops! In case you’re unfamiliar with the cat café concept, you get to make a new furry friend (if you’re lucky) while enjoying a meal. Katers Köök serves breakfast, lunch, and sweets. You’ll love everything from their German-style pancakes (Pfannkuchen) stuffed with fruit (they have multiple options) to veggie currywurst! On the weekend, make sure you make a reservation because it gets busy! 

Another bonus: This isn’t the only vegan cat café in Hamburg! There is also Katzentempel in Hafencity, which offers a delicious menu filled with giant burgers, colorful bowls, sugary sweets, and more. 


Feldstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
My local guide (who isn’t vegan) raved about this spot, so I knew I had to see what the fuss was about if it got such enthusiastic reviews from omni-diners! The bright pink and green café is one of the many vegan restaurants in and around St. Pauli (it’s like Hamburg’s unofficial veggie neighborhood) and focuses on getting you to eat your greens in the most fun and delicious ways. At first, the menu might seem simple, but when you see the mountainous veggie-filled sandwiches and colorful bowls, you’ll realize the quality of the food is always better than the quantity of options! They have a small brunch menu on the weekend with fresh pastries and bread — German favorites!

Bonus tip: HappenPappen is right down the street from one of the Brammibal’s locations — consider grabbing a donut and coffee after your meal (or before, no judgment here)!

The Vegan Eagle | Das Vegane Restaurant

Wischhöfen 4, 22415 Hamburg, Germany
Heading to or coming from the Hamburg airport? Plan a stop to this casual vegan restaurant and beer garden! Their comfort-focused menu features a mix of globally-inspired dishes, from house-made burgers topped with eggplant bacon to spicy curry. Just make sure you save room for a super fudgy peanut butter brownie or whatever else they’ve got on their sinful dessert menu!


Two locations in Hamburg (Winterhude & Ottensen)
Mouthwatering burgers and pizza in a super hip space wrapped in greenery, say no more! This charming vegan restaurant has a stellar menu and has created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy it in — you just might not want to leave. Massive burgers and cheesy pizza are their specialties, but you’ll also find veggie-loaded bowls, cheese-covered French fries, and other special treats!

plates of vegan burgers, french fries, salads, and more spread across a table at froindlichst in hamburg
Credit: Froindlichst

Chay Vegan Restaurant

Lilienstraße 9, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
This beautiful vegan Asian restaurant is ready for its Instagram close-up — everything from the greenery-draped walls to the colorful sushi rolls is gorgeous! Their menu features a variety of Japanese, Indian, and Vietnamese specialties, from golden bowls of lemongrass-infused noodles to sushi rolls filled with all of the colors of the rainbow.  

La Vegan 

Im Kaufland Center, Beim Strohhause 8, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
This place is definitely hidden and a gem! Tucked inside the Kaufland Center, you’ll miss this Japanese restaurant unless you’re really looking for it! The menu features a variety of colorful bowls, satay skewers, and crispy tofu, but the menu’s star is their sushi. This isn’t your ordinary sushi; nowhere else in town will you find electric pink sushi rolls! To be clear, the whole roll isn’t pink, just the sushi rice, which is rolled up with various tasty veggie combinations — you’ve got to try it! 

Rå | bowls & juices

Multiple locations in Hamburg
After indulging in too many fudgy brownies and burgers, you might feel like you need a reset, and this is the perfect place to go. This casual plant-powered spot focuses on creating fresh bowls and juices loaded with all the delicious good bits we all need! They have various bowls for every palate loaded with sweet potato pomegranate, chickpeas, chick’n, and more. Make sure you also grab one of their fresh juices!

Cham The Vegan Kitchen

Schulterblatt 75, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
This chic Asian spot is the perfect place to go for a flavorful and sophisticated date night! Their menu features a variety of small and large dishes — perfect for sharing or enjoying it all for yourself. Deciding what to get is a challenge; everything looks so gorgeous. Whatever you decide, don’t skip one of their creative cocktails; they are just as chic as everything that comes out of the kitchen. 


Lehmweg 31A, 20251 Hamburg, Germany (Deli location)
Schlüterstrasse 86 20146 Hamburg (Restaurant location)
One more veggie-powered, health-focused spot to help you feel your best! This chic café has created a lineup of foods bursting with flavor and antioxidants — it’s a great place to start your day or pop in for a mid-day re-fuel. You’ll find berry-packed smoothie bowls, house-made cashew milk, nourishing stews, vibrant salads, and much more. 

Apple & Eve Vegan Soul Food 

Schanzenstraße 107, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
This casual vegan spot in St. Pauli is right down the street from Kjeks and around the corner from many other spots — you could create your own vegan food tour through the area and start or end here! A stop here allows you to enjoy a variety of vegan junk food favorites — onion ring-topped burgers, flavorful gyro sandwiches, crispy schnitzel, and much more!

a giant vegan burger topped with a large golden onion ring at apple and eve soul food in hamburg
Credit: Apple and Eve Vegan Soul Food

Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Hamburg

Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie

Alte Oberpostdirektion, Stephanspl. 1-3, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Vegan-Friendly Café
I secretly wish that Hamburg didn’t have so many excellent vegan restaurants and cafes because I could eat here morning, noon, and night and be so happy (but probably a little plump)! Everything on the menu is gluten-free (and very vegan-friendly) — the beautiful pastries, seedy rolls, cinnamon buns — absolutely everything! In the morning, you can start the day with a traditional German feast — freshly baked bread, vegan cheese, and jam or check out their delicious lineup of house-made granolas with creamy soy yogurt. In addition to sweets and morning goodies, they make a variety of sandwiches on house-made bread, veggie quiches, and more every day.

If you’re vegan and gluten-free, like me, this spot must be at the top of your must-visit list. 


Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg, Germany
Vegetarian Restaurant
This veggie spot is well-loved by locals (on the weekend, get there early), and once you lay eyes on their breakfast menu, you’ll understand why! The vegetarian all-day breakfast and lunch spot mixes all-American comfort food favorites with a rock-n-roll vibe. You won’t be able to pass up their stacks of fluffy golden pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips or thick-cut French toast. Gluten-free friends, they’ve got a savory scramble with toast with our name all over it — like all of their dishes, it’s massive, so be sure to come hungry. 

La Monella

Hallerpl. 12, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
Vegetarian Restaurant

There aren’t too many places to indulge in vegan Italian cuisine in Hamburg, and if that tickles your fancy, you’ll want to check out this vegetarian spot! Their menu features a variety of fresh house-made pasta and pizza, many of which can be made vegan. Whatever you choose, leave a little room for their unique vegan cashew panna cotta with tart forest fruits — the perfect way to wrap up an Italian meal!

CARINO Vegetarisches Restaurant

Schmilinskystraße 11, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
Vegetarian Restaurant
If you love Italian food or want to diversify your pasta options, you have one more vegetarian spot to check out! Here, you can start your meal with a creamy avocado tartare (all of their starters can be made vegan), and then you’ll have a tough decision — pizza or pasta? If you go the pasta route, you won’t be disappointed with their hearty penne Bolognese, and finally, no meal is complete without a thick slice of chocolate cake!

Vegan Fast-Food Restaurants in Hamburg

No matter if you’re on the road or just craving a massive burger covered in cheese, these vegan fast-food spots will help you out!

Vincent Vegan 

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
To say I was surprised to find a vegan fast-food restaurant in a mall food court and then again in a train station is an understatement! It also shows how far we’ve come as a movement — hooray! This vegan burger joint keeps it simple with a mouthwatering lineup of traditional to giant burgers loaded with cheese, bacon, onion relish, special sauce, and more! No burger is complete without an order of crispy crinkle fries and a creamy cookies-n-cream milkshake! 

a line of people waiting to order at the vegan fast food burger restaurant vincent vegan in hamburg


Mönckebergstraße 2, 20095 Hamburg, Germany (inside the train station)
While Middle Eastern cuisine is generally vegan-friendly, I didn’t expect to find a fully vegan spot complete with veganized Turkish meatballs inside a train station! In addition to the meatballs, they are well known for their delicious falafel wraps! No matter if you decide to try them wrapped up in a pita or on their own, you won’t be disappointed. 

Nøne Meat Hamburg

Hoheluftchaussee 83, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
All of the meaty meats, without the meat! Yes, you read that correctly! This fast-casual spot has revolutionized traditional vöner filled wraps with flavorful and good-for-you jackfruit and sliced soy meat! If you’re not interested in a sandwich, you can also enjoy the meats on top of a bed of colorful salad or with falafel. 

a spread of vegan kebab sandwiches topped with colorful sauces next to golden vegan chicken tenders at nonemeat in hamburg
Credit: Nøne Meat Hamburg

Vegan Bakeries & Sweets in Hamburg 

If you’re in the mood for a custard-filled donut, decadent ice cream, or a slice of giant cake, you’ve come to the right place! All of these vegan and vegan-friendly sweet spots are stellar.

Kjeks – Vegan Cakehouse

Schanzenstraße 79, 20357 Hamburg, Germany (there’s also a location in Ottenson)
Get ready for your mouth to water when you enter this colorful vegan bakery. As the logo suggests, you will find an incredible lineup of sprinkle-covered and custard-filled donuts, but that’s not all! Their bakery case is also lined with mini cakes, slutty (extra decadent) brownies, cookies, and more! Gluten-free friends have no fear; they have multiple options for us, and I suggest you order a peanut caramel bar covered in rich chocolate along with an oat milk latte! 

a large display of vegan cakes and donuts at the bakery kjeks in hamburg

Brammibal’s Donuts

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
In case you didn’t know, Brammibal’s is the vegan donut kingpin of Germany (you’ll also find these irresistible sweet dough rings in Berlin).As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with a cloud of sweet sugar that leads you to a gleaming case loaded with custard-filled, chocolate-topped masterpieces. Sadly, they don’t have a gluten-free option, but if gluten is your friend, go wild!

a long display of frosting and chocolate covered vegan donuts at brammibals in hamburg


Caffamacherreihe 49, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
I was surprised to find this super boho café tucked amongst massive, modern office buildings and across from chain shops in downtown Hamburg — it’s the type of place you’d expect in St. Pauli, but the unexpected is a delight! The café and sweet shop offer a small breakfast and lunch menu, but their house-made cakes and cookies are really the star of the show. You’ll be smitten with their superhero-inspired cookies, golden pastries, and creamy berry-topped cheesecakes! 

Luicella’s Ice Cream 

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
Before walking into this ice cream shop, I was greeted with a chalkboard sign declaring a long list of vegan options, and then inside, another sign declaring they have vegan waffle cones! I knew I was in a good place! While many vegan-friendly ice cream shops just have sorbet, that’s not the case here; you’ll find a diverse mix like avocado-lime blackberry, cherry banana, Oreo, and more.

ima vegan 

Lappenbergsallee 36, 20257 Hamburg, Germany
Whether you’re looking for delicious breakfast options or a sweet treat, you’ll find it at this modern café! The sweet spot prides itself on its gorgeous house-made pastries, colorful macarons, chewy cookies, and incredible cakes (you’ve got to see their mushroom cake on Instagram). 

Vegan & Vegan-Friendly Shops & Markets in Hamburg


Marktstraße 137, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
What do you get when you let a vegan create its own special wonderland? A vunderland, of course! If you’re in the mood to shop, you’ve got to come here. The shelves are stocked with men’s and women’s fashions from vegan and eco-friendly brands like Matt & Nat, Will’s Vegan Shop, Mud Jeans, and many more. This is a great place to buy yourself a souvenir or even a thoughtful vegan gift for someone else!

Mr. and Mrs. Green

Marktstraße 139, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
Right next door to Vunderland is another vegan and eco-friendly clothing shop — between these two shops, you can get all of your clothing needs and wants fulfilled! Here, you’ll find a mix of casual clothing options made with natural fibers. The shop prioritizes stocking brands that are sustainably created, and they’re conscious of it right down to the recyclable hangers holding up the clothes. 

Denns BioMarkt

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
This natural food market has a great selection of plant-based milks, vegan meats, cheese, prepared foods, chocolate, and more. Each market also has a small café that often has vegan baked goods that go perfectly with an oat milk chai or latte!


Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
This is another small, organic food market that has a great selection of vegan products. I have even noticed that they also mark which wines are vegan insome of the shops.

Vegan Events in Hamburg

Each year, a variety of large and small vegan events are hosted in Hamburg. Dates and locations sometimes change yearly, so it’s always best to double-check before you plan your visit.

Vegan Street Festival (Veganes Straßenfest)

Where: St. Pauli’s Spielbudenplatz on Reeperbahn
When: July 27, 2024

Veggie World

Where: The Hamburg-Schnelsen Convention Centre
When: October 21-22, 2023 

a women giving a vegan cooking demo with a hot pan steaming with veggies at veggie world expo
Credit: Veggie World

Vegan & Eco-Friendly Hotels in Hamburg

Unfortunately, there isn’t a vegan hotel in Hamburg! But some are eco-friendly and have a few vegan options (but in a city like Hamburg, who cares if you can eat at the hotel, am I right?). If you are looking for a vegan getaway, there is a beautiful vegan hotel halfway between Hamburg and Berlin surrounded by a UNESCO biosphere reserve river landscape called Ahead Burghotel maybe plan a couple of days there to enjoy some peace and quiet!

Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Sustainability isn’t a new concept for this waterfront hotel; they were one of the first hotels in the area to evaluate its single-use plastic consumption and develop a plan to protect the environment and the community. The hotel also has implemented energy-efficient technologies, water-saving and recycling measures, waste reduction and recycling, green building design, and more. Their onsite restaurants offer some vegan options, but you’re a stone’s throw from many vegan spots, so honestly, I wouldn’t even check it out!

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a single guestroom with a white duvet covered bed with a view of hamburg at the empire riverside hotel
Credit: Andrea Flak for Empire Riverside Hotel

25hours Hotel HafenCity

Überseeallee 5, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
This design-oriented hotel is located in the trendy HafenCity district and has received recognition for its sustainability efforts. It features energy-efficient building design, uses renewable energy sources, and promotes waste reduction and recycling. The hotel also has a couple of onsite restaurants that focus on sourcing seasonal and regional ingredients, but only one of them, NENI Hamburg, is vegan-friendly. NENI serves Middle Eastern cuisine. The hotel also offers bicycle rental services and facilities for guests who prefer cycling around the city.

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a small and modern guestroom with graphic wallpaper and neutral colors at 25hours hafencity in hamburg
Credit: Stephan Lemke for 25hours Hotels

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten 

Neuer Jungfernstieg 9 14, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
If you want to stay somewhere super chic, this luxury property has your name all over it! As a brand, The Fairmont is committed to eco-friendly practices and has even received awards for it. At this property, you’ll find initiatives like using renewable energy, minimizing water consumption, and sourcing sustainable and locally produced ingredients for its restaurants. When it comes to dining, the chefs at the Fairmont can accommodate any of your vegan wishes; just let them know that you’re coming ahead of time.

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If you plan on using public transit in Hamburg, download the HVV app before you go! The app makes it really easy to buy tickets when you need them instead of messing with the ticket machines. Also, add your credit card info right after you download it.

What To Do & See in Hamburg

#1 Walking Tour (or Bike!)

If this is your first visit to Hamburg, the best way to get an overview of the city’s sights and its history from a local! I can’t emphasize the importance of doing this more — it’s so important that when you go somewhere new, you get outside of the Instagram moments and hear from a local about what’s happening. This is also a great way to learn about other things you might want to check out or skip.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or architecture, a walking tour in Hamburg is the perfect way to connect with its unique character and gain a deeper appreciation for this captivating city. In addition to walking tours, harbor tours offer a different perspective of the city. 

#2 See the city from St. Michael’s Church (Hauptkirche St. Michaelis)

The church’s spire, which stands at 132 meters (433 feet) tall, offers breathtaking panoramic views. Climbing the tower’s staircase (or taking the elevator) is rewarded with sweeping vistas of the city, the Elbe River, and the bustling harbor. Tickets can be purchased onsite. 

hamburg skyline view from St. Michael's Church

#3 Explore Vegan-Friendly St. Pauli 

I consider St. Pauli (and just nearby it) Hamburg’s vegan-hood! Within a relatively small area, you will find a ton of restaurants, bakeries, and vegan shops — you could very easily do a multi-day vegan tour through this iconic neighborhood. A few places to put on your agenda include:

Vegan Restaurants:

  • Kkokki Loves Vegan
  • Cham The Vegan Kitchen
  • HappenPappen

Vegan Bakeries:

  • Brammibal’s Donuts
  • Kjeks – Vegan Cakeshop

Vegan Shops:

  • Vunderland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Green 

There are also quite a few vintage shops throughout the area

Aside from its vegan-friendliness, St. Pauli is one of Hamburg’s most diverse neighborhoods, with a rich multicultural history. It’s a creative hub with a strong street art and alternative culture scene. You’ll find colorful murals, graffiti, and art installations that add to the neighborhood’s unique character.

It’s also home to the famous Reeperbahn, often called “the sinful mile.” It’s one of Europe’s most renowned entertainment and nightlife districts, with a lively atmosphere, bars, clubs, theaters, and music venues. Whether you’re looking for live music, comedy, or a night out on the town, the Reeperbahn has something for everyone.

#4 Check out a Soviet submarine

Ever considered what it’s like to be in a submarine? Here’s your chance! One warning: if you’re claustrophobic, this might not be an excellent activity for you. 

This is your opportunity to step aboard a genuine Soviet submarine. As you descend into the depths of this decommissioned ship, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the courage and resilience of the submariners who once lived and worked within its cramped confines. From the control room to the crew quarters and torpedo tubes, you’ll get an idea of what it was like to call this place home.

Tours are available, but when I went, they were only available for groups in German, so I just explored the ship on my own and used the museum’s resources to understand its history.

#5 Say hey to furry friends & enjoy a coffee at a cat café   

Kitty cat lovers, there are two cat cafes in Hamburg — Katers Köök Katzencafé and Katzentempel in Hafencity — both are fully vegan! You can enjoy apple-stuffed German-style pancakes, juicy burgers, and even ice cream sundaes while making a new furry friend. 

These kitties have been rescued from unfortunate situations and now call the cafes home, so reviewing the café rules when you enter and respecting their space and boundaries is essential. Aside from purchasing food, you can also support the café and its mission to support animal welfare by buying a tee or mug or even sponsoring a kitty. 

a cat sleeping on a cat exercise wheel that has a sign that reads for cats only at the katers kook cat cafe in hamburg
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