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Ultimate Copenhagen Vegan Guide: The Best Restaurants, Sights, + More

Updated April 29, 2024

With its commitment to sustainability and goals aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that Copenhagen has become a haven for meat-free dining. The eco-friendly city has ambitious plans to be carbon neutral by 2025, and with goals like that, you can’t ignore the importance of what’s on your plate. 

Throughout the city, you’ll find casual vegan eats in bustling markets to innovative fine dining with dishes created by Michelin-rated chefs that showcase the natural flavors of locally sourced ingredients. Even traditional Danish restaurants have embraced veganism, offering innovative plant-based versions of classic dishes like smørrebrød and hot dogs (yes, even hot dogs)!

Another fantastic bonus about a vegan adventure in Copenhagen is that the city isn’t massive, so it’s really easy to wander to many of these mouthwatering restaurants or hop on their super-efficient public transit.

So, get ready to embark on a Copenhagen vegan culinary adventure that promises to tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more. I’m willing to bet that you’ll want to return after your first visit (I know I do)!

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Is It Hard to Be Vegan in Copenhagen?

It’s not hard to be vegan in Copenhagen — the city is vegan-friendly! Copenhagen’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the principles of veganism, and this awareness extends to food choices. Many residents and businesses prioritize eco-friendly and plant-based options. 

You’ll find a wide range of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen that serve everything from decadent cakes and massive burgers to award-winning fine dining. Most grocery stores in Copenhagen also carry various vegan products, including plant-based milk, meat alternatives, and vegan-friendly pantry staples. One thing to keep in mind when planning your vegan adventures is that Copenhagen isn’t a cheap city; on average, a sit-down meal at a mid-range spot will run you around $30 (or more). 

cafe umbrellas in a square in copenhagen surrounded by old buildings and trees

Vegan Copenhagen Travel Tip

If you plan on using cash, make sure you have Danish Kroner; Euros aren’t widely accepted throughout the city. I only found a couple of stores that accepted Euros, but if you don’t have cash, no worries, just about everywhere, even small food shops and walking tour guides accept credit cards! 

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Copenhagen

There is an excellent diversity of vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout Copenhagen. When I first started researching, I found just a handful, and then when I got there, it was like a snowball, and I kept finding more and more! It’s safe to say that you’ll have more tasty options than time. 

Souls Torvehallerne

Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København, Denmark (inside the Torvehallerne Market)
This mushroom-loving vegan spot is right at the entrance (well, depending on where you enter) of the bustling Torvehallerne Market. The comfort food-focused food stand used to be a full-service restaurant; they’ve decided to downsize, maybe temporarily, maybe not! But in any event, you won’t be disappointed by their house-made burgers, creative mushroom concoctions, and small bites! Their fried buffalo shrooms are a can’t-miss — the mushrooms are sourced from a local Copenhagen farm and then breaded and fried to perfection. The spicy buffalo with their house-made creamy dip is magic.

buffalo sauce covered fried vegan mushrooms from Souls-Torvehallerne in copenhagen

Eden Jaxx

Multiple locations throughout Copenhagen
Apparently, these are some of the best vegan burgers in Copenhagen — that sounds like a challenge worth taking, doesn’t it? The small fast-food-inspired spot offers a couple of massive burger options piled high with house-made sauces and cheese, along with finger lickin’ chick’n, creamy milkshakes, and perfectly seasoned French fries. As you can tell from the photos, these aren’t dainty burgers, come hungry and don’t wear a white shirt!


Pilestræde 32, 1112 København, Denmark
You’ll come for the fruit and chocolate-covered raw pancakes but you’ll need to come back for the colorful poke bowls, superfood-packed burgers, and, of course, their rich handmade chocolate sweets! In the morning, pair those sweet pancakes with a city-inspired cold pressed juice — I went for vegan-friendly Seattle, a super green juice fitting for the Emerald City! Also, it’s good to know everything at this delightful spot is gluten-free on top of being plant-based. For more great places to start the day, don’t miss my lineup of delicious breakfast and brunch spots in Copenhagen, too!


Fabriksområdet 134, 1440 København, Denmark
In case you haven’t heard, there is a commune filled with hippies and alternative thinkers in Copenhagen, and in the heart of it is this cooperative vegetarian eatery. Every day, the menu features a variety of salads and hot dishes made by the volunteer staff that keep this place going. One essential thing that you need to know is that they don’t accept credit cards, only Danish Kroner and possibly Euros. 

Pow Vegan Pizza

Kapelvej 5, 2200 København, Denmark
For slices of melty vegan cheese covered ‘za, there’s nowhere else better to go in Copenhagen than here! The city’s only vegan pizzeria is tossing up traditional and creative pies inspired by a fun mix of cities from around the globe. Go to Helsinki with a slice covered in house-made mozzarella, spinach, asparagus, pesto, basil, and parmesan, but for something more traditional, a slice of Berlin covered in mozzarella and pepperoni might be your speed. 

two vegan pizzas next to each other at pow vegan pizzeria in copehagen
Credit: Pow Vegan Pizza

V’italian Restaurant

Gråbrødretorv 9, st. tv, 1154 København K, Denmark
Is there anything better than a bowl of cream-covered pasta and a bottle of wine? I don’t think so, and nor does this vegan Italian restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. This quaint spot has something to delight your taste buds for lunch and dinner — start with a unique Sicilian lychee tartare, and then devour their amazing lasagna filled with mushroom ragu and covered in a rich bechamel. Just leave room for a few spoonfuls of panna cotta with fresh strawberries. 

bowl of vegan tomato based pasta next to a bottle of white wine at v'italian in copenhagen
Credit: V’italian Restaurant

Vital Foods

Kompagnistræde 41, 1208 København, Denmark
Looking for something filling on the go? Look no further than this fast-casual vegan spot. Their simple menu features hearty burritos filled with jackfruit and sweet potato, creative sandwiches like chickpea smash, and pulled jackfruit with roasted veggies. If you need something to get your day going, they also serve toast and overnight oats all day.

vegan toast covered in avocado next to bowls of oatmeal topped with berries and coconut at vital foods in copenhagen
Credit: Vital Foods


Larsbjørnsstræde 18, 1454 København, Denmark
Even if you’re looking for this plant-powered spot, it’s easy to wander right by it! Tucked on the second floor of a bright yellow building, this vegetarian restaurant prides itself on its creative multi-coursed dining experience that changes often. You could be delighted with cashew and pecan pate, crispy cauliflower croquettes, poached plums, and more!  

roasted green asparagus topped with sliced radish  next to white flowers at urten in copenhagen
Credit: Urten

Bistro Verde

Sankt Annæ Pl. 22, 1250 København, Denmark
Just steps away from picturesque Nyhavn is this sustainability-focused plant-based bistro on a mission to protect Mother Nature one plate at a time! Their globally-inspired menu offers a diverse lineup of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. You can start the day with a savory chickpea pancake topped with basil pesto and then come back for a bowl of creamy spaghetti carbonara or try a Juicy Marbles steak with a white wine reduction!The choices are endless here!

vegan open faced danish sandwiches topped with avocado, cheese, and veggie bacon at bistro verde in copenhagen
Credit: Bistro Verde

Beyla Bar & Eatery

Købkes Pl. 34, 1760 Carlsberg Byen, Denmark
This hip eatery is part of the Ark collection of conscious dining spots, and just like its fine dining counterparts, it prioritizes creating innovative, plant-based dishes that just so happen to be good for the planet. Their menu features Instagram-worthy options all day — Japanese pancakes covered in lemon curd to start the day, irresistible Bourbon cheese sliders, or a 6-course sharing menu for dinner to round out your day. 

vegan bahn mi sandwich held above a black plate at beyla bar in copenhagen
Credit: Beyla Bar & Eatery

Flavour Bastards

Ravnsborggade 12D, 2200 København, Denmark
You better believe that the name of this spot caught my attention — you can’t go around town with a name like that and not have fantastic food! The confident vegetarian spot features a more tapas-style menu with veggie-packed items like harissa roasted cauliflower, orange blossom baked rhubarb, sourdough bruschetta, and more. They also have a brunch menu on the weekend, and both menus are well-marked for vegan and gluten-free options.

vegan tofu scramble toast topped with grilled mushrooms at flavour bastards in copenhagen
Credit: Flavour Bastards

Falafel Factory

Nørrebrogade 63, 2200 København, Denmark
No matter where you go, falafel is always a safe bet! This fast-casual spot has a variety of ways in which you can enjoy these flavorful fava bean balls — wrapped in a sandwich, topped on a leafy green salad, or a mega platter with dips, bread, hummus, and more. 

falafel bowl filled with salad, hummus and sauce from falafel factory in copenhagen
Credit: Falafel Factory

Vegan Fine Dining in Copenhagen

If you’re interested in visiting any of these beautiful spots, make a reservation in advance! I didn’t think it would be hard to nab a spot in the off-season, and I was wrong; I could only get a reservation at Bistro Lupa and missed out on the others — hopefully, you have better luck!

Bistro Lupa

Marstalsgade 8, 2100 København, Denmark
With Motown playing on repeat (I’m from Detroit), I knew that this would be a place I would like! Lupa is part of the conscious culinary brand that includes the award-winning Ark, Beyla Bar & Eatery, and Funga Farm (all of their shroomy dishes come from here). Aside from being fully plant-based, it’s also their priority to source as much as possible locally — many places say that, but this group means it from craft mushrooms grown on their farm to foraging wild herbs and flowers from forests near Copenhagen. 

Depending on when you visit, you’ll have two seasonally-inspired options — choose your own eating adventure on the a la carte menu or go for the delectable chef’s experience. I usually choose my own options (because I am gluten-free), but I decided to leave it in the hands of the talented chefs here, and boy, am I glad that I did. There were so many things that I would’ve missed, from their light and fluffy gluten-free toast smeared with a wild herb pesto to roasted corn on the cob covered in herbs and caraway crackers on a bed of tarragon-dusted popcorn. 

One important note: because these fine-dining vegan spots truly value sustainability, their menu can change frequently. Sometimes, they can preserve or freeze items, but it’s always good to check what’s being featured before you go.


Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1360 København K, Denmark
This chic, modern spot is the first vegan restaurant to be awarded a Green Michelin Star in the Nordics! It draws a crowd from far and wide to sample its innovative, eco-friendly, and plant-based cuisine. The chef’s tasting experience is created based on seasonal, local produce availability, and you can pair each course with wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks. 


Dampfærgevej 7, 2100 København, Denmark
This unique spot is hidden within an old warehouse in Østerbro and only has enough space for 30 guests (don’t forget about making a reservation). The seasonal tasting menu features 6-courses, which can be made vegan and paired with a selection of handpicked wines. 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Copenhagen 

Just in case you need a spot that caters to a diverse crowd, these two vegan-friendly restaurants have stellar options!

District Tonkin

Store Kongensgade 71, 1264 København K, Denmark
This eclectic Vietnamese street food restaurant is just a stone’s throw from the Queen’s residence. It’s a hip mix of rustic wood communal tables surrounded by lush greenery and Vietnamese street signs — a welcoming spot to enjoy a bowl of Pho. Aside from being quirky and hip, it’s also very vegan and gluten-free friendly! Online, you’ll find a full vegan menu (it’s not separate in the restaurant, but it’s still marked) filled with traditional dishes like tofu curry, giant bowls of Pho, hearty Bahn mi, and even a few sweet treats!

large bowl of vegan pho next to a ginger iced tea at district tonkin a vegan-friendly restaurant in copenhagen

Kate’s Joint

Blågårdsgade 12, st tv, 2200 København N, Denmark
If you’re in the mood for flavorful and spicy Asian fusion, there’s no better place to go. Kate’s has a unique menu inspired by the flavors of India and the Middle East that includes a variety of curries (Malay style with pumpkin, Goan coconut with mango and banana, and more), ginger-spiced noodles, hearty dahl, and more. They also have separate vegetarian options that are clearly labeled, so there’s no confusion. 

Vegan Cafes, Bakeries, & Sweets in Copenhagen

When your sweet tooth has a hankering for a scoop of ice cream or light and fluffy cake, you need to hightail it to one of these fabulous sweet spots. 


Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København, Denmark (inside the Torvehallerne Market)
You’ve probably seen the pictures of Flødeboller — plump little clouds of chocolate-covered heaven, but probably thought, oh, those are definitely not vegan; well, they are if you come here! This Danish chocolate shop has veganized these traditional chocolate-covered cream buns using aquafaba (chickpea water)! The decadent chocolates come in various mouthwatering flavors — raspberry, custard, lemon, coconut, passionfruit, and more. In addition to the Flødeboller, you’ll also want to check out their house-made fudge — there’s no way you’re getting out of here with just one treat!


Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København, Denmark
Right around the corner from Torvehallerne Market is this unsuspecting super vegan-friendly bakery — I almost walked right past it, but thankfully, the shop window is filled with sweets with little signs that read “VEGANSK!” You’ll find a variety of traditional and Danish delights, with a literal ton of gluten-free and even some sugar-free options. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can’t go wrong with a cinnamon bun sweetened with dates or a chocolate croissant!


Birkegade 21, 2200 København, Denmark
This laid-back café and bakery is tucked away on a quiet residential street in Nørrebro — the perfect place to go if you’re in the mood for something delicious but also want a little peace and quiet! The small shop is well known for its specialty coffee that pairs perfectly with a light and flaky croissant or thick slice of unbelievably rich cheesecake. On top of getting your sweet fix here, they also have a small brunchy menu with avocado buns, sandwiches, and more. One important note: laptops and tablets aren’t allowed here —I guess they want you to make a new friend instead of work or play online. 

a display of four vegan cheesecakes at the vegan cafe and bakery kaf in copenhagen

Nice Cream

Multiple locations throughout Copenhagen
I went on a hike to make it to one of the last locations in the city that was supposed to be still open for the season, and literally, as soon as I arrived, they were hanging the closed sign! The vegan and sustainable ice cream shop makes all of its own creamy flavors using coconut milk to create traditional favorites like chocoholic and strawberry with white chocolate, along with creative concoctions like Oh Sweet Lemon and Sneaky Bizz (peanut butter ice cream with toffee caramel swirls, chocolate, and roasted peanuts). 

two vegan ice cream cones topped with two scoops of bright yellow mango ice cream from nice cream in copenhagen
Credit: Nice Cream

Espresso House

A ton of locations throughout Copenhagen
I’d say that the Espresso House is the Danish equivalent of Starbucks but a little better on the vegan front! These casual coffeehouses offer a variety of specialty coffee and tea options, but each location also offers a mix of food; depending on which location you visit, you might find rocky road brownies, sticky caramel bars, chocolate balls, and more

Budget-Friendly Vegan Eats in Copenhagen 

As I mentioned at the beginning, Copenhagen isn’t a cheap city, and if you’re on a tight budget, you will need to plan ahead! You can always stock up at the supermarket if your accommodations have a kitchen. You’ll find multiple Netto and Føtex Food locations throughout the city, and another spot to check out is the Torvehallerne Market. If you want to eat out, these spots will be a little easier on your wallet!

inside of the busy Torvehallerne Market in copenhagen with people visiting food stands
Torvehallerne Market


Multiple locations throughout Copenhagen
Cost: 22 DKK & up
If you’re from North America, you might have read 7-11 and thought I’d lost my mind — I totally understand! When I first saw a location, I thought, oh, that’s crap, but then someone told me, no, it actually has great food, and they were right! I was shocked to find vegan cookies, salads, and sandwiches on the shelves. 

La Boca

Frederiksborggade 21, 2, D5, 1362 København, Denmark (inside the Torvehallerne Market)
COST: 40 DKK per empanada
This South American spot offers filling black bean and sweet potato empanadas that will only set you back around $5. 

Falafel Factory

Nørrebrogade 63, 2200 København, Denmark
COST: 80 DKK & up
A falafel sandwich or bowl with two spreads are the most affordable items here, but even if you got the platter for 220 or 140 DKK, you’d get a ton of food for your money — maybe share with friends.

Vital Foods

Kompagnistræde 41, 1208 København, Denmark
COST: 69 DKK & up
This casual vegan spot has hearty burritos, sandwiches, and toast that will fill you up and won’t break the bank!

Pow Vegan Pizza

Kapelvej 5, 2200 København, Denmark
COST: 95 DKK & up
If you stick to one of their classic pizzas, you can get a great deal on a whole pie; even their fancier pizzas are still less than buying a veggie burger at most spots. 

Hanegal DØP Hot Dog Stand

Two locations: By the Round Tower on Købmagergade & by The Church of The Holy Ghost on Strøget COST: 42 DKK & up
I’m not sure why hot dogs are popular in Copenhagen; I will guess because they’re cheap and easy! This stand/company offers a vegetarian sausage that you can enjoy on its own or with toppings (I was told it’s vegan; just confirm when ordering).

Vegan-Friendly Shop in Copenhagen


Vendersgade 6, 1363 København, Denmark
This health food shop is stocked with all kinds of vegan products! You can find it here whether you forget a face lotion or need a snack or treat. They have more shelf-stable items and a small perishable food section with fake meats, tofu, sauces, and more. 

Vegan-Friendly & Eco-Friendly Hotels in Copenhagen 

These centrally-located hotels will put you in a great location to explore the city, and all of them have great initiatives to protect the environment and are working on adding more. For even more options, check out these 12 eco-friendly hotels in Copenhagen.

Manon Les Suites

Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 København, Denmark
You won’t believe you’re in Copenhagen once you step into this lush jungle oasis with indoor pools, gardens, and palm trees. While relaxing along one of their beautiful pools, you can rest easy knowing that Manon Les Suites strongly emphasizes sustainability, and it’s a guiding principle for every part of the hotel, from its linens to food waste. The hotel has initiatives for water recycling, food purchasing, community support, and certifications from Green Globe, Green Key, GoGreen Denmark, and more. In the morning, guests can enjoy a beautiful breakfast buffet with vegan and gluten-free options (upon request).  

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Scandic Spectrum

Kalvebod Brygge 10, 6 sal, 1560 København, Denmark
This new, modern hotel offers terrific waterfront views and is a part of the chain of Scandic Hotels, which is known for its commitment to Mother Nature. The brand is Denmark’s only Swan-labelled hotel chain, meaning it has met strict standards for water consumption, energy use, food waste, and environmental impact. They are also constantly striving to improve, and by 2025, they plan to increase the amount of plant-based food options to 60% and reduce food waste by 25%. At the Scandic Spectrum, there are multiple restaurants including the vegan-friendly Restaurant Ansvar, which focuses on sustainably celebrating the flavors of the season.

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green vegetable soup at the vegan friendly restaurant Ansvar in the scandic spectrum hotel in copenhagen
Credit: Scandic Hotels

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade

Borgergade 9, 1300 København, Denmark
2-star hotel
If you’re on a budget but still want to make the best eco-friendly choice, check out this no-frills but modern and clean hotel. The hotel is centrally located and features compact but well-designed rooms — this is ideal for the traveler who’s always on the go and just needs somewhere to sleep. On the eco-side, the brand is committed to sustainability and has implemented initiatives such as garbage sorting, plastic reduction, food waste, energy use, and more. The brand holds certifications from Green Key, The Organic Food Label, ReFood, and others. 

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Can’t Miss Things To Do & See in Copenhagen 

#1 Walking Tour

No matter where you’re visiting, I think the first thing you need to book is a walking tour! This is your opportunity to get to know a city and its history from someone who lives there. There are various tours covering everything from a general overview to architecture and Jewish history.

I always recommend that people start with a general overview; this way, you get an introduction to the new destination, and it might pique your interest in other things that you might want to explore. Also, be sure to ask your guide for further recommendations and what to skip — they can share many things that you won’t find in a guidebook.   You might also be interested in checking out a canal tour or bike tour too!

nyhavn harbor at the start of the day in copenhagen

#2 Visit Freetown Christiania

For a city that really likes rules and keeping things buttoned up, you might be surprised that within its bounds is a self-governing, autonomous district called Christiania. The neighborhood is famous for its alternative lifestyle, communal living, and countercultural values. The community operates with its own rules and values ideals like collective ownership, environmental sustainability, and artistic expression.

Christiania was established in 1971 when a group of squatters and activists took over the abandoned military barracks of Bådsmandsstræde in the Christianshavn district of Copenhagen. They declared the area a “Freetown” and aimed to create a self-governing, autonomous community that rejected traditional societal norms.

You can wander through the community on your own and visit its bars, restaurants (there is a vegetarian restaurant called Morgenstedet), shops, and art galleries, or take a tour. Regular tour companies from Copenhagen aren’t allowed to operate within Christiania, but Christiania hosts its own tour led by a local a few times a week. If you go on your own, you might want to avoid Pusher Street. It’s garnered controversy over the years for illegal drug sales and is often subjected to raids. 

the brightly colored outside of an art gallery in Freetown Christiania in copenhagen

#3 Grab a Coffee on Knippels Bridge

Kulturtårnet (the Cultural Tower) is a former bridge tower converted into a unique café and meeting space. It’s one of those unique things that you can walk by and not realize it’s something cool to check out! From the balcony of the copper tower, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the Copenhagen harbor. Before you go, be sure to check their hours of operation!

#4 Experience Copenhagen from the Water 

Copenhagen is known for its picturesque canals and harbor areas, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than from a kayak! Kayaking allows you to enjoy the city from a different perspective, with stunning views of historic architecture, colorful buildings, and waterfront landscapes (if you don’t feel like kayaking, you can always take an electric boat canal tour instead).

Copenhagen has several kayak rental companies that offer various rental options, including guided tours, but a great place to go to either rent a kayak on your own or for a tour is The Kayak Bar. The restaurant/bar/kayak rental spot is a unique hangout spot in the city, and they offer an environmental tour to learn about the city’s sustainability initiatives and a general city tour. 

At one time, they offered a trash pickup tour; in exchange for picking up garbage from the canal, they would allow you to use a kayak for free! You will need to inquire about availability at The Kayak Bar; as you can imagine, it’s a popular option for locals and visitors. 

red and white boat in the copenhagen harbor

#5 Enjoy Views of Copenhagen from the Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke)

The distinctive spiral spire of this church is iconic in Copenhagen’s city skyline and offers incredible panoramic views of the city. This unique spire can be climbed via an external winding staircase that offers breathtaking views of Copenhagen. The climb is not for the faint of heart (I couldn’t muster the courage to go to the tippy top), but the view from the spire’s base is terrific! It’s best to purchase tower tickets ahead of time as they are timed entrance. 

city views from the top of the spire of the Church of Our Saviour

Copenhagen Vegan Map

Overwhelmed with all of the options and just don’t know where to start? Use this map! The little pink hearts signify vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and bakeries throughout Copenhagen. The green flags signify shops and sights and the yellow stars are important spots in the city.

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