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12 Eco-Friendly Hotels to Book in Copenhagen for a Green Getaway

Copenhagen, a city renowned for its progressive approach to sustainability and environmental consciousness, offers a range of eco-friendly accommodations that promise a luxurious stay and contribute to a greener future. This bustling city is more than just a hotspot for stunning views and delectable pastries — it’s a sustainability superhero in the world of travel.

Travelers seeking responsible and eco-conscious lodging are spoiled for choice, with hotels committed to reducing their environmental footprint while providing top-notch hospitality. Here’s a curated list of eco-friendly hotels in the green city of Copenhagen.

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What Makes Copenhagen an Eco-Friendly City?

The Danish government is on a mission to promote plant-based eating and sustainable practices for the sake of the planet. Copenhagen stands out as a sustainable city due to its holistic and innovative approach to eco-friendliness across various aspects of life. The commitment to reducing its environmental impact is evident in multiple initiatives. Notably, its advanced bicycle infrastructure encourages cycling as the primary mode of transport, reducing car emissions significantly.

Copenhagen’s dedication to renewable energy is remarkable — it aims to become carbon neutral by 2025, emphasizing wind power and district heating systems. The city’s urban planning prioritizes green spaces with accessible parks and sustainable architecture. Additionally, Copenhagen promotes a culture of waste reduction and recycling, creating a circular economy.

This commitment to green policies extends to its restaurants, where organic, locally sourced food is readily available. Denmark is progressively moving toward plant-based diets as part of its action plan to combat climate change and improve public health. The Danish government has actively supported initiatives that encourage consuming plant-based foods, making it the talk of the town. It has implemented several measures to make these options more accessible and appealing to the general public.

Schools, public institutions, and hospitals have increased the availability of plant-based meal options to promote healthier and more environmentally friendly eating habits. Additionally, the government has launched campaigns and educational programs to inform citizens about the benefits of reducing meat consumption as a win-win for your health and the planet. These initiatives make Denmark the first country to develop a plant-based action plan.

This commitment and these initiatives make Copenhagen a great city to travel to if you’re passionate about sustainability and the benefits a plant-based lifestyle brings. There are even multiple vegan-friendly hotels and restaurants to choose from when visiting.

Eco-Friendly Hotels Prioritizing the Environment and Community in Copenhagen

Denmark is a leading nation when it comes to innovation and sustainability, meaning there’s no shortage of options when looking for environmentally friendly accommodation. Here’s a list of some of the best eco-friendly hotels to book in Copenhagen.

#1 Scandic Hotels

Vester Søgade 6, 1602 København
Scandic Hotels is a leading hotel chain in the Nordics, recognized for its robust sustainability initiatives. Its hotels in Copenhagen embody a commitment to minimizing its impact on the environment. They employ various eco-friendly practices, such as reducing energy consumption, limiting waste, and sourcing local and organic produce for their restaurants.

Scandic Spectrum, located in København, even boasts a sustainable restaurant — Ansvar. You can enjoy a fully plant-based dining experience here. It has a three-course plant-based dinner menu and even hosts “Vegan Wednesdays,” featuring a five-course plant-based meal for the price of three courses. This way, you don’t have to miss out on dessert. Ansvar’s dishes focus on vegetables, legumes, and mushrooms to show guests how tasty vegan meals can be.

Additionally, 40 rooms are wheelchair accessible and 20 are pet-friendly. Its other chains even offer allergy-friendly rooms.

Eco Certification:

  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel
green vegetable soup at the vegan friendly restaurant Ansvar in the scandic spectrum hotel in copenhagen
Credit: Scandic Spectrum

#2 Manon Les Suites

Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 København V
Who needs a red carpet when you’ve got a green one? Manon Les Suites boasts a unique concept of sustainable luxury, making it one of the best eco-friendly hotels to book in Copenhagen. It’s designed with sustainability in mind and embraces a holistic approach to eco-friendly hospitality. Manon Les Suites offers an upscale yet environmentally responsible stay, from using natural materials in construction to its energy-efficient systems and commitment to recycling and waste reduction.

It offers Green Key-certified accommodation, meaning the rooms provide a healthier environment with less risk of allergic reactions. Cleaning products contain fewer chemicals and ventilation is a top priority.

Its restaurant offers gluten-free and vegan options on request. Options include green curry, strawberry sorbet, tomato salad, kimchi, and jasmine rice. It also offers vegan versions of popular dishes like ceviche and steak tartare.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Globe
  • Green Key
  • EcoCert
  • Get2Sport
  • Prolana
  • 90%-100% organic food
  • GreenSign
  • Fairtrade
lush garden space surrounding a pool at the eco friendly copengahen hotel manon les suites
Credit: Manon Les Suites

#3 Carlton — 66 Guldsmeden

Vesterbrogade 66, 1620 København
Welcome to the boutique hotel where eco is the new black. Carlton — 66 Guldsmeden, part of the Guldsmeden Hotels, takes pride in its sustainability efforts. This boutique hotel is all about using organic, locally sourced materials and focusing on reducing its carbon footprint. Its dedication to sustainability extends from energy-efficient lighting to organic toiletries and ethical food sourcing.

As part of the Guldsmeden Group, it offers the same gluten-free and plant-based options as Manon Les Suites.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Globe
  • Green Key
  • EcoCert
  • Get2Sport
  • Prolana
  • 90%-100% organic food
  • GreenSign
  • Fairtrade
inside of the garden dining space at 66 carlton in copengahen
Credit: 66 Carlton

#4 Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 København K
Talk about a historic makeover with an eco-twist! The Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is nestled in a historic warehouse by the waterfront and blends its historic charm with modern-day sustainability. This luxury, five-star hotel emphasizes eco-friendly practices such as energy-saving technology, waste reduction, and promoting a culture of environmental responsibility among its guests and staff.

The Admiral Hotel has phased out single-use plastics and instead purchases 100% biodegradable products. The restaurant uses local, seasonal, and organic products and portions meals for the number of guests so no food goes to waste. Additionally, it sorts through garbage to recycle materials like glass and plastic.

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly menus are available on request.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key
guest suite at the admiral hotel in copenhagen decorated with neutral colors and natural fabrics and large exposed wood beams in the ceiling
Credit: Admiral Hotel

#5 Hotel SP34

Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København
Hotel SP34 proves going green can be stylish. This hotel is committed to sustainability while offering a trendy and modern experience. It emphasizes eco-friendly materials in its design and focuses on energy efficiency. The hotel also promotes local and organic products in its dining options, ensuring guests enjoy a sustainable and chic stay.

One of its main priorities is reducing energy consumption by 5%-7% by 2025. All electricity is 100% renewable, using Danish wind power. Hotel SP34 is currently phasing out single-use plastics and providing 90%-100% organic breakfasts.

Its burger and cocktail restaurant, Cocks and Cows, boasts an extensive selection of vegan options, including creamy avocado toast, plant-based burgers with plenty of toppings and an Asian salad. Its Nordic restaurant, Vækst, offers a vegetarian-friendly green menu. Lastly, its cafe-style restaurant, DIN NYE VEN, provides plenty of plant-based options on its comprehensive menu, including sandwiches and salads.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key
the bright and light filled breakfast room with wood tables and strands of lights at hotel sp34 in copenhagen
Credit: Hotel SP34 Jonah Samyn, Blink Production

#6 Zoku Copenhagen

Amagerfælledvej 108, 2300 København
This is the place to be if communal living and eco-friendliness are your vibe! Zoku Copenhagen, well-known for its innovative living concept, integrates sustainable practices into its design. Zoku encourages a minimalistic lifestyle and saves the planet at the same time. The hotel promotes communal spaces, prioritizes minimalism, and implements various energy-saving measures to reduce environmental impact.

Other sustainable practices include sourcing 70% of its produce from local sources, banning single-use plastics since 2021, and focusing on becoming carbon neutral.

The restaurant is largely plant-based and provides a buffet-style breakfast, offering fresh fruits, homemade bread, jams, avocado toast, and cereals. The lunch menu changes daily, usually consisting of salads and plant-based protein options.

Eco Certifications:

  • Certified B Corp.
inside of an xl loft room thats modern with large windows and light accents at the eco friendly hotel zoku copenhagen
Credit: Zoku Copenhagen Ewout Huibers

#7 Arp Hansen Hotel Group

The Arp Hansen Hotel Group operates 12 hotels in Copenhagen, all committed to eco-friendly practices. These hotels prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable operations, ensuring a comfortable and environmentally responsible stay for their guests.

The hotel group focuses on waste sorting, organic procurement, sustainable transport, and responsible consumption. It uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as benchmarks to strive toward environmental responsibility.

Its breakfast restaurants provide many vegan-friendly options, including baked beans, fresh fruits, homemade bread, vegan cheese, vegetables, spreads, and cereals. Other plant-based options include veggie burgers, vegetable sushi, and salads.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key
  • The Organic Cuisine Label
  • Refood
  • Green Power
  • The Danish Organic Label
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Elis
  • The 5 Stars

The following four hotels are part of the Arp Hansen Hotel Group:

#8 Copenhagen Island Hotel

Kalvebod Brygge 53, 1560 København
This place knows just how to make sustainability look cool. Copenhagen Island Hotel prides itself on environmental responsibility initiatives, incorporating green technologies and eco-friendly measures. The hotel offers a comfortable and environmentally conscious experience, emphasizing reducing water and energy consumption.

The hotel prioritizes efficiency by using energy-saving lighting and smart climate control systems, alongside a commitment to renewable power like wind and solar. Water conservation measures are evident throughout the premises through efficient irrigation systems and water-saving fixtures.

Waste reduction and recycling efforts are emphasized, ensuring proper sorting and responsible disposal practices, minimizing single-use plastics, and encouraging a circular economy.

The hotel’s restaurant, The Harbour, offers vegetarian options, including beetroot steak, nachos, mixed salad, vegetable salad, and fettuccine. Breakfast is a buffet-style spread with fruits, bread, pastries, and cereals.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key
  • Green Power
  • The Organic Cuisine Label
  • Refood
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • The Danish Organic Label
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Elis
  • The 5 Stars
the facade of the Copenhagen island hotel at night all lit with warm lights
Credit: Copenhagen Island Hotel

#9 Wakeup Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen implements various sustainable practices throughout its operations. This budget-friendly hotel prioritizes sustainability without compromising on quality and comfort for its guests, including energy-efficient lighting and waste reduction strategies.

The breakfast restaurant provides plenty of plant-based options like homemade bread, organic coffee, fresh fruits and fruit juices, jams, and cereals. There are no lunch or dinner restaurants, but various restaurants near the hotel, including Sticks ‘n Sushi, Asian Wagamama, and Tivoli Brasserie, provide plant-based dishes.

Eco Certifications:

  • Fairtrade
  • The Organic Cuisine Label
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Meyers
inside of a modern and simple guest room at wakeup copengahen with white walls and bright accents
Credit: Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgade

#10 71 Nyhavn Hotel

Nyhavn 71, 1051 København
71 Nyhavn Hotel is nestled in the heart of Nyhavn and offers a charming and sustainable stay. This hotel preserves the historical elements of the building while embracing modern eco-friendly practices and is dedicated to energy efficiency and waste reduction. Entering this hotel is like stepping into a historical time machine with a sustainable twist and contemporary elements.

It serves breakfast in the old warehouse cellar, with decor dating back to the 1800s. A Danish buffet-style breakfast includes open-faced sandwiches, traditional pastries, homemade fruit shots and smoothies, fairtrade tea, and coffee, overnight oats, muesli, Danish rolls, and spreads.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key
inside of a rustic guestroom with wood beams and natural accents at the eco friendly nyhavn hotel in copenhagen
Credit: 71 Nyhavn Hotel

#11 Hotel Mayfair

Helgolandsgade 3, 1653 København
Hotel Mayfair is yet another accommodation in Copenhagen that has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. It aligns with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s dedication to responsible and green initiatives.

The hotel focuses on several sustainable practices to reduce its environmental impact. This includes prioritizing energy efficiency by using electricity-saving lighting, implementing smart climate control systems, and monitoring and optimizing power consumption throughout the property.

Water conservation is also a key area of emphasis, with measures to reduce consumption through water-saving fixtures and responsible usage practices. Waste reduction and recycling efforts include utilizing sorting and disposal systems, minimizing single-use plastics, and promoting a circular economy.

Hotel Mayfair sources local, sustainable, and organic products for its dining options and guest amenities. These efforts align with its broader sustainability goals, guaranteeing a comfortable stay for guests while prioritizing eco-friendly practices.

It also offers bicycle renting services and a buffet breakfast with freshly baked sourdough, preserves, and fruit. Vegan options are available on request.

Eco Certifications:

  • Green Key

#12 Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Copenhagen

Amager Boul. 70, 2300 København
Radisson Blu is in the city center and has a global Responsible Business program focused on social and environmental responsibility. While specific eco-initiatives vary across properties, the Copenhagen location emphasizes various sustainable practices. It’s got sustainability down to an art.

It focuses on energy efficiency by using LED lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and energy-saving appliances to reduce electricity consumption. Water conservation is also a focus, achieved by installing low-flow fixtures and promoting responsible usage throughout the hotel.

It also focuses on waste reduction and reducing carbon emissions. It has a linen reuse program, uses green cleaning products, and has phased out single-use plastics.

Its Italian restaurant, Filini, offers vegan gnocchi and roasted cauliflower. The Thai restaurant, Blue Elephant, provides vegetarian versions of traditional dishes.

Eco Certifications:

  • Sustainable Stays verified on Hotel Sustainability Basics
  • Certified by a leading hotel eco-label

Travel Sustainably

Copenhagen sets a high standard for sustainable living, and these eco-friendly hotels showcase its commitment to environmental responsibility. Whether you’re seeking luxury, comfort, or affordability, these accommodations prioritize sustainability without compromising quality, offering a responsible and enjoyable stay in this vibrant city.

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