a dessert case filled with rows of colorful vegan donuts in hamburg

Where to Find Vegan Donuts & Cake in Hamburg

Vegan donuts, and cake, and desserts, oh my! If you’re on a mission to delight your sweet tooth, you’ve hit the jackpot. Hamburg, the bustling port city known for its maritime charm and vibrant culture, has an amazing vegan scene — it’s actually one of my favorite cities in Germany to visit!

I had three full days to explore the deliciousness that Hamburg offers, but it wasn’t enough! I left with a serious case of vegan FOMO.

From cozy corner bakeries to trendy patisseries, there is a treasure trove of vegan treats waiting to be discovered. So, lace up your walking shoes and get out your Google Map because I will send you a memorable sugar-filled adventure!

Vegan Bakeries & Donuts Spots in Hamburg

#1 Kjeks – Vegan Cakehouse

Schanzenstraße 79, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
This charming spot’s bright pink, sprinkled top donut logo acts as a beacon, summoning all vegan donut lovers from far and wide. Even if you weren’t in the mood for a donut, once you pass by and look inside their window, it’s nearly impossible to keep walking! Once you get in there, you’ll be mesmerized by rows of donuts in the most creative flavors — peanut & jelly, bee sting, raspberry cheesecake, carrot & cream, and more!

Even though I’ve led with their fantastic selection of donuts, the sugar fun doesn’t end there; you’ll also find a wide range of colorful mini cakes, brownies, cookies, and gluten-free options like the peanut caramel bar. If you’re gluten-free, you don’t want to skip that peanut caramel bar; I tried just to eat half and save the rest for later — no chance!

a dessert case filled with colorful vegan donuts all in rows at kjeks in hamburg

#2 Brammibal’s Donuts

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
These guys claim to have the best donuts in town, not vegan donuts, the best donuts! Period! That’s a tall order, but you’ll see they aren’t playing around once you look at their lineup. Every month, they bake up a unique selection of flavors to go along with their classics. Depending on when you visit, you might find pistachio cream, lemon tart, passionfruit, and more! On the classic side, you’ll always find Boston cream, strawberry sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, and more. The options are truly endless here!

In addition to creating epic donuts, the team at Brammibal’s also cares deeply about the community. Since opening their shop, they’ve donated over 400,000 euros to various charities working to make the world a more inclusive and sustainable place.

a dessert case filled with colorful vegan donuts all in rows at brammibals in hamburg

#3 Nasch

Caffamacherreihe 49, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
This quirky vegan café is made up of a fun hodgepodge of vintage furniture that creates a welcoming space that you can’t resist wanting to relax in while enjoying a slice of cake! Unlike the first two spots, you won’t find a crazy selection of donuts; this spot has a more traditional lineup of house-made cheesecakes, cakes, croissants, cookies, and more. The quirkiness doesn’t end with the furniture; power rangers and superheroes guard their giant cookies — you know they must be tasty!

#4 Ima Vegan

Lappenbergsallee 36, 20257 Hamburg, Germany
Ooooh la, la! This vegan French-inspired patisserie really knows how to create gorgeous sweets that will knock your socks off! Either tucked inside their dessert case or carefully displayed in glass cake stands, you’ll find an all-star selection of desserts and pastries that you must try. People rave about their golden and ultra-flaky croissants — Ima says they’re probably some of the best in town; you should be the judge!

In addition to croissants, you might also find mini tarts topped with lightly torched meringue, macarons, cheesecake, and more. Whatever you choose, it will all pair perfectly with a sweet chai or latte!

Must-Visit Vegan-Friendly Bakeries & Dessert Spots in Hamburg

#5 Isabella Glutenfreie Patisserie

Alte Oberpostdirektion, Stephanspl. 1-3, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Vegan and gluten-free friends, I am not kidding when I say run, don’t walk to this amazing vegan-friendly and gluten-free bakery — it’s, hands down, incredible! Everyone knows that gluten-free pastries can be challenging, but vegan and gluten-free can be a whole new level of challenge, well, not for the folks here!

The menu and dessert case is super well marked with what’s vegan — I found more things than I could possibly eat in one day (I tried to come back a second time but ran out of time). The treats rotate, but you’ll generally always find vegan croissants, sweet bread, tarts, cakes, and more. They also have a great breakfast menu!

rows of colorful vegan pastries in a dessert case with signs in front of them in hamburg

#6 Luicella’s Ice Cream

Multiple locations throughout Hamburg
This shop’s “wir haben auch Vegane waffleln” sign stopped me dead in my tracks! If you’re unsure why that sign would have stopped me, you’ll be happy to know that it says we have vegan waffles (as in cones)! With a sign like that, I figured I wouldn’t have to settle for just sorbet, and man, was I right! No matter which location you visit, you’ll always find a stellar lineup of ultra-creamy house-made vegan ice creams in fabulous flavors like pistachio, avocado blackberry, cherry banana, dark chocolate, and many more!

#7 Cinnamood Hamburg

Two locations in Hamburg
I walked by this spot probably twice, and both times, I thought, oh, they won’t have vegan options! But on the third time, I decided to look closer, and to my surprise, there wasn’t just one or two vegan options; there were a ton! Their full menu has 11 vegan cinnamon rolls — how’s that for a surprise? This hip, vegan-friendly spot is all about perfecting the art of cinnamon rolls. You can enjoy a classic roll with a lovely cinnamon filling and cream cheese frosting, or go wild! They’ve got so many creative flavor combos, like the cookie dough roll (a traditional cinnamon roll with cream cheese and a giant scoop of cookie dough), Snicka Roll (cinnamon roll with nut nougat cream and topped with cream cheese, peanut cream, & peanuts), and many more.

a large pan of vegan cinnamon rolls with just one missing in hamburg

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