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11 Seattle Vegan Restaurants to Visit in 2024 From a Local

Full disclosure, I’m not a true vegan. Sure, I came of age as a young adult in Portland, around tons of friends who were veggies and vegans, but the plant-based lifestyle has been an acquired taste for me over the years.

Although I’ve always loved anything made with chickpeas, I fell accidentally into becoming a pescatarian about three years ago when the doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor to manage creeping cholesterol. I didn’t want to depend on a pill for the rest of my life, so I embarked on a health journey focused around plants in my diet — and it worked.

It truly helps that Seattle is a place where fresh, local, and quality ingredients are valued. Today, my diet depends heavily on plant-based foods, but seafood, and a few pieces of bacon sneak in very sparingly.

All this to say my palette requires a pretty high standard for vegan cuisine, as I measure it up to everything else on the menu in Seattle. So, the list below offers a great lineup of vegan restaurants in Seattle that every type of foodie will enjoy.

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Is Seattle Vegan-Friendly?

Seattle is incredibly vegan-friendly! Virtually any decent restaurant in and around Seattle offers vegan options — especially with the growing popularity of Beyond and Impossible meat. For example, Homegrown’s smashed chickpea sandwich, Rocket Taco’s sweet potato, and black bean burrito and Bamboo Sushi’s Vegan Pho are outstanding options that I scarf down very regularly (these are not billed as vegan/vegetarian restaurants).

Even in more remote areas, not too far from Seattle, like Lake Crescent Lodge at Olympic National Park, I’ve enjoyed vegan meatloaf that was delicious!

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

If you’re in need of more than just 10 fantastic spots to check out, don’t miss the full vegan travel guide to Seattle — it’s jam-packed with everything a veggie-loving visitor needs.

#1 The Harvest Beat

1711 N 45th, Seattle WA
This is the restaurant to check out for the most sophisticated vegan food in Seattle. Their mission honors utilizing local farms, with one five-course seating most nights, featuring a fixed menu to cut out waste of food that isn’t ordered. My last experience included beet poke sprinkled with seaweed and pepitas that rocked my world, as well as tender melt-in-your-mouth ravioli and carrot cake with wild foraged huckleberry frosting. The Wallingford neighborhood establishment also serves a simpler lunch menu that is outstanding.

Harvest Beat Vegan Pasta Seattle

#2 Plum Bistro

1429 12th Ave, Seattle WA
Iconic black-owned and operated establishment in the heart of Seattle’s popular Capitol Hill neighborhood. The Plum brand has branched out into a few other shops that serve varieties of vegan fare, but the original restaurant is the place to go for excellent food and a dining experience complete with craft cocktails. All the offerings are excellent, but the mac-and-cheese is particularly mouth-watering. Main article image is courtesy of Plum Bistro.

vegan spicy tofu layered ontop of veggies on a white plate with other dishes blurred in the background at plum bistro in seattle

#3 Pi Vegan Pizzeria

5301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA
I’ve always been a fan of Hawaiian style pizza, and this vegan version measures up to the best of them in Seattle — rich and tangy red sauce combined with a fluffy crust. Their mac-and-cheese ties with Plum for the best vegan version in Seattle. Can’t go wrong here.

Pi Vegan Pizzaria Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

#4 Wayward Vegan Café

801 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115
A longstanding fixture in Seattle’s vegan community, with a broad menu. Brunch here is lovely and the sandwiches are tasty. The perfect blend of crunch and flavor of the club sandwich is a delight to eat. This restaurant is located a few blocks from beautiful Green Lake — on a nice day, it makes for a great outing to dine on yummy vegan fare and then stroll around the picturesque lake.

Wayward Vegan Cafe Seattle Brunch

#5 Araya’s Place

3 locations in the Seattle area
Seattle is known for abundant Thai food that can’t go wrong but taking it the extra vegan step brings about some fun for the palette. Try the vegan satay with delicious peanut sauce or their veganized Pad Thai.

Vegan Pho Seattle

#6 Kati Vegan Thai

1190 Thomas St., Seattle WA
Another great Thai option, in the South Lake Union area of town. Inventive food that emits the feeling of freshness. The cauliflower bombs are the bomb, with a great spicy zing that packs a punch.

bowl of vegan thai noodles with chopsticks on a wooden table in seattle
Credit: Kati Vegan Thai

#7 Cafe Flora

2901 E Madison St., Seattle WA 98112
This was one of the first restaurants (full disclosure, this is a vegetarian restaurant) I ever enjoyed when moving to Seattle in 2011. The atmosphere feels like dining in a garden house adjacent to a palace. The full-service joint can make almost everything on the menu vegan. A solid place that’s known for great food and ambiance. Also, don’t miss their massive, icing covered cinnamon rolls in the morning! They also have a location inside of the SeaTac airport!

two white oval plates next to each other with vegan plantain brekfast tostadas and a vegan scramble with golden potatoes at cafe flora in seattle

#8 Vegan Bowl Factory

213 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
Delicious concoctions of Indian-inspired flavors with dahl, naan, and the works. Spiced potato medallions are fun to eat, and I love the Dahl Mellow Yellow. Unless bland food is the plan, starting at medium-hot for spice is essential — the bold and brave can push on to the punch “Indian-hot” has to offer.

#9 Vital Creations

3601 Fremont Ave N Suite 207, Seattle, WA 98103
Right around the corner from the iconic Fremont Troll you’ll find this unfussy, fast-casual vegan spot focusing on all of the vital things — good coffee and healthy comfort food! Breakfast is available all day and features colorful smoothie bowls and toast but what really stands out here are their epic burgers. First-time visitors should really try their Smash Burger made with a veggie packed house-made patty and loaded with all the fixin’s! They also have decadent treats from Askatu Bakery, so make sure you save room!

Delicious Vegan Fast-Food Restaurants in Seattle

There are plenty of great vegan restaurants in Seattle, but if you’re looking for something quick, check out these two!

#10 Next Level Burger

Any restaurant embedded inside a Whole Foods can’t be bad, right? This is a small plant-based burger chain with stores in Portland, Austin, New York, and California. The nuggets taste just like childhood memories of McDonald’s and the shakes, especially the Oreo, are delicious. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

giant vegan burger loaded with melted cheese, lettuce, and a golden onion ring held with one hand over a tray at next level burger in seattle

#11 Veggie Grill

Great for peckish needs while wandering around University Village — a fun outdoor mall area. They have a Reuben sandwich that is delicious, and the experience is friendly and fresh. You can also find veggie-packed salads and bowls. Their menu has a great diversity of options!

Seattle Vegan Map

Need help finding these spots and more? I’ve created this handy veggie-focused Google Map just for you!

google map with all of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in seattle marked

Vegan-Friendly Seattle Hotel Suggestion

The Sound Hotel

2120 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
This modern hotel is located between downtown Seattle and Capitol Park, putting it in the perfect location to explore Seattle! Aside from having the perfect location, it’s also vegan-friendly! Veggie visitors can enjoy multiple vegan breakfast options at the onsite restaurant and snacks from their grab and go café.

Book Your Room
modern guestroom with white and gray mural behind a king bed with white and gray linen at the sound hotel in seattle
Credit: The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

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