Naxos Vegan Guide: Best Restaurants & Where to Stay

Updated May 20, 2024

While investigating which islands to visit in Greece, a few people told me I should choose Paros over Naxos. They felt Paros was more developed, offered more options, and was a little nicer. To me, that translates into fewer tourists visiting Naxos, so it’s still been able to keep some of its identity. That intrigued me, but what put me over the edge were vegan options!

Although Paros is supposed to be more developed, a simple Google search revealed that Naxos is more vegan-friendly—with that, the deal was sealed.

I am so glad I chose Naxos — I enjoyed it much more than many other islands. It’s quieter, offers diverse natural beauty, is pretty affordable, and I ate well! So, if you’re planning on visiting or curious about what you might find, keep reading!

I’ve compiled some of the best spots for vegan food in Naxos and a vegan-friendly hotel you won’t want to miss!

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One note: all of these spots are in the city center of Naxos; I didn’t have a chance to explore other areas of the island. However, traditional Greek cuisine has many vegan options, so look for tavernas!

The 9 Best Restaurants (+ Supermarket) for Vegan Food in Naxos, Greece

#1 Boulamatsis

Naxos 843 00, Greece
This was my first food stop in Naxos and one of my favorites! The rustic, family-owned Greek taverna offers a cozy dining space overlooking the harbor. If I had more time in Naxos, I would’ve returned here.

The menu features traditional Greek cuisine with loads of vegan options like giant beans (my favorite), stuffed aubergine (eggplant) with onions and peppers, grape leaves, Briam (a mixed veggie roast), plenty of salads, and more! After my lunch, the server came back around with a special complimentary dessert (it’s kind of common in Greek tavernas to offer something sweet at the end of the meal). I said, no thanks, I am vegan, and he said, no worries, we have a vegan cake! And out he came with a mini slice of vegan orange cake — what a lovely surprise!

#2 Gemma Naxian Bistro

Naxos 843 00, Greece
From the colorful, weather-worn sign that greets you declaring vegan options to the shabby chic beachy dining space, resisting the allure of this spot is impossible. Before visiting, I had read that they have a decent selection of vegan options (hence the sign), but I was given a full vegan menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — hooray! I didn’t expect that!

In the morning, you can start the day with a veggie-packed vegan omelet and a smoothie — sounds fantastic, right? If you don’t make it there until later in the day, no worries; plenty of other options are waiting for you! The menu features a little Greek inspiration with a lot of international spirit. You’ll find linguine with Beyond Meat meatballs, creamy pumpkin soup, a club sandwich with fries made from Naxian potatoes, and even dessert! You’ll want to save room for a slice of tiramimousse with hazelnut praline!

a round white plate with a large pile of golden french fried next to a pile of vegan meatballs at gemma naxian in naxos

#3 Juicy Girl

Sokratous Papavasiliou, Naxos 843 00, Greece
When I was researching vegan options in Naxos, this spot sadly didn’t come up! I found it while wandering around town, waiting for my hotel room to be ready. Honestly, I was looking for another spot, but it had yet to open for the season. I am so glad Juicy Girl had my back! Finding more veggie-focused smoothies (like ones with spinach and kale) was a little more challenging in Greece, but luckily, this spot has a great lineup!

a chalk board sign listing all of the smoothies and juices available at juicy girl in naxos

All of the smoothies and juices can be made vegan; the only non-vegan ingredient that you’ll find is honey. The lovely owner was onsite both times I visited and was happy to make slight adjustments to her tried and true blends. Two thumbs up for the spinach and ginger smoothies; the prices are fantastic!

#4 Gregory’s Coffee

Naxos 843 00, Greece
First things first, when you look this spot up on the map, it will come up as Gregory’s Coffee, which is the English name, but when you find it in person, the name is in Greek: Γρηγόρης. When I walked by, I thought, wait, is this the same place? I pretty consistently found this café franchise throughout Greece, and just about every one of them that I visited offered vegan options, with the exception of Santorini.

At this Naxos location, they offered mushroom and spinach pies, which I haven’t found on many restaurant menus; it’s definitely worth a try. In addition to pies, they also had a vegan baguette sandwich filled with a veggie patty and cookies. In addition to being vegan-friendly, it’s also very friendly on your wallet. This is an excellent spot to visit if you want to save a little cash.

golden vegan spinach and mushroom pies inside of a glass case at the vegan friendly bakery gregory's in naxos

#5 Scirocco Restaurant

Plateia Petroi Evipaioi, Naxos 843 00, Greece
This bright and welcoming Greek taverna is just a short distance from the center of town! What caught my attention at this spot was all of the “veg” markers on the menu — I love it when restaurants label menus! There’s one small caveat, “veg” means vegetarian, but many vegetarian options can be made vegan or are already vegan! You can start with fresh bread and fava bean spread or hummus, then for something a little green, try a Greek salad (minus the feta). I would continue with this small plate theme for your main dish and get fried potatoes, grape leaves, and maybe even stuffed tomatoes!

the white washed front of the vegan friendly Scirocco Restaurant in naxos

#6 Hug Me Naxos

Ανώνυμος 11, Naxos 843 00, Greece
This is the type of spot you don’t want to rush through your visit—take your time, enjoy the summery atmosphere, and maybe snap a few pics, as it’s incredibly photogenic. The vegan-friendly café has a small but mighty vegan breakfast and brunch menu. It features popular staple dishes like tofu scramble, vegan eggs with feta, French toast, and more. If you can’t decide, they also have the option to order a combo that features two choices with coffee or fresh orange juice.

#7 Su e Giu

Protopapadaki, Naxos 843 00, Greece
Craving pasta? Check out this family-owned, vegan-friendly restaurant! When I first walked up to look at the menu, I was a little confused. They used the little green “v” to signify vegetarian options, but they also had it next to a fish dish! I was about to leave when the server shared with me that they actually have a separate vegan menu; it’s just not on display (I know, strange, right?). Most of the little green “v” options can be made vegan, like bruschetta, certain pasta dishes, and a few appetizers (or go for the properly labeled vegan veggie plate with veggies, falafel, chili nuggets, and veggie patties). Although the execution of the vegan options is a little rough here, they still have a decent selection, and hopefully, it will continue to improve!

#8 Heavens Café

Ioannou Paparigopoulou, Naxos 843 00, Greece
I would’ve never found this spot if it weren’t for HappyCow and Google reviews! They don’t have a website or social presence — which nowadays seems wild to me, but I am also a little jealous (but I digress). The charming café is just a little bit outside of the main town center, making it the ideal spot for a quiet place to start the day. They have a small vegan breakfast menu that features fluffy pancakes, golden waffles, vegan omelets, and more! They also have a few smoothies, but they’re all made with milk; you could ask to make it with water, but some reviewers shared that they didn’t end up with the tastiest drink. Maybe skip the smoothies here and go to Juicy Girl instead for that!

#9 Supermarkets

I really enjoy checking out what vegan products supermarkets have in other countries, and Naxos was the first island where I found an actual supermarket. If you’re visiting other islands like Mykonos or Santorini, be prepared to get out of the city center for an actual, proper market. Otherwise, it’s just small shops with basic supplies. Throughout the city center of Naxos, you’ll find a few different markets of varying sizes and a small number of vegan products. I didn’t find alternative products like burgers, yogurt, cheese, etc., but I did find a good selection of plant milks, snacks, and staple products. Before you go, make sure you download Google Translate so you can scan ingredient labels!

Vegan-Friendly Hotel in Naxos

Hotel Grotta

I.Kampanelli 7, Naxos 843 00, Greece
This family-run spot is absolutely lovely and vegan-friendly. While researching vegan options, I came upon their website, highlighting its inclusive breakfast options, including vegan, gluten-free, etc. How could I resist?! After booking, I shot them a quick note to let them know I am vegan and gluten-free, and they said no problem! I will say the combination of vegan and gluten-free seems to really confuse Greek folks — they made me a special dish that was gluten-free but vegetarian (close, but no cigar)! That’s ok because they also had vegan cereals, savory options, and plenty of fruit. I really appreciated the effort. The spot is set on a lovely hillside that overlooks the city and the sea — it’s about a 10 or 15-minute walk to the center of town. I would 100% stay here again.

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One more bonus: if you’re arriving by ferry, they have a complimentary shuttle that will pick you up and take you back!

double guest bedroom with light colored walls and bedding at the vegan friendly hotel grotta in naxos

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