Athens Vegan Bakery & Dessert Guide: Best Spots for Sweets

Updated May 20, 2024

I feel like you know a vegan scene is doing pretty well or is on its way when you find fully vegan bakeries and ice cream shops in a city. Before going to Athens, I expected some veganized traditional Greek dishes and some junk food, but bakeries? Nah, that would probably be a bridge too far!

Well, I was wrong!

Athens is home to multiple vegan ice cream shops and bakeries, chock full of special treats like baklava and creamy pistachio ice cream to raw decadent cheesecakes and more! It’s fair to say that if you have a sweet tooth and are visiting Greece’s ancient capital, you’re in for a treat. No matter what you’re in the mood for, make sure you target visiting one or all of these delicious vegan bakeries in Greece!

5 Vegan Bakeries & Ice Cream Shops You Must Visit in Athens, Greece

#1 Holy Llama

Syntagma 23, Athens 105 57, Greece
Do you love walking into a place and being blown away by what they’ve been able to create and veganize?! Well, if you do, you’ll feel that way walking into this vegan bakery and café — everything is stunning. On the bakeshop side of things, they’ve mastered the art of gorgeous vegan pastries. You’ll find croissants filled with delicious pistachio paste and patisserie cream, delicate chocolate tarts, sweet buns, cakes, and much more! They also have a small selection of raw vegan and gluten-free bars and balls in case you need something healthier or gluten-free.

the dessert case with rows of vegan pastries at holy llama in athens

When I walked in, I was immediately enamored with their dessert case—there was so much to look at! I think the person behind the counter was equal parts entertained by me (I can’t be the first one to do this) and thinking, hurry up!

Good to know: In case you’re hungry for food, they also have an all-day brunch menu that looks just as awesome as their dessert case! I ran out of time and couldn’t have brunch here, but I definitely will make it happen the next time I visit. 

#2 Wild Souls

Voulis 36, Athens 105 57, Greece
I think you can spot this glowing orange vegetarian café from space! Before you even walk in, it’s apparent that this spot prioritizes creativity, and it’s not just with the décor. Depending on which way you walk up the street, you might come to the café side or the store side — it doesn’t really matter where you enter, but it can be a little confusing if you don’t realize that it’s a store and a café (or at least I was confused).

If you want to relax and enjoy a slice of cake with a coffee — you can. Grab a menu and get cozy in one of the cafe’s black-spotted booths. If you’re in a hurry, no worries, you can take that cake to go! But before you decide that, you might be wondering, what in the world do they have! You’ll find a special cheesecake of the day (when I visited, they had an over-the-top decadent chocolate hazelnut cheesecake that I still think about), vegan croissants filled with hazelnut butter and cocoa, halva (they specialize in halva, but many contain honey so make sure to ask for one without), and more!

the dessert case with vegan cheesecake slices and nut bars at wild souls in athens greece

#3 Happy Blender

Ifestou 39, Athens 105 55, Greece
This plant-based spot was a little bit of an unexpected surprise. I found it looking for vegan breakfast options in Athens, which they have super stellar options, but I couldn’t make it in time.

a dessert case filled with vegan energy balls, bread, a chocolate tart at happy blender in athens greece

I went later in the day to grab a smoothie and was greeted with a lovely dessert case filled with sweet breads, raw peanut butter and chocolate energy bars, berry-filed tarts, and even ice cream! I love it when I find unexpected vegan food surprises! No matter what you choose, it will pair perfectly with one of their colorful wellness lattes — I’d say go for the pink one made with beetroot powder, ginger, and cinnamon (those flavors might go really nicely with chocolate, in case you need help deciding).

Good to know: Happy Blender is super close to the ancient Agora and tucked back in the winding shopping streets of the Monastiraki area — the perfect place for a sightseeing break!

inside of the pink and floral dining area at happy blender in athens greece

#4 Sugar Killer

Perikleous 33, Athens 105 63, Greece
I still chuckle about my visit here. Before every trip, I do extensive research, looking for vegan restaurants, bakeries, shops, ice cream, etc. If it’s vegan, I want to know about it. This place popped up in my research, but I didn’t look into it extensively and thought, I’ll just pop by. The first day I was in Athens, I made a bee-line there for a sweet pick me up, but when I went to the ice cream case, nothing was marked. I thought, oh, no, did I make a mistake? The place was super busy so that I couldn’t ask. I saw a couple of other vegan items in a bakery case, but I thought that must be all the vegan stuff they have. On the second day, I decided to go back (I was in the area) and ask. It was a good thing I did because everything is vegan and sugar-free!

over seven different tubs of vegan and sugar free ice cream at the ice cream shop sugar killer in athens

They have a massive lineup of super creamy ice cream options, including pistachio, banoffee, snickers, spicy dark chocolate, cinnamon biscuit, and more! You can enjoy the ice cream on its own or top it with tahini, peanut butter, fruit, cookies, and much more. In addition to a stellar ice cream selection, you’ll also find a few baked treats like cinnamon buns and baklava, smoothies, milkshakes, and layered desserts in cute little jars!

multiple pans of vegan baked good like cinnamon buns, chocolate rolls, and a greek dessert at sugar killer in athens

#5 Plan(e)t Ice Cream

Ermou 86, Athina 105 54, Greece
Another funny ice cream story! After visiting Sugar Killer, I made my way across town, and as I was coming back, I just happened to walk by this vegan ice cream spot! This spot didn’t come up in my research (maybe I should re-evaluate how I research)! The cute little place is the world’s first plant-based and carbon-negative ice cream — you can really feel good about pigging out here! They’ve considered absolutely every part of their ice cream creation process right down to the spoon, which is not only compostable, but you can eat it!

ten silver ice cream trays filled with colorful vegan ice creams like strawberry and chocolate in athens

You’ll find a great lineup of delicious flavors like peanut butter with salted caramel, triple chocolate brownie, mastic pink pepper, holy bueno, and more! You can enjoy it in a waffle cone bowl or cone!

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