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Must Read Berlin Vegan Guide: Restaurants, Shops, & More for 2024

Berlin is an exciting city, and being a vegan there is a treat!

I’ve had the opportunity to visit the city twice and feel like its a place where you can easily spend a week and not feel ready to pack it up (plus eating all that fantastic vegan food in a week is tough). If someone says they were bored in Berlin, I’d check their pulse.

This Berlin vegan guide is full of great restaurant suggestions, plus things to do, suggestions on where to stay, and so much more. One last thing, if you’re feeling a little anxious about traveling as a vegan, be sure to check out my vegan travel tips!

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TIP: If you don’t mind the cold or bundling up, consider going in late November — December to check out the Christmas Markets. Also consider visiting other German cities, like Munich or Heidelberg they are easily accessible by train!

Is Berlin Vegan-Friendly?

Berlin is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world! It is a serious playground for vegans filled with an amazing lineup of vegan food, supermarkets, clothing stores, shoe stores, and more! HappyCow estimates that there are over 200 vegan restaurants and over 1,600 vegan-friendly spots throughout the city — it is definitely one city that you will have to visit more than once.

Must Try Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Vegans in Berlin have such a great variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops! This guide just scratches the surfaces but gives you almost 30 recommendations of places to try — everything from fine dining to burgers!

1990 Vegan Living

Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin, Germany
One of the oldest vegan restaurants in Berlin serving up delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Dive into bowls of noodle, crispy tofu, fresh veggies, and so much more. All of the dishes stand behind the restaurant’s motto to provide “super delicious food with a clear conscience.”

Credit: 1990 Vegan Living

Alaska Bar

Reuterstraße 85, 12053 Berlin, Germany
This colorful vegan tapas bar has a great lineup of Spanish and globally-inspired dishes, cocktails, and specialty coffee. Don’t miss their crispy house-made churros with chocolate sauce!

Voner Vegetarian

Boxhagener Str. 56, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Want to try Doner? Make a bee-line for this vegan hot spot(I know their name says vegetarian, but everything is vegan)! Their menu features vegan doner kebabs, but don’t miss their freshly-baked cakes and donuts.

vegan doner sandwich with fluffy pita bread on a white plate at voner in berlin
Credit: Voner Vegetarian

Mom’s Creation

Two locations in Berlin
The options are endless at these two fantastic vegan Asian restaurants in Berlin! The menu offers an extensive lineup of traditional Vietnamese dishes along with creative sushi — make sure you go hungry!

Chay Long

Two locations in Berlin
This welcoming Vietnamese spot is on a mission to create happiness through its food, and once you see the extensive menu you’ll not only be happy but also a little overwhelmed — there are so many things to try! If you’re visiting with friends, a great way to experience the diversity of flavors is by ordering a variety of tapas — bao buns, summer rolls, satay with peanut dip, and so much more.

spread of vegan vietnamese dishes with found hands holding drinks and cheersing above the table at chay long in berlin
Credit: Double O – Creativity Connects / Florian Kroll

Feel Seoul Good

Husemannstraße 2, 10435 Berlin, Germany
You don’t have to go all the way to South Korea for a spicy bite of kimchi or a flavorful Bibimpab bowl! This Korean spot has veganized many traditional Korean dishes and will definitely leave you wanting more — it’s fair to say, you WILL feel so good!

spread of colorful vegan korean dishes on a wood table at feel seoul good in berlin
Credit: Feel Seoul Good

La Stella Nera

Leykestraße 18, 12053 Berlin, Germany
When you’re in the mood for a slice of cheesy ‘za, you’ve got to come here. This cozy vegan pizzeria is known for its handmade and woodfired pizzas topped with an array of tasty toppings. They also have classic antipasti dishes that pair nicely with a pizza pie!


Dunckerstraße 2a, 10437 Berlin, Germany
This charming spot is veganizing traditional German cuisine with a bounty of colorful local produce and ingredients. You’ll find chick’n schnitzel and even goose (yes, you read that correctly) in an orange sauce! If you’re looking for something you won’t find anywhere else, come here.

blue bowl filled with colorful veggies like cabbage and beets at forster in berlin
Credit: Försters

Vegan & Vegetarian Fine Dining in Berlin

Lucky Leek

Kollwitzstraße 54, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Looking for a chic spot? Check out Lucky Leek! Enjoy a fine dining experience at this Michelin-Starred vegan restaurant with a 3, 4, or 5-course seasonal chef’s tasting menu, with wine pairing.

white plate with a vegan puff pastry in the middle surrounded by fresh fruit at lucky leek in berlin
Credit: Lucky Leek


Linienstraße 94, 10115 Berlin, Germany
This sleek cocktail bar with veggie-forward vegan dishes is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a fun night out with friends. The menu highlights seasonal and local ingredients, focusing on making the veggies shine!

kopps vegan restaurant elegant fine dining
Credit: Kopps

Cookies & Cream

Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany
This fine-dining vegetarian restaurant has been rated as one of the best in Berlin (2018 Michelin Guide), and for good reason! Their seasonal menu utilizes veggies from their farm in Krielow/Brandenburg to create gorgeous veggie-forward dishes. It’s a delight for the eyes and taste buds.

Vegan Burger Spots in Berlin

Lia’s Kitchen

Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin, Germany
You’ll find house-made burgers and salads at this spot in the cute neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. These mouthwatering burgers are topped with house-made vegan cheeses like feta and other tantalizing toppings. If you’re looking for something healthier, try a giant salad with healthy quinoa, berries, and nuts. But, don’t miss their crispy sweet potato fries.

Berlin vegan guide

Vincent Vegan

Multiple locations throughout Berlin
This vegan fast food joint is showing customers that hearty burgers and salty fries can be delicious AND cruelty-free! In addition to burgers and fries, you can also find ultra creamy milkshakes, chick’n nuggz, Vilet-No-Fish, and more!

Vedang Plant Burger

Multiple locations throughout Berlin
Another colorful vegan fast food shop (you really can’t have too many, right?) with an addictive lineup! You’ll find loaded burgers, crispy chick’n, Vish, salads, wraps, and more.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

The veggie-friendly options in Berlin seem never-ending — you might not want to leave!

Funk You – Natural Food

Rosenthaler Str. 23, 10119 Berlin, Germany
This charming vegan café has acai bowls to start your day, sandwiches when you need to refuel, and an amazing lineup of house-made sweets! Whatever you choose, don’t miss a delicious mushroom latte or matcha!

Funk You Natural Foods Berlin vegan and raw chocolate cake and smoothies


Schliemannstraße 15, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Everything at this lovely Middle Eastern spot is vegetarian! The Israeli & Palestinian-inspired eats include spinach pie, savory meatballs (like grandma’s, if she were vegan), mushroom shawarma, and more.


Chausseestraße 2, 10115 Berlin, Germany
You can never go wrong with plump dumplings! This vegetarian restaurant specializes in all things dumplings and has an amazing selection of vegan options — spicy seitan, mushroom lovers, and more!

long rectangular plate with multi colored vegan dumplings next to a green smoothie at momos in berlin
Credit: Momos

The Future is up to You

Kastanienallee 62, 10119 Berlin, Germany
When the future is up to you, you’d be wise to choose eating at this fantastic Asian spot! The vegetarian menu features loads of dumplings, noodles, seitan duck, and more.

bowl of vegan curry with a round lump of white rice and slice mushrooms with chop sticks over the top at the future is up to you in berlin
Credit: The Future is up to You

Vegan Breakfast & Brunch Options in Berlin

These are just a few spots to get your day started, for more options, check out my lineup of the best vegan brunch spots in Berlin.


Multiple locations throughout the city
This is a great place to start your day! Their menu is full of delicious smoothie bowls and hot veggie-packed bowls for lunch. I recommend the Acai bowl with granola and a superhuman smoothie —you’ll feel just like Hulk! They also have an extensive lineup of specialty coffee, tea, and sweet treats!

berlin vegan guide


Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 10, 10407 Berlin, Germany
Everyday, except Monday, you can roll in here for a specialty coffee, a stack of fluffy pancakes, tantalizing cinnamon rolls, and so much more deliciousness.

a small white bowl filled with vegan acai and fruit on a turquoise table at green finch in berlin
Credit: Green Finch

Geh Veg

Triftstraße 37, 13353 Berlin, Germany
This casual vegan café is delighting customers everyday with its incredible lineup of golden pancakes, toast, muesli, smoothies, and much more! They are also super gluten-free friendly.

stack of golden vegan pancakes topped with figs and berries at geh veg in berlin
Credit: Geh Veg


Merseburger Str. 15, 10823 Berlin, Germany
Whether you’re craving savory or sweet, you can do it here! Start your day with Mana’s special house-made pancakes or savory vegan shakshuka, just don’t forget to wash it down with one of their immune boosting smoothies!

Vegan Bakeries & Desserts in Berlin

Brammibal’s Donuts

There are six locations throughout Berlin
An entire shop dedicated to vegan donuts! And, not just boring cake donuts sprinkled with sugar, I’m talking Biscoff filled, cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter fudge, and much more. There is a gluten-free donut option too!

box of vegan donuts topped with bright pink, white and chocolate icing in berlin
Credit: Brammibal’s Donuts

Jute Backerei

Schönhauser Allee 52A, 10437 Berlin, Germany
If you’re gluten-free you MUST go here! There are so many things to try at this vegan-friendly bakery — cakes, breads, muffins, and more. They have ingredient lists readily available to share which is super helpful if you need to avoid other things. Ingredients are also listed on their website, so you can plan ahead. Many things are vegan, but you will have to double-check — I really enjoyed the marble cake!

berlin vegan guide


Tieckstraße 8, 10115 Berlin, Germany
A gorgeous sustainable plant-based patisserie — their menu features pastries, cheesecakes, cookies, and more!

vegan lemon thyme tarts from sakura bakery in berlin
Credit: Sakura

Velicious Café

Lenbachstraße 13B, 10245 Berlin, Germany
This cozy little vegan bakery is filled with a great variety of cake — cheesecake, chocolate cake, tarts, and more! There can never be too many vegan cakes!

FREA Bakery

Gartenstraße 9, 10115 Berlin, Germany
This vegan bakery has so much to love, seriously you might not leave! Their menu features freshly baked bread, flaky pastries (they are so gorgeous!), along with breakfast and lunch options.

rows of golden vegan croissants and tarts from the bakery frea in berlin
Credit: FREA Bakery


Gabriel-Max-Straße 17, 10245 Berlin, Germany
You’ll be spoiled for choice at this vegan ice cream shop! They feature 18 rotating flavors made with soy and oat milk, like cheesecake and hazelnut. Another bonus, all of the toppings are free!

Tribeca Ice Cream

Rykestraße 40, 10405 Berlin, Germany
This hip little vegan spot in Prenzlauer Berg features some of the creamiest ice creams made with coconut, almond, and cashew milk. Some of their house-made flavors include lemon poppy seed, whiskey chocolate, and blue coconut.

Vegan Shopping in Berlin

Get ready to shop! You don’t want to miss a fully vegan supermarket, vegan shoes, and loads of fabulous thrift stores in Berlin!


They’re currently looking for a new location; for now you can order online.
You can’t leave without checking out Berlin’s first vegan shoe shop! Here you’ll find a giant selection of vegan shoes — sustainable sneakers, boots, sandals — seriously, they’ve got everything!

vegan shoe display inside of the shoe shop avesu in berlin
Credit: Avesu


Manteuffelstraße 77, 10999 Berlin, Germany
This Fairtrade and eco-friendly shop is stocked with gorgeous men’s and women’s fashions along with cruelty-free and vegan accessories!

Deer Goods

Schivelbeiner Str. 35, 10439 Berlin, Germany
Fast and cruel fashion is a problem that Deer Goods is fighting with their eco-friendly and vegan lineup of clothing and hand-made jewelry.

the outside window of the vegan and eco friendly clothing shop deer goods in berlin
Credit: Deer Goods

Huadou Soy Concept Store

Linienstraße 205, 10119 Berlin, Germany
Curious how to make and prepare tofu perfectly? Then consider taking a tofu workshop!

There was a vegan supermarket but sadly it has closed. If you’re looking to peruse grocery store shelves, check out Alnatura Super Natur Markt.

Vegan-Friendly Hotel in Berlin

ibis Styles Berlin Mitte

Prenzlauer Allee 4, 10405 Berlin, Germany
This budget-friendly hotel is perfect if you’re not looking for anything fancy, want to be in the middle of the city (there are other locations too), and have a few vegan breakfast options! This European hotel chain is always a safe bet for a fantastic stay that won’t break the bank. All of the locations offer a breakfast buffet that you can add on that often times has a few vegan options.

Book Your Stay

TIP: Don’t worry so much about what neighborhood you base yourself in unless you have a very specific itinerary. Public transportation in the city is plentiful and efficient, no matter where you stay you can get around easily. 

What To Do in Berlin

There is no shortage of great things to do in Berlin! In addition to these ideas, there are also a ton of fantastic free things to do in Berlin + a fantastic vegan food tour with locals!

Take a walking tour

There is so much to learn and see in Berlin! A walking tour is a great way to see the sights and learn about various topics — WWII, Cold War, art, and vegan food — there is something for everyone. We did a half-day WWII tour, and it was well worth it. You also get the opportunity to talk with someone who lives there and get their feedback on things to do and see. Here are a couple of tour options, including the one that we did:

brandenburg gate with people walking and riding bikes at dusk

Visit the Topography of Terror

This exhibition is in the former headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS, and the Reich Security Main Office. Multiple permanent collections examine through photos and documents the site’s history, the crimes the SS and Third Reich committed, and propaganda used to perpetuate terror. Guided tours are available; if you go on your own, don’t miss the audio guide. It’s essential.

check point charlie white sign with black writing in berlin

Pay tribute at The Berlin Wall

Located on Bernauer Straße, this memorial is the last piece of the Berlin Wall that once divided the country. Also, consider adding on a half-day tour of East Berlin.

Check out beautiful works of at at The Pergamonmuseum

One of the most popular museums in Berlin — which means buy your tickets in advance! Many are drawn here to see the Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate, but there is a lot of beautiful Middle Eastern art and antiquities to check out.

berlin pergamon museum

Wander the Berlin Botanical Garden

A beautiful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is the second-largest botanical garden in the world and is filled with over 20,000 plant species. Fun fact: the park started as a kitchen garden, growing vegetables and hops, and has since evolved into a vibrant collection of plants, including some that are endangered!

Berlin Botanical Gardens

Grab lunch or a snack at Markthalle IX (Market Hall Nine) 

A historic market in the heart of Kreuzberg filled with a variety of gastronomic delights! There is a weekly market Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday that features a wide range of produce, baked goods, and more. Every Thursday evening, there is an international street food market. It’s a great place to grab a snack or have dinner — we did find some tasty vegan tacos and a stuffed tofu dish.

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  2. As someone who’s been living in Berlin and following a vegan lifestyle, I can vouch for the city’s vibrant vegan scene, as your guide captures so well. Lia’s Kitchen is a personal favourite of mine, their homemade vegan burgers are out of this world! And Funk You – Natural Food offers the most delightful mushroom latte. Also, 1990 Vegan Living is a fantastic place for anyone craving diverse vegan options. If you haven’t tried Vietnamese vegan cuisine yet, you’re definitely missing out! Thanks for such a comprehensive guide, it’s truly a gift for us vegans in Berlin and visitors alike.

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