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Perfect Warsaw Vegan Guide: Restaurants, Sights, & More

Before embarking on our Poland vegan adventure, we were given unsolicited advice, “You can skip Warsaw; it’s nothing but another city.” Like with so much unsolicited advice, we ignored it, continued with our plans, and ended up loving Warsaw!

The city is an exciting mix of new and old, and it’s crazy to think that, at one time, this city was almost decimated during WWII. Before we went, I thought for sure I’d have to eat a lot of potatoes and prepped my snack bag accordingly. I was wrong; the vegan food scene in Warsaw is alive and well — get ready to eat!

This Warsaw vegan guide is filled with vegan restaurants, bakeries, things to do, and much you! You’ll find everything you could possibly need to plan your vegan getaway. One last thing, if you’re feeling anxious about traveling as a vegan, check out my vegan travel tips!

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warsaw Old Town

Euros are not widely accepted in Poland, they continue to use their own national currency the złoty. Make sure you exchange some cash before you go!

Is Warsaw Vegan-Friendly?

Oh my gosh, heck yes, Warsaw is super vegan-friendly — it even beat my expectations! I thought I might find just a couple of vegan restaurants and some sorbet, but I was dead wrong! In Warsaw, you will find many vegan and vegetarian restaurants serving diverse food, vegan bakeries, ice cream, and more! Your biggest problem will be how you’re going to eat all of it!

The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Warsaw

Get ready to enjoy a diverse selection of vegan food in Warsaw! You’ll find everything from traditional Polish cuisine to Tex-Mex and flaky pastries.

Vege Miasto

aleja “Solidarności” 60A, 00-240 Warszawa, Poland
This is one of the best places to enjoy vegan Polish specialties and other globally inspired-dishes! Do not leave without getting dessert — it will be hard to choose just one!

Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

Multiple locations throughout WarsawIf you love burgers, you’re in luck because these are not only tasty, but there are also multiple locations throughout the city! Their menu features a complete lineup of burgers and salads, and in case you need it, they have a list of possible food allergens on their website and onsite.

Tel Aviv Urban Food

Poznańska 11, 00-680 Warszawa, Poland
This Middle Eastern spot serves up a complete vegan lineup of favorites like falafel, moussaka, gyros, and hummus, along with many other Middle Eastern-inspired dishes.

beautiful spread of vegan middle eastern food at tel aviv cafe in warsaw
Credit: Tel Aviv Urban Food

Youmiko Vegan Sushi

Hoża 62, 00-680 Warszawa, Poland
Calling all sushi lovers! Don’t miss this terrific vegan Japanese spot in central Warsaw. Their menu features creative sushi rolls and savory bowls — make sure you try the plum wine too!

a blue and black plate held filled with six vegan sushi rolls held above other japanese fare at youmiko in warsaw
Credit: Youmiko Vegan Sushi

Edamame Vegan Sushi

Wilcza 11, 00-538 Warszawa, Poland
Another vegan sushi spot in Warsaw! You probably didn’t expect that! Edamame was the first vegan sushi spot to open up and delight customers with a colorful mix of sushi rolls (don’t miss the purple rice rolls) and small plates.

bright pink and green vegan sushi rolls on a wood platter at edamame in warsaw
Credit: Edamame Vegan Sushi

Mango Vegan Street Food

Żelazna 58/62, 00-866 Warszawa, Poland
This vegan spot has an extensive menu of globally inspired cuisine, from poke bowls to pizza! If you have a picky eater in your group, this might be a great place to go for a great diversity of options.

w round bowl filled with leafy greens, hummus, and other veggies next to bread and soup at mango street food in warsaw
Credit: Mango Vegan Street Food

Lokal Vegan Bistro

Krucza 23/31, 00-525 Warszawa, Poland
For diners who feel like they need something meaty, don’t pass up Lokal! Their menu features everything from vegan tartare to BBQ ribs!

a plate of golden fried vegan fish sticks and fries on a blue plate from lokal in warsaw
Credit: Lokal Vegan Bistro

Vege Kiosk

Krucza 51, 00-548 Warszawa, Poland
This small vegan spot is part vegan market and part café! Grab an order of house-made pierogi and check out some of their bottled products and other treats to take with you.


Poznańska 16, 00-680 Warszawa, Poland
For Tex-Mex-inspired vegan eats, there is no better place in Warsaw to go than Momencik! Their menu features giant burritos, crispy tacos, and more.

a white plate filled with three vegan corn tacos topped with pickles onions and slaw from momencik in warsaw
Credit: Momencik

The Botanist

Ordynacka 13, 00-364 Warszawa, Poland
Everything is absolutely gorgeous — your camera will definitely want to eat first! The globally-inspired menu has a little bit of everything — spicy Korean BBQ cauliflower, creamy spaghetti carbonara, and of course, Polish favorites like roasted cabbage and pickles!

a gorgeous spread of vegan dishes white include a burger, pasta, salad at the botanist in warsaw
Credit: The Botanist


plac Zbawiciela 5, 00-651 Warszawa, Poland
If you’re worried about delighting the palate of an omnivore, check out this spot. Multiple meat eaters give it rave reviews! You’ll find a great variety of dishes, from roasted seasonal veggies to loaded French fries — definitely something for everyone.

Vegan Ramen Shop

Finlandzka 12 a, 03-903 Warszawa, Poland
It’s probably no surprise that you’ll find bowls of hot, delicious Ramen at this spot! The menu features a great lineup of vegan Japanese fare and even sweet desserts.

a large bowl of vegan ramen filled with an orange broth, yams, and greens at vegan ramen in warsaw
Credit: Vegan Ramen Shop

La Vegana

Zgoda 4, 00-018 Warszawa, Poland
The Asian-inspired eats at this vegan spot will delight your eyes and taste buds! The worst part of visiting is deciding what to eat because you’ll want one of everything, from a terrific lineup of small bowls with crunchy vegan prawns and braised seitan to filling udon; you won’t be disappointed.

Uapami Seitan Burger

Marszałkowska 17, 00-628 Warszawa, Poland
When you’re in the mood for a little vegan junk food, you must come to this fantastic fast food spot! Their menu has veganized all of the junk food faves — burgers, chick’n sandwiches, nuggets, and more. As the name suggests, seitan is the star of many of their options. If you’re gluten-free, this might not be the best stop for you!

a long rectangle box filled with three vegan burgers on a colorful background in warsaw
Credit: Uapami Seitan Burger

Peaches Gastro Girls

Mokotowska 58, 00-536 Warszawa, Poland
It’s clear that this place takes its food seriously but likes to have a lot of fun doing it! You’ll find a unique fusion of flavors and veggie-forward dishes, just save room for one of their irresistible house-made desserts!

Pink Vegan

Browarna 6, 02-311 Warszawa, Poland
This super adorable vegan spot definitely lives up to its name but in the best way ever! The pink walls blend magically with the lush greenery and giant wicker lighting — you’ll want a photo of the food and the place! The Asian-inspired menu (with a little Polish inspiration) literally has just about everything — ramen, endless sushi, creamy curry, and more. Oh, they also serve breakfast!

a colorful vegan noodle bowl with a spicy yellow broth, seaweed, and veggies sitting on a pink table in warsaw
Credit: Pink Vegan


al. Jana Pawła II 41 A/lokal 5a, 01-001 Warszawa, Poland
If you like falafel, come here! This fast casual vegan Middle Eastern spot has a unique lineup of options but one thing you shouldn’t miss is their special çiğ köfte made from walnuts!

Vege Love

Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 85, 02-777 Warszawa, Poland
This quirky little vegan spot has a fun mix of Asian and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. You will find veggie pad Thai, grape leaves, teriyaki noodles, and much more.

a blue bowl with vegan pad thai topped with sprouts on a wood table in warsaw
Credit: Vege Love

Vegan World Kebab

Chmielna 27/31, 00-932 Warszawa, Poland
This fast casual spot has veganized traditional Middle Eastern kebab meat. You can enjoy it in a pita wrap, bowl, salad, and more. The fun doesn’t end there, they’ve got a solid menu of delicious Middle Eastern options and even a couple juicy burgers.

Vegan Breakfast Options in Warsaw

These restaurants offer vegan breakfast options everyday! Some of the other spots in the vegan restaurant lineup also offer brunch on the weekend.

Nancy Lee

Grochowska 282, 03-841 Warszawa, Poland
Every day this charming vegetarian spot serves up loaded toasts, flaky pastries, and specialty coffee to get your day started!

a giant vegan bagel sandwich filled with tofu scramble, greens, and radish at nancy lee in warsaw
Credit: Nancy Lee


plac Thomasa Woodrowa Wilsona 4, 01-638 Warszawa, Poland
They had me at all-day breakfast! Start your day with an irresistible croissant sandwich, yummy toast, and more. They also serve lunch and dinner. 

a vegan omelet filled with veggies next to a green salad and a bottle of juice at jaskolka in warsaw
Credit: Jaskolka

Coco Bowls

Górnośląska 16, 00-432 Warszawa, Poland
This health-conscious vegan spot is all about the bowls! Enjoy a massive selection of granola bowls mixed with fresh fruits and milk, nice cream power bowls, smoothies, and more. If you’re feeling a little sluggish, come here!

two vegan breakfast bowls next to each other on a gray table filled with banana, granola, and fruits at coco bowl in warsaw
Credit: Cocobowls

Vegan Bakeries & Ice Cream in Warsaw

Whether you’re in the mood for a cup of creamy vegan ice cream topped with Oreos or a slice of decadent chocolate cake, you’ll find it in Warsaw.


Hoża 5/7, 00-528 Warszawa, Poland
This fully vegan bakery is a can’t-miss when you’re in Warsaw! Enjoy an outrageous assortment of cakes, pastries, and donuts. They even have gluten-free options.

two slices of vegan cake on a colorful square tiled table next to two cups of coffee at eter in warsaw
Credit: Eter

Slodki Bez

Hoża 54, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland
This cozy vegan-friendly café has a terrific lineup of vegan and even gluten-free cakes!

a large flaky vegan  tarte covered in powered sugar and raspberries and filled with cream from slodki bez in warsaw
Credit: Slodki Bez

BAJA wegańska cukiernia

Solec 85, 00-382 Warszawa, Poland
This charming vegan-friendly bakery has a gorgeous lineup of options — cheesecake, pastries, tarts, and more!

a large square piece of vegan chocolate cake with layer of cream and topped with whipped cream from baja in warsaw
Credit: Baja

Nice Cream Factory

Chmielna 9/5, 00-027 Warszawa, Poland
This vegan-friendly ice cream shop will make your sweet treat right in front of you! You get to be as creative as you want, add in multiple ingredients, and top it with vegan whipped cream!

Vegan-Friendly Hotel in Warsaw

ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto

Muranowska 2, 00-209 Warszawa, Poland
This modern and budget-friendly chain of hotels is always reliable for a comfortable place to stay at a price that won’t break the bank! This location is close to the The Stare Miasto (Old Town) and right by a tram and bus line. It also offers a breakfast buffet in the morning which often has vegan options.

Book Your Stay

What To Do in Warsaw

Take a vegan pierogi making class!

You really can’t visit Poland without sampling a few of their famous dumplings but how about an activity to sample and learn how to make them! Join one of the fabulous cooking classes hosted by Pierogi & More to learn all of the special techniques to create these culinary delicacies. When you book, request vegan options.

Oh, and one more thing! Pierogi & More also offers tasty vegan food tours of Warsaw to ensure you don’t miss any of the best spots.

pierogis sitting on a floured surface during a vegan pierogi making class in warsaw
Credit: Pierogi & More

Explore on your own or take a tour of Old Town (Stare Miastro)

During WWII, 85% of Warsaw’s historic city center was destroyed. After the war, the citizens of Warsaw meticulously rebuilt the city, and today one would never know what happened.  While checking out Old Town, you should also stop at St. Anne’s Church and climb 100 stairs for a great view of the city. It will run you a few bucks, but it’s well worth it.

Old Town

Wander The Royal Route to Łazienki Park

Grab a coffee and take a stroll down the path of kings. It is 11km, so you might not want to walk all of it but just enough to take in the beautiful buildings, parks, churches, monuments, and shops. You can easily grab public transit along the way and end at Warsaw’s largest park, Łazienki. It is full of beautiful gardens, lakes, palaces, monuments, and possibly a squirrel that wants to be your friend. Squirrels have become very accustomed to humans and are very interested in any trail mix you might have. Don’t be surprised if one comes right up to you.

Warsaw Park

Visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum + Mila 18

The museum is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, during which the Polish people tried to unsuccessfully oust German troops and take back control of the city before the Soviets could take control. This was the most significant military effort undertaken by resistance forces against the Germans during WWII. Mila 18 commemorates the site of the headquarters of the Jewish Combat Organization. On May 8, 1943. Nazis found the bunker, some citizens managed to escape, but others committed suicide rather than surrender.

Shop at Hala Gwardii & Hala Mirowska Markets

These two fantastic neighboring markets are considered icons in the food scene in Warsaw. Both markets have weathered invasions, and destruction from war and have managed to emerge to serve the community. Both are great places to grab lunch and a souvenir to take home.

Warsaw Hala Gwardii and Hala Mirowska markets

Buy Polish Pottery

There is no shortage of shops to buy beautiful Polish pottery, but you should be aware that there are fakes! This blog post gives an excellent overview of what to look for, and many shops are happy to explain the differences. The bigger problem is how you will get it home!

beautiful blue and white hand painted polish pottery with blue flowers in the center

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