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22 Vegan Food Tours: A Delicious Way to Explore the World

Updated December 22, 2023

Are you a vegan food lover looking to explore new culinary experiences but think there isn’t an option for you?

Think again! 

Around the globe, vegan food tours are popping up, offering a unique and delicious way to explore different cultures and cuisines. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just curious about plant-based eating, these tours will take you on a culinary adventure like no other. 

From bustling street markets in Asia to trendy vegan hotspots in Europe, you’ll get to taste a wide variety of dishes that are not only delicious, but also cruelty-free. So, pack your bags and book one of these fabulous tours to satisfy your taste buds and complement your incredible adventure —who knows, maybe you’ll even make a few new veggie friends along the way!

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What Should I Expect on a Vegan Food Tour?

Well, first and foremost, vegan food! A passionate, local guide will take you on a journey through various culinary traditions with a veganized twist. This is an excellent opportunity to sample traditional fare from vibrant street food stalls to upscale restaurants with dishes like vegan schnitzel in Munich or croissants in Paris. Along the way, you may hear stories about the chefs, restaurant owners, and food artisans making a difference in the local vegan food scene. These tours also provide an opportunity to connect with fellow vegan food enthusiasts and like-minded individuals — we can all use more veggie friends, right?

You should expect a decent amount of walking. Most tours will specify the duration and the amount of ground you will cover; it’s something to keep in mind if you have mobility issues. 

One last note: all these tours are meant to complement a trip you already have planned, so they are generally a few hours to a half day. Other vegan companies, including us, do complete trip itineraries, in case that’s what you’re looking for. 

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Can’t Miss Vegan Food Tours Around The World

Vegan Food Tours in Europe

#1 Berlin Vegan Food & Sustainability Tour 

Berlin, Germany
Tour duration: 3 hours
Going to Berlin as a vegan can be overwhelming; there are many unique places to check out! This is one of the many benefits of going with a local guide; they’ll share their favorite spots and ones you can skip so you don’t waste your money. In addition to savoring yummy eats, you’ll explore a vegan shopping complex with a vegan supermarket, vegan fashion, and more! 

#2 Camden Town Vegan Eats

London, England
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
Camden Town is one of London’s iconic neighborhoods, filled with some of the city’s best vegan food! You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the neighborhood while sampling cheesy pizza, fish n’ chips, dim sum, and much more. 

#3 Vegan Hungarian Eats Tour

Budapest, Hungary
Tour duration: 3 hours
Explore traditional Hungarian eats (which aren’t known for being veggie-friendly) on this tasting tour through Budapest. Your local vegan chef guide will take you to four delicious vegan-friendly spots in Budapest to try goulash, paprikash, chimney cake, and more. 

#4 Brighton Vegan Food Tour

Brighton, England
Tour duration: 2-3 hours
Everyone knows London is super vegan-friendly, but did you know its south coast sister, Brighton, is right on its heels? You’ll get the opportunity to get local tips while sampling vegan cheese, scones, ice cream, chocolate, pies, beer, street food, and much more!

#5 Utrecht Vegan Walking Tour

Utrecht, Netherlands
Tour duration: 3.5 hours
Explore the beautiful city of Utrecht on this 6 km walking tour, and as you make your way from one vegan spot to the next, you’ll pass iconic spots in the city and wander through ancient wharves and canals. During your tasting stops, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a local favorite, bitter balls, along with sweet treats and more. The company also has a vegan cycling tour.

#6 The Only Vegan Tour in Lyon

Lyon, France
Tour duration: 3 hours
Lyon is the capital of gastronomy, but many wouldn’t think that would include vegan options! Join a local guide as you explore her neighborhood, Croix-Rousse Hill, and its many vegan delights. Reviewers share that you receive hearty portions, so don’t eat before you go!

#7 Split Vegan Food & Walking Tour

Split, Croatia
Tour duration: 3 hours
Explore iconic sights while enjoying a multi-course vegan tasting tour through the beautiful city of Split. Your guide will give you insight into the vegan scene and share facts about local and famous sights. After the tour, you’re given a vegan-themed map to help you explore further!

#8 Seville Vegan Tapas & Market Tour

Seville, Spain
Tour duration: 3.5 hours
Sample tapas and learn about Sevillian culture from a local during this foodie-focused tour. Your local guide will take you to 3-4 restaurants for traditional veganized tapas and chat about Seville’s vegan scene and the secrets of Andalusian gastronomy. At the end of the tour, you’ll receive a free e-book guide to plan the rest of your Spanish holiday.

#9 Warsaw’s Best Plant-Powered Walk

Warsaw, Poland
Tour duration: 3 hours
There’s more than meat and potatoes in Poland, and this passionate local guide will help you find it in Warsaw! This tour explores the hip foodie neighborhood, Powiśle, where you’ll enjoy a full progressive dinner, including cake! The company hosting this walking tour also has a vegan pierogi-making class!

#10 Vegan-Friendly Athens Tour

Athens, Greece
Tour duration: 3 hours
Wander around the ancient Greek city while sampling local olives, nuts, Greek coffee, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to sample 10 different local delicacies as you explore Athens. The tour is aimed at vegetarians, but they can accommodate vegans upon request. 

Vegan Food Tours in the US

#11 NYC Vegan Tour

New York City, NY
Tour duration:
New York City is known as the city that doesn’t sleep, but that should be changed to the city that doesn’t stop eating! This local company has a variety of tours to help you explore the city’s massive vegan scene, from exploring the best breakfast eats in the East Village to Polish eats in Brooklyn and everything in between. 

#12 Viva Las Vegas Vegan Tour

Las Vegas, Nevada
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
Las Vegas has a stellar vegan scene, and this local guide will help you explore some of the hot spots. You’ll get off The Strip and sample pasta, tacos, and more at locally-owned restaurants in Southwest Las Vegas. If you want to explore the city’s veganized Chinatown eats, check out this tour.

#13 Pike Place Market Tour

Seattle, Washington
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
This famous fish market doesn’t seem vegan-friendly on the surface, but that’s not the case! A local foodie guide will take you to various vendors to sample 12 different plant-based eats while learning a little about Seattle’s vegan scene and history. 

Vegan Food Tours in Asia

Although I didn’t find a vegan tour in South Korea, Seoul has a growing vegan scene that you should add to your travel list!

#14 Hanoi Vegan Food Tour

Hanoi, Vietnam
Tour duration: 3 hours
Curious about Hanoi’s street food scene but worried about finding vegan options? Worry no more! Let your local guide take you through the Old Quarter of Hanoi to find vegan Vietnamese cuisine along with how to customize other options. As you explore the market, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about Hanoi’s history and culture.

#15 Saigon Vegan Food Scooter Tour

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tour duration: 4.5 hours
Jump on a scooter and explore the sprawling city of Ho Chi Minh while sampling vegan Vietnamese specialties along the way. Your guide can break down the language barrier and help you find delicious eats that you might miss on your own. If you’re not interested in the scooter portion of this tour, check out this highly-rated vegan walking tour.

#16 Bangkok Thai Vegan Adventure

Bangkok, Thailand
Tour duration: 4 hours
Bangkok’s vegan scene is growing; you can learn about it while sampling traditional veganized Thai cuisine! Your guide will lead you along the bustling Sukhumvit Road and introduce you to some of the best local spots in the city.

#17 Japanese Vegan Ramen Tour

Tokyo, Japan
Tour duration: 2 hours
Learn all about this traditional dish while sampling four different kinds of it! You’ll sample everything from bold and nutty flavors to light and creamy at a Shibuya ramen restaurant specializing in Hokkaido ramen. Check out this Tokyo vegan foodie night tour if you want more than ramen.

Vegan Food Tour in Israel

#18 Tel Aviv Vegan Culinary Tour

Tel Aviv, Israel
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
Tel Aviv is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world, and this tour will help you see why! Your local foodie guide will take you to three vegan hot spots, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal while learning all about the city and its vegan scene. 

Vegan Food Tours in Mexico 

#19 Mexican Vegan Eats Walking Tour

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Tour duration: 3 hours
Take a break from the beach and check out the best vegan tacos and ceviche in Playa del Carmen. This tour will take you off the beaten path and give you another perspective on Mexican cuisine while checking out a traditional market. 

#20 Mexico City Vegan & Vegetarian Adventure

Mexico City
Tour duration: 4 hours
Mexico City has become a foodie capital, and this tour will help you find the best authentic vegan eats. Instead of visiting fancy spots, you’ll check out family-run places off the beaten path — spots you won’t find in guidebooks. During the tour, you’ll sample what’s promised to be the best horchata, tacos al pastor, mole de setas, tortas de milanesa, and more.

#21 Vegan Tour of Tulum

Tulum, Mexico
Tour duration: 4 hours
Explore all of the veggie eats in the bohemian beach town. You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the best local veganized Mexican food while checking out street art and learning about the customs and history of the city. The tour is only available Monday – Saturday.

South America Vegan Food Tour

#22 Peruvian Vegan Tour 

Lima, Peru
Tour duration: 4 hours
Wander through Peru’s Barranco neighborhood and visit eight local restaurants to taste test 14 fantastic Peruvian vegan dishes. In between the tasty bites, the local guide will provide a little history and point out other must-see sights. 

Vegan Food Tour Tip

When you’re looking for vegan tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, and more, head to Viator and/or Get Your Guide and search for vegan tours — you might be surprised by the number of options that come up!

Many of the experiences have reviews, so you can read about the experience that other travelers have had, but if it doesn’t, scroll to the bottom and click “see more” in the additional information box. A box should pop up, and in the bottom left corner, it should list the company that operates the tour. Now, you can Google that company and see if you can find more information.

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