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Zurich Vegan Bakery Guide: 7 Spots for Cake & Dessert

I hadn’t been in Zurich for even a full 24 hours before I found a spot for vegan gelato! I mean, it was a long flight — I deserved a sugary treat! Shortly after that, I quickly found multiple vegan bakeries and chocolate spots I couldn’t miss while visiting this vibrant city.

It’s safe to say that I had my priorities in order.

Zurich has a great vegan food scene (be sure to check out my full guide for all the eats). You can find everything from super fancy plant-based experiences to street food, and Zurich is even home to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, Haus Hilt! Like with so many cities around the world, your biggest challenge will be how in the world you’re going to eat all of it!

So, let’s wrap up this chit-chat and figure out which vegan bakery in Zurich you will visit first!

Vegan Bakeries & Dessert Spots in Zurich


Bertastrasse 4, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
This was definitely one of my favorite vegan spots in Zurich, and when I return, I’m hopping off the train and making a beeline right to them! The sophisticated bakery and chocolate shop has such a warm and inviting atmosphere — maybe they do that on purpose, so you order more and don’t leave! Part of their dessert case is filled with gorgeous pastries like sticky buns, dark chocolate brownies, apple Biscoff cake, cookies, and so much more. Next to their beautiful cakes and treats is another case filled with endless rows of gorgeous handmade chocolate! When you’re in Switzerland, you can’t skip sampling their famous chocolate, and here you can eat it ALL! You’ll find chocolate varieties like caramel blonde, cashew chocolate with peanuts, matcha chocolate, and more.

#2 Enzian Vegan Bakery & Café

Binzmühlestrasse 41, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland
This spot is just a 10-minute train right away from the city’s center and so worth it! They used to have a location right in the heart of the Old Town, but sadly, it closed! Inside this cozy café, you’ll find a delicious selection of house-made cakes, pastries, fresh bread, and so much more. For pastry lovers, you can’t go wrong with one of their golden, flaky croissants — it pairs perfectly with an oat milk latte! They also have a handful of packaged sweets like bars and brownies, which are terrific to take with you for a snack for later. In addition to sweets, they have an excellent lunch menu, and they’re around the corner from another vegan hot spot, Dapur.

#3 Bakery Bakery

Multiple locations throughout the city (one of the locations is in the main train station)
I initially found this fabulous bakery in Bern and was elated to find that not only is there a location in Zurich, but there are multiple locations! Wooo! No matter which location you visit, you’ll find so many traditional and unique treats that you have to try! On the traditional side, there’s always a gorgeous lineup of golden croissants (in multiple varieties), donuts, cinnamon rolls, and more. For something unique, you’ve got to try their crookie! It’s a delightful cross between a croissant and a cookie — I’m sure you haven’t found that elsewhere!

Another stellar bonus: all their locations offer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays! You’ll find croffles (they really like to combine delicious things to make something even more delicious), muesli, brunch plates, and more.

#4 Devi Deli Göttlich Vegan

Bertastrasse 11, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
I really didn’t expect a vegan grocery shop to have a fantastic selection of desserts and chocolates! We wandered in just to check out what kind of cool vegan stuff we could find and left with vegan caramels, a mini cake, and chocolate! Sounds like a successful grocery outing, right? The market always stocks an irresistible selection of healthy sweets and raw desserts created by other local vegan businesses. The options change regularly!

a box of fancy vegan truffles and a package of vegan caramels held together in a store in zurich

#5 Grainglow

Albisstrasse 9, 8134 Adliswil, Switzerland
Vegan and gluten-free friends, this one is for you, but there’s one caveat! You can’t just show up and purchase a slice of cake; you have to order ahead of time or grab a slice from one of their retail partners, but it’s worth it. These little cakes are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and outrageously delicious! They have a variety of fun flavor combinations like lemon turmeric, Snickers, death by chocolate and more! You can also find their treats at Bakery Bakery locations, Alnatura, COOP To Go stores, and more.

#6 NANIMALE Gelateria

Stauffacherstrasse 180, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
I was jet-lagged and decided to go for a little wander (I was trying to keep myself awake). I found this fabulous vegan gelato shop—it was meant to be! All of their ice creams are made in nearby Oerlikon using only natural ingredients—they say it’s the best vegan ice cream in Switzerland! They have something like 18 fantastic flavors to choose from, like matcha, pistachio, black sesame, pear walnut, caramel, and more!  

a single vegan ice cream cone with multiple scoops of strawberry and mango ice cream held in front of a neon sign in zurich
Credit: NANIMALE Gelateria

#7 Vegelateria, the Sacred

Müllerstrasse 64, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
Vegan gelato? Say no more! The little shop is tucked right next to its sister restaurant, The Sacred, the first vegan and fully organic restaurant in Zurich. If you’re also in the mood for food, you could eat here and then go for gelato right next door after — the perfect plan. All of their gelato flavors are house-made with real fruit and sweeteners, and they are organic as well. You might find fantastic flavors like pistachio, stracciatella, dark chocolate, and more!

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