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8 Spots for Vegan Food in Munising & Marquette

Updated February 29, 2024

Truth be told, I am a life-long Michigander (except for a couple of departures) but have never spent any significant time in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula until 2021. I had heard about the flawless beauty of Lake Superior and the abundant forests untouched by humans and thought, “But what in the world am I going to eat?”

People would go on and on about the natural beauty of the U.P. and all I could think about was how I was going to starve in towns that pride themselves on their hunting prowess and proudly display their trophies in their dining halls.

Well lucky for me, (and maybe you?) starvation didn’t occur and I got to enjoy the gorgeous turquoise waters that beckon visitors from across the state and beyond.

If you’re in need of a beautiful adventure, consider visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Before you go, check out these spots for vegan food in Munising and Marquette!

Why Go to Munising & Marquette

Munising and Marquette are two great spots to base yourself to explore miles of hiking trails, countless waterfalls, and the beauty of Lake Superior. If you want to explore The Pictured Rocks National Shoreline, then Munising and the surrounding area is the best place to stay. Marquette is a little larger town with a cute downtown area and it also offers great outdoor adventure. Don’t miss Sugarloaf Mountain or Presque Isle while you’re there.

As far as where to find vegan food in Munising and Marquette goes, let’s cut to the chase and see where you should eat…

The Best Spots for Vegan food in Munising

Munising is a small town; I was honestly thrilled to find more than one option for vegan food! Do note that depending on the time of year, opening hours can fluctuate. It’s always best to check before you go. And if you end up in a bind, there are two grocery stores in town. 

#1 Falling Rocks Café & Bookstore

104 E Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862
At the door, you’re greeted with multiple signs declaring “vegan and gluten-free food!” I was psyched, I didn’t expect to find more than black coffee. This small café is doing double duty—a full-service café on one side and on the other, a charming bookshop filled to the brim with loads of reading material.  Whether you’re in the mood for a thriller or a cute children’s story—they’ve got it. Back on the café side, start your day with an almond milk latte or a fruit smoothie with almond milk yogurt. At lunch, come back for their special sweet potato quinoa burger on a pretzel bun. Their grab-n-go cooler seemed to always be stocked with vegan and gluten-free cookies as well as chocolate almond milk, local kombucha, and more. The staff is also happy to help answer questions and veganize anything they can. 

#2 Driftwood Deli

231 E Superior St, Munising, MI 49862
After a very long hike, we rushed here hoping that they would be open and that there was something we could eat, and thankfully we succeeded! The bright café has a small veggie-friendly menu, that includes a Beyond burger (minus the cheese) on ciabatta (gluten-free bread is available) served with their house-made pretzels. Aside from the burger, you can also load up on sweet potato chips, fresh fruit, and one of their Lake Superior-themed fruit smoothies. Don’t miss checking out their selection of pickled veggies and other locally produced treats while you wait for your order.  


#3 Pictured Rocks Pizza

106 Birch St, Munising, MI 49862
There are a couple of pizzerias in town, but Pictured Rocks Pizza is the only one serving up vegan cheese for their pizza pies! These aren’t boring slices of basic cheese—build your own creative ‘za or choose their veggie delight loaded with just about every veggie under the sun. The pizzas are cooked to perfection in their wood-fired oven creating the best crust in town. You can call ahead or just walk right in to get your hands on one of these pies. One note, pizza isn’t available by the slice, only as a 12” hand-tossed pie.  They also offer a 10” gluten-free crust. 

pictured rocks pizza Munising

#4 Miners Pasty Kitchen

100 W Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862
You will see quite a few signs for pasties throughout the U.P., but finding a vegan option is rare! Pasties are buttery pastries filled with meat and veggies that were popular with Cornish miners in the 1800s for their ability to fuel hard laborious activities. These meat-filled pies (with an occasional veggie and cheese) are generally off-limits for vegans to try. Luckily at Miners in Munising, you can sink your teeth into a vegan version filled with root vegetables, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli stuffed in a vegetable crust. This little shop also serves ice cream and has a non-dairy Italian Ice option. 

Just an hour from Munising is the town of Marquette, offering up a few more spots for delicious vegan food.

The Best Spots for Vegan food in Marquette

#5 Bodega

517 N 3rd St, Marquette, MI 49855
This LGBTQ-women-owned business is cooking up everything from scratch using mostly local ingredients from farms throughout Michigan. While there isn’t a vegan section on the menu, it is well marked for items that can be made vegan or are vegan, making your hunt to find safe food much easier! Breakfast can be enjoyed with a hot bowl of winter grain oatmeal (perfect for a snowy U.P. morning) or a hearty El Zorro burrito (with a few modifications). And what’s even better, breakfast is served all day! If you’re looking to skip over breakfast, check out their house-made Orbit Pesto burger (lentil grain burger topped with pesto, greens, tomato, and Thai garlic dressing) or their Que Pasa tacos (two tacos filled with sweet potatoes, black beans, peppers, and cilantro lime slaw). Also, both of these items are gluten-free!

#6 Delft Bistro

139 W Washington St, Marquette, MI 49855
Right on the main drag in town, this spot is set in an old movie theatre making it a unique place to enjoy the fresh flavors of their locally inspired dishes. Their menu of eclectic flavors will take a little work to veganize, but you can make a delicious dinner out of a mix of beets drizzled with balsamic reduction (minus the goat cheese), hand-cut fries, and their house-made falafel (minus the tzatziki). 

#7 Baby Cakes

223 W Washington St, Marquette, MI 49855
Finally, we found a spot for sweets! You can’t miss this vibrant red café and bakery and you won’t want to miss it once you taste their deliciously addictive granola and treats. Their menu features a mix of desserts, muffins, and grab-n-go sandwiches, and there are always vegan options! If they have it, don’t miss their gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip muffin, it pairs perfectly with a maple oat latte! For lunch, grab a Roasted with Love sandwich—all your favorite roasted veggies with garlic vegan mayo on delicious fresh bread. For your caffeine needs, be sure to also check out all their staff favorite drink options from a blueberry and lavender tea with coconut milk to a chai with raspberry syrup, you’re bound to find something to enjoy.  

#8 Marquette Food Co-Op

502 W Washington St, Marquette, MI 49855
While this isn’t a restaurant it is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or stock your cooler with vegan-friendly essentials! Over in their deli, they feature a selection of made-to-order sandwiches including a vegan breakfast (marinated tofu, spicy adobo mayo, tomato, spinach, roasted balsamic veggies, on a whole wheat bun) or you can create your own sandwich. They also have a small salad bar along with other pre-made salads, sides, and desserts. This is the perfect one-stop vegan shop for all your eating needs!

If you run out of vegan food to enjoy in Munising and Marquette, consider extending your Michigan adventure to the Lower Peninsula’s northern town of Traverse City! If you go be sure to check out my Traverse City vegan guide, two day vegan itinerary, as well as my guide to vegan wines in Northern Michigan!

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