Mykonos Vegan Guide: Best Restaurants & Hotels

Updated May 20, 2024

Mykonos is super popular, and it’s easy to see why. Its picturesque beaches and white-washed labyrinthine town are incredibly photogenic, but even if you’ve only traveled a little as a vegan, you know that picturesque and vegan-friendly don’t always go together!

I won’t lie to you and go on a wild tangent that Mykonos is some vegan superstar—it’s definitely not. But it’s also not a vegan food desert where you’ll survive on chunks of iceberg lettuce (you can breathe a sigh of relief)!

Thanks in part to the massive number of foreigners who visit the island, many restaurants have added vegan options, and Mykonos town is home to one fully vegan restaurant. Greek cuisine naturally has pretty good vegan options—put those two things together, and you won’t go hungry!

So, let’s not belabor on this any longer and check out some of the best restaurants for vegan food in Mykonos. After that, I’ll give you some tips on where to stay!

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Must Visit Vegan Restaurant in Mykonos

Rhino Vegan Street Food

Enoplon Dinameon 4, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
This charming vegan restaurant in the middle of Mykonos town is an absolute lifesaver—it’s the only fully vegan spot in the area (technically, the only other vegan restaurant is part of the vegan hotel Koukoumi). The lunch and dinner café (same menu for the whole day) has a small indoor seating area with a cozy window nook and a small outdoor area that lines the famous blue and white street — on a nice day; it’s the perfect place for people watching while eating cheese covered French fries!

Their menu celebrates vegan junk food with some traditional Greek twists. You’ll find the popular souvlaki wrap sandwiches filled with mushrooms, chick’n style tofu nuggets, truffle mayo, and wrapped in a fluffy house-made pita. The fun doesn’t end there; they’ve also got a fantastic selection of burgers, crispy chick’n sandwiches, vibrant veggie-packed bowls, and more.

a black bowl with crispy golden vegan chicken nuggets next to a bowl of french fries topped with white vegan cheese at rhino vegan street food in mykonos

If I hadn’t been on the hunt for vegan food in Mykonos, I loved this spot so much that I would’ve exclusively eaten there (I did go twice)! It’s a can’t-miss for sure!

Important dining note: Many restaurants are only open seasonally (April – October). If you’re traveling early or later in the season or outside those months, double-check what’s open before you go!

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Mykonos

Nice n’ Easy

Little Venice, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
If you’re looking for a lovely spot to enjoy the sunset, come here! Tucked between the historic windmills and Little Venice, this colorful restaurant sits right along the water, offering great vegan options and views — what else could you ask for? On a funny note, I initially found this spot because I was looking for vegan breakfast options in Mykonos, and right at the top of this spot’s menu, they’ve got a vegan and gluten-free super breakfast bowl — perfect! Well, not so fast; operating hours on the island are sometimes a little flexible. They opened at 9 AM but weren’t ready for breakfast until 10 AM — that wasn’t ideal for my itinerary, so I had to return for dinner (good thing I packed oatmeal with me).

Outside of breakfast, for lunch and dinner, they’ve also got great traditional options like vegan moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, and creative salads and bowls. The staff were also very helpful about what’s vegan, and if they weren’t sure, they were quick to ask. I ran into this issue a few times in Mykonos — people would say oh, yes, we’ve got vegan options then point to vegetarian options. So, make sure you really investigate what’s moo and meat-free!

a light blue bowl on a white table with quinoa, veggies, and slices of avocado next to a basket of bread at nice n easy in mykonos


Mavrogeni str, Goumenio, Mykonos Town, Greece
This colorful, easy-going, vegan-friendly restaurant draws inspiration from around the globe. The name and décor make you think it’s got to be a Tex-Mex spot, but then the menu throws in a little flavor from India and Indonesia; it’s safe to say there’s a lot going on, which also means there is a diversity of food options!

The menu is well marked, although the menu outside the restaurant varied slightly from what was in the restaurant. I was drawn to a salad with a special house-made vegan cheese, but sadly, the cheese didn’t make the menu update (maybe it’s because it was early in the season). It’s just something to be aware of in case your heart is set on something specific. In addition to salad, several vegetarian options can be made vegan, like burritos, chili, tostada, fried rice (no oyster sauce), and more. This was another good spot that understood what I meant by vegan — hooray!


Mattheou Andronikou 58, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
My timing wasn’t quite right with this spot—they were closed the entire time I was in Mykonos (they hadn’t opened for the season yet; some spots take their sweet time). This was super disappointing as HealthyLicious has a great selection of smoothies and a house-made beet burger that I really wanted to try! They are located right next to Rhino Vegan Street Food, so when you pop in there, swing by this spot and check out their menu.  

the bright white outside of the vegan friendly cafe healthlicious with colorful writing listing all of their menu options and features in mykonos

La Petite Taverne

Mitropoleos 11, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
It’s easy to walk right by this lovely Greek taverna and not even realize it’s there! The entrance to the restaurant is tucked into a little alleyway, which is an excellent spot for a quiet (well, quieter, depending on when you’re visiting) lunch or dinner. Now, from the outset, the menu doesn’t appear to be vegan-friendly because nothing is marked, but they focus on traditional Greek cuisine, which naturally includes a few vegan dishes. You’ll find vegan options like giant beans (my favorite), green beans with potatoes and peas, oven-baked stuffed tomatoes, fried potatoes, and more. Some of the salads can be made vegan, and one, Politiki, is vegan.

two bowls of vegan giant greek white beans in a tomato sauce next to a greek salad without feta cheese in greece


THIRIDA 601, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Generally, I don’t love being approached when I’m trying to look at a menu, but here, I used it to my vegan advantage and let the staff know what I was looking for. Two things would happen (actually three). They would either say uh, no, sorry or yes, let me show you what we have. Sometimes, though, they’d show me vegetarian options when they’d say yes. Thankfully, that didn’t happen here! The menu (at the restaurant, sadly not online) is marked with two types of green leaves — one leaf is vegetarian, and two are vegan! You’ll find vegan gyros, stuffed tomatoes, quinoa salad, and a bunch of other things that could be made vegan with minor adjustments.

This spot and the next one face the harbor — a lovely place to sit in the shade on a sunny day!

partial view of the mykonos harbor and white washed town in a sunny day
Mykonos Harbor & Town

Rouvera Restaurant & Bar

Yialos, Mikonos, Míkonos 84600
Next door to the Promenade Restaurant is another vegan-friendly spot with fantastic sea views! The menu here isn’t as diverse or extensive as its neighbor, but it separately calls out what’s vegan, making it much easier for us — you don’t have to worry about decoding leaves (no shade at the leaves)! On the vegan side of things, you’ll find a couple of different salads and a delicious gyro with French fries. There is a pasta listed under their vegetarian section that I think could easily be made vegan by subtracting the parmesan, but ask before you order it.

Planning note: now, I’ve only covered vegan-friendly spots in Mykonos Town; if you’re heading outside of town, you’ll want to check out these next few spots. Another thing to remember is that many traditional Greek tavernas on the island will have vegan options (even if they’re not marked). Stick to things like giant beans, Politiki salad, bean soup, stuffed grape leaves, fava bean dip, and more.

Bowl Mykonos

Peripheral Rd, Ornos 846 00, Greece
Not far from the stunning Korfos beach is this vegan-friendly café! As you can probably guess from the name, they focus on various bowls — acai, coconut yogurt, salads, and more. You can grab a fruity acai or coconut yogurt bowl topped with fresh fruit, berry compote, coconut, and more for breakfast. One thing to look out for is honey, as it’s pretty popular in their bowls. Later in the day, you’ll want to check out their flavorful superfood salad stuffed with falafel and pomegranate seeds — have them omit the labne. They also have a great lineup of fruity and veggie-packed smoothies, seasonal juices, and shots.


Platis Gialos 846 00, Greece
You can never have too much acai, right? Depending on where you’re staying on the island, this spot is ready to make all your fruity dreams come true. Unlike other places, you can fully customize your bowl and load it with peanut butter, granola, cacao nibs, fresh fruit, chia seeds, and more. I like that you get to control all of the elements, then there’s no guessing about what’s in there! In addition to acai bowls, they’ve also got smoothies.

Indian Palace

Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Right on the famous Paradise Beach is this vegan-friendly Indian restaurant. Indian cuisine is always a good bet for vegan options! Under their vegetarian section, you’ll find popular vegan options like Channa Masala, yellow lentil dal, aloo gobi, and more. Many of the options are vegan, except the dishes with paneer, which is a cheese. You can also add on an order of onion bhaji or veggie samosas as an appetizer if you’re starving!

Vegan-Friendly Gelato Spots

Bon Bon Fait Maison

Georgouli 11, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
I was on a post-dinner walk when I wandered past this spot, and a tiny vegan sign caught my eye! They don’t have an extensive lineup of options, but what they’ve got is super tasty. I found a vegan passionfruit ice cream made with coconut and a few sorbet options. The passionfruit was fantastic; I definitely would get it again.

DaVinci Gelato

4, Kabani st, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
This spot is in a busy restaurant area that overlooks the harbor — the first time I passed by, I assumed it was another restaurant, but the second time, I saw someone with ice cream, so I figured, let’s see what they’ve got! I was greeted by little green leaves on a few of their options, like strawberry and bittersweet dark chocolate, so like a good supporter of vegan options, I had to try them! They were super creamy and delicious, and one nice thing about this spot is you can take the ice cream to-go or have table service and enjoy the view.

two large silver bins with vegan passionfruit and vegan dark bittersweet chocolate ice cream at davinci gelato in mykonos

Where to Stay in Mykonos + The Only Vegan Hotel in Mykonos

Important planning tip: before you book your hotel, I want to give you a few tips and encourage you to keep a few things in mind.

  • Mykonos is best explored by car. If you have enough time, spend one night in Mykonos Town (or near it), then rent a car and stay outside the area. Plus, free parking is available around the island (double-check if your hotel charges a fee).
  • Mykonos Town is cute, but it is one of the party areas on the island. During the summer, it can be really loud and annoying. Plus, once you’ve explored the cute alleyways a couple of times, you’ll think, cool, what’s next?
  • Paradise Beach is beautiful, but it’s super popular. For a beachy stay, consider Kalo Livadi (which is close to the only vegan hotel on the island, Koukoumi.
overhead shot of ornos beach on a bright and sunny day in mykonos before the start of the tourism season

Mykonos Vegan Hotel

Koukoumi Vegan Hotel

Ano Mera 846 00, Greece
If you’re interested in peace and quiet while enjoying delicious vegan food, stay here. Koukoumi is the only vegan hotel in Mykonos, tucked into the sleepy village of Ano Mera. You could get here via taxi or private car, but it is easiest to rent a car so you can explore on your own. The hotel isn’t situated on a beach but has a lovely pool and is less than a 5-minute drive to a beautiful beach like Kalo Livadi.

Book Your Stay

One important note: Koukoumi is open seasonally. So, if you plan on visiting outside of May – October, you’re out of luck!

overhead shot of the outdoor pool in the back of the white stone vegan hotel Koukoumi on a bright sunny day in mykonos
Credit: Koukoumi Vegan Hotel
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