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Amsterdam Vegan Bakeries: 12 Best Dessert Spots

I don’t know about you, but my sweet tooth no longer accepts lackluster vegan treats — the days of sorbet and dry vanilla cake are over! And, you know what? Many bakeries and creative baking geniuses have also gotten this memo, especially in Amsterdam!

The charming city dubbed Venice of the North is home to a massive lineup of vegan bakeries and sweet shops that will send you into a sugar coma. No matter if you’re in the mood for a buttery golden pastry or a massive slice of cake covered in fudge, you’ll find it and more! So indulge in a satisfying taste experience at one (or more) of these fantastic vegan or vegan-friendly bakeries in Amsterdam.  

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Mouthwatering Vegan Bakeries in Amsterdam 

All these vegan bakeries will blow your mind with their impressive lineups of perfectly golden pastries, tender cakes, and chewy cookies — you need to visit all of them! If you need more food help, don’t miss our full vegan Amsterdam guide!

#1 Margot’s Amsterdam

Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 2A, 1015 RV Amsterdam, Netherlands
Holy vegan pastries, Batman! The husband-and-wife team behind this charming vegan bakery set out to veganize popular pastries to make them indistinguishable from their animal-filled rivals. Well, my friends, they have more than succeeded. You’ll have to pick your jaw up off the ground once you lay eyes on these unbelievably gorgeous croissants, pain au chocolates, Danishes, and fruit tarts. 

In addition to being the pastry kings and queens of Amsterdam, they also have a stellar lineup of sandwiches made using their freshly baked, house-made bread, crispy toasties, cookies, and specialty coffee. The shop is also concerned about its environmental footprint — they utilize compostable packaging and sell reusable cups made from coffee husk waste. For every sale of the cups, they’ll donate 100% of the profits to the organization Ocean Cleanup.

vegan danish topped with cream and lime curd from margos vegan bakery in amsterdam
Credit: Margo’s Amsterdam

#2 Koffie ende Koeck

Haarlemmerweg 175, 1051 LA Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy a vegan afternoon tea service, this is your chance! This cozy vegan café and bakery is famous for its beautiful and delicious assortment of savory and sweet tea treats — even the highest of high society would love it. The afternoon tea features a yummy selection of savory mini sandwiches, scones, cookies, cakes, and more. You do have to have one other (or more) person with you for the experience (sorry, no solo tea times) and book it at least a day in advance. 

If tea time isn’t your thing, you can still stroll in here to enjoy a diverse lineup of sweet treats. There’s really something for everyone, from light and flaky pastries to passionfruit cheesecake and super fudgy brownies! They also have a small lineup of creative sandwiches and great options for breakfast or brunch!

small vegan cakes topped with fresh raspberries in front of blue floral wall paper in amsterdam
Credit: Koffie ende Koeck

#3 Willem-Pie: Vegan Bakery

Johan Huizingalaan 76, 1065 JD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Welcome to the land of perfectly fluffy and moist vegan cakes! What started as a need for a delicious birthday cake grew into a pop-up shop, then a permanent old-school Dutch bakery ensuring everyone in Amsterdam can get their hands on amazing cakes no matter what they’re celebrating!

Depending on when you visit, you’ll be delighted with slices of red velvet cake, plump muffins, sweet cinnamon rolls, cherry-covered NY-Style cheesecake, and more! The demand for their sweets has grown over the last few years —hooray! They’ve started selling many of their popular cakes and treats to local businesses, which has forced them to only operate the public bakery on Fridays and Saturdays. Either plan your visit accordingly, or you can order ahead and take your sweets to-go. 

vegan crumb cake with a slice sitting on a plate next to the cake at willem pie in amsterdam
Credit: Willem-Pie: Vegan Bakery

#4 SAINT-JEAN Amsterdam

Lindengracht 158h, 1015 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you visited Margots, Koffie ende Koeck, and then here, you might be thinking, did a slew of French pastry chefs come to Amsterdam? Or am I really in Paris!? The fact that there is more than one fantastic spot for out-of-this-world vegan pastries is mind-blowing in the best possible way!

This sophisticated and hip bakeshop is appropriately located in one of Amsterdam’s best neighborhoods, Jordaan — after grabbing a latte and pastry, there is no better place just for a leisurely stroll. But, before we get to strolling, we’ve got to eat, and boy, are you in for a treat! Their menu is incredible, and just choosing one thing is honestly impossible! It’s guaranteed that you won’t be able to say no to a strawberry and pistachio mousseline cream pastry, lemon meringue cruffin, chocolate and hazelnut babka, and much, much more!

a white take out box filled with four golden vegan pastries from saint jean in amsterdam
Credit: Saint Jean

#5 SUE Bites Bar

Elandsgracht 4H, 1016 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands
The colorful little square cakes that line the dessert case are like little sweet soldiers just waiting to be chosen — but choosing just one is not a simple task! Everything inside this welcoming little bakeshop is not just vegan but also gluten-free and sugar-free, but definitely not free of amazing flavor and decadence! 

The beautiful mini cakes are really the star of the sweet show — tiramisu, rose, salted caramel, Snickers, key lime, and so many more, but they aren’t the only thing you’ll find. In addition to these show-stopping mini cakes, you’ll also want to sample a few cookies, pistachio chocolate truffles, and rocky road bark, just for starters! One more thing, if you can’t visit in person, you can also order online.

colorful mini square vegan cakes sitting on two plates next to a box filled with cakes at sue bite bar in amsterdam
Credit: SUE Bites Bar

#6 Have a Roll

Van Woustraat 42, 1073 LM Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vegan cinnamon roll fans, your dreams have just come true! This mint green shop is dripping with charm and sweet, delicious frosting that you won’t be able to resist. For the traditionalists, they’ve got a classic roll swirled up with cinnamon sugar and topped with their signature vanilla frosting but for those that like to get a little creative, they’ve got something special. You’ll find eight other amazing flavors that will knock your socks off like a Dough Roll topped with cookie dough and chocolate chips or Speculaas Roll topped with a mouthwatering mix of Biscoff cookies and frosting.

two boxes of vegan cinnamon rolls next to a latte and matcha drink on a table at have a roll in amsterdam
Credit: Have a Roll

Vegan Shop with Great Treat and Dessert Options in Amsterdam

#7 Little Plant Pantry

Bosboom Toussaintstraat 45-H, 1054 AN Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ethical shopping and treats sound like a great combination! This plastic-free, vegan specialty food shop might not be the first place that you might think to look for a slice of cake or cookies — it’s quite possibly one of Amsterdam’s best hidden sweet secrets! They create a rotating selection of house-made sweets like cheesecake, banana bread, cookies, brownies, tiramisu, and much more every day!

Vegan Bakeries Available for Pickup Only in Amsterdam

Just because these spots don’t have a storefront doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be on your sweet treat radar!

#8 Vegan Sugar Mama’s

Amstelkade 43-4, 1078 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you want to send someone an epic box of vegan treats (or yourself, no judgment), you’ve got to check out what these mamas are baking up! Their colorful boxes are filled with handmade options like salted caramel rocky road bars, mega triple chocolate cookies, edible cookie photos, and more! In addition to the boxes, the mamas also have the most adorable vegan treat truck that is available for private events, but you might get lucky and find it popping up around town!

vegan dessert box with cookies and bars made by vegan sugar mamas in amsterdam
Credit: Vegan Sugar Mama’s

#9 Bananenbrood kopen

Dostojevskisingel 19, 1102 XJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you’re a banana bread fan, you have to order a couple of loaves from this spot — reviewers shared that they’ve driven out of their way to get their hands on it! On top of it being vegan, it’s also gluten-free and sugar-free — your taste buds won’t believe it! They suggest it’s a great snack with coffee, but for an incredible treat, use it to make a peanut butter sandwich — that’s my kind of sandwich! 

Vegan-Friendly Bakeries in Amsterdam

These bakeries understand that they can’t forget about their vegan friends and always have fantastic options that won’t disappoint you. 

#10 Sticky Fingers

Amstelveenseweg 3, 1054 MB Amsterdam, Netherlands
With a name like that, how can you resist!? This vegan-friendly bakery is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is known for its delectable selection of vegan options (and some gluten-free options), like cupcakes, brownies, no-cheesecake, and cookies. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or prefer fruity flavors, Sticky Fingers has something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their brownies are a must-try if you’re in the mood for something chewy and indulgent. In case you’re familiar with the Washington DC vegan scene, this Sticky Fingers is not the same as the DC one!

#11 Petit by Sam

Vijzelstraat 93, 1017 HA Amsterdam, Netherlands
This sophisticated little spot is hard to resist, and once you see their vegan lineup, there’s no way you won’t want to carve out time for a visit! The shop was born with the idea of making sweets accessible to everyone, whether vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free. You’ll always find unique cakes, cookies, and bread. First-time visitors shouldn’t miss their ultra-fudgy brookies with an irresistible cookie crumble topping!

#12 Van Holland Stroopwafels Amsterdam

Kalverstraat 198, 1012 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands
If you thought you would have to skip these Dutch delicacies, think again! These popular golden treats are made of two thin waffle-like cookies with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. The name “stroopwafel” translates to “syrup waffle” in English, which you’ll understand with one bite! Van Holland is one of the best shops to visit to get your hands on a veganized version of these famous sweets; you can also order them online. 

Sweet Wrap-Up: More Vegan Travel Help

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