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11 Best Spots for Vegan Brunch & Breakfast in Berlin

Updated April 29, 2024

Berlin is not only one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world but also one of the most vibrant — filled with rich history, art, music, theater, plenty of green space, and much more. With all of that to explore, you must have a great vegan brunch or breakfast spot to fuel all that sightseeing!

Whether you’re looking for perfect plant-based pancakes, hearty tofu scrambles, or mouthwatering vegan pastries, you will find it! This guide covers all of the best vegan and vegan-friendly brunch and breakfast spots throughout Berlin. 

Get ready to indulge and start your day off on the right vegan foot!

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Vegan Restaurants with the Best Brunch Menus in Berlin

No matter the day of the week, you’ll be able to find stellar vegan brunch and breakfast options at these cafes and restaurants in Berlin! 

#1 MANA Restaurant

Merseburger Str. 15, 10823 Berlin, Germany
No matter if it’s Monday or Saturday morning, you can pop into this charming Schöneberg vegan café for a stack of light and fluffy pancakes, hearty avocado, and lox bagel sandwich, or a bowl of sweet house-made granola — there’s really something for everyone! All their brunch favorites are served every day until 5 PM, so no worries about rushing on the weekend! The team behind MANA Restaurant also operates MANA Moabit, which offers a fantastic brunch menu all week.  

a stack of golden vegan pancakes topped with syrup and berries at manna in berlin
Credit: MANA Restaurant

#2 Greenfinch

Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 10, 10407 Berlin, Germany
Important note: As of July 2023, they’re not open on Wednesday & Thursday
You’ll immediately fall in love with this effortlessly cool vegan café —  fluorescent pink sign on a baby pink wall surrounded by a mix of colorful plush chairs surrounding colorful confetti-topped bistro tables. It’s the perfect place to meet friends or pop in and enjoy a latte and a sweet cinnamon roll while catching up on e-mails.

Their brunch menu features the perfect blend of sweet and savory — fruit and fig-topped acai bowls, perfectly grilled lemon chick’n sandwiches, and sinful pastries, but what you can’t miss are their pancakes. These golden baby cakes are topped with house-made whipped cream, maple syrup, berries, and more — they’re almost too pretty to eat!

a mini stack of golden vegan pancake next to a purple smoothie and a grilled sandwich at brunch in berlin
Credit: Greenfinch

#3 Pêle-Mêle

Innstraße 26, 12043 Berlin, Germany
The inspiration for this café comes from its name — Pêle-Mêle, which means “mixed up,” although that can carry a negative connotation, there is nothing even remotely negative here! The mixed-up mindset comes from their interest in featuring a globally-inspired menu to highlight the beautiful cuisines from around the world.

A tantalizing breakfast menu is served all week and features a full English breakfast complete with white beans and toast, along with house-made granola, pastries, and more. On Sunday, you won’t want to miss their giant vegan brunch buffet loaded with fresh salad, scrambled tofu, desserts, and house-made surprises. They say you can eat until your stomach bursts! 

#4 Plant Base

Prenzlauer Allee 208, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Not only is this a terrific place to get your sweet and savory breakfast fix, but it’s also a small bookshop and event space (they host vegan cooking classes, book club events, and more)! All week long, you can wander in here for a jolt of caffeine, along with yummy tofu scramble and toast, fruit-packed acai bowls, breakfast bagel sandwiches, and more!

After breakfast, if you’re in the mood for a treat, you’re in the right place. They also have a fantastic lineup of house-made cakes that rotate regularly — raspberry-topped cheesecake, carrot cake, cupcakes, and more! 

vegan breakfast acai bowl topped with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas next to a juice on a small bistro table at plant base in berlin
Credit: Plant Base

#5 Velicious Café

Lenbachstraße 13B, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Important note: As of July 2023, they’re open Thursday – Sunday.
Right in the heart of Friedrichshain is this quaint little café that is well known for its vegan pastries and cakes but also has a healthy breakfast lineup to help you kick start the day. If you’re in the mood for something savory, check out their Vurst breakfast which comes with two house-made rolls, sausage, tofu, and veggies. If you’re more of a fan of sweet things, you can’t go wrong with a giant bowl of their house-made muesli with fresh fruit or a house-made croissant and jam. 

#6 Café Morgenrot

Kastanienallee 85, 10435 Berlin, Germany
A little unique and counter-culture is an excellent way to describe this vegan café tucked into Berlin’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg. The café operates as a collective, meaning there are no hierarchies among the staff, and everyone’s wages are the same. They’re working to create a space free of hateful and negative speech, where everyone can safely share ideas and culture while enjoying delicious vegan food.

Every Saturday and Sunday, you can roll in here to enjoy their special brunch menu filled with a mix of brunchy faves — spicy Mexican-inspired beans and toast, house-made sausage, mango yogurt, and more. 

vegan tofu scramble with toast and veggies on a green table at cafe morgenrot at brunch in berlin
Credit: Café Morgenrot

#7 Geh Veg

Triftstraße 37, 13353 Berlin, Germany
On a bright and sunny day, there’s nothing better than grabbing a seat on their outdoor patio while enjoying your coffee and planning how to tackle the day. Breakfast is served here every day until 2 PM and features a colorful and delicious assortment of eats — it’s seriously Instagram-worthy. You will want to dive into super cute stacks of pancakes topped with blueberries, figs, and berries, avocado toast, freshly baked pastries, and much more.

vegan breakfast bagel sandwich next to a pink drink at geh veg in berlin
Credit: Geh Veg

#8 Froindlichst

Immanuelkirchstraße 31, 10405 Berlin, Germany
This friendly vegan café was first born to improve the limited vegan options in Hamburg, but with its success, it grew to open a fantastic location in Berlin! The casual spot is well known for its delicious and unpretentious vegan comfort food, which includes a mouthwatering weekend breakfast menu.

You’ll want to roll out of bed early on Saturday and Sunday to head here! You’ll be smitten with their colorful spread of veggie-topped toasts, hearty English breakfast spread with all the fixins’ and cute mini stacks of pancakes topped with plum compote. If you’re in the sharing mood, they’ve got something special for you; check out the Brettina spread, complete with multiple toasts, mini pancakes, tofu scramble, mac-n-cheeze, and much more (you might not want to share it after you see it, there is an option for one person if you don’t want to share)!

vegan brunch platter with avocado toast, pancakes, and tofu scramble at froindlichst in berlin
Credit: Froindlichst

#9 Café Vux

Wipperstraße 14, 12055 Berlin, Germany
Important note: As of July 2023, they’re only open Friday-Sunday
This cozy and welcoming café has a small but tasty lineup to help you start the day — delicious house-made pastries, bagel sandwiches, and a wide selection of specialty coffee drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory breakfast sandwich or a sweet pastry, Café Vux has something to satisfy every craving. The café has a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, making it the perfect place to brunch when you’re not in a rush.

Vegan-Friendly Brunch & Breakfast Spots in Berlin

These two vegetarian cafes have great breakfast and brunch options — one is available all week, and the other is just on the weekend. 

#10 Funk You – Natural Food

Rosenthaler Str. 23, 10119 Berlin, Germany
You can’t miss their bright pink and green sign declaring their love for natural foods! If you’re in a hurry or looking for something packed with antioxidant-fighting superfoods, come here!

In the morning, you can start with various fruit-packed smoothie bowls enhanced with the powers of activated charcoal, vegan protein powder, pink dragon fruit, and topped with house-made granola. Along with the bowls, they have on-the-go cups of peanut butter overnight oats and chia pudding. While the bowls are great, you really can’t miss one of their colorful smoothies — they’ve captured the rainbow from an earthy Princess Leia (apple, avocado, banana, and spinach) to a vibrant Firestarter (beetroot, carrot, ginger, and orange). 

vegan acai bowl topped with bananas and blueberries next to a latte at funk you natural cafe in berlin
Credit: Funk You – Natural Food

#11 Factory Girl

Auguststraße 29c, 10119 Berlin, Germany
This charming vegetarian spot not only knows how to create a relaxing space (probably hoping you’ll stay awhile and order another sweet cinnamon bun) but also creates absolutely gorgeous dishes and pastries — here, your camera eats first! Breakfast is served daily and features an irresistible lineup of vegan options; you might want to try them all (no judgment)!

You can’t go wrong with their savory vegan phyllo borek rolls stuffed with spinach or potatoes, and for something sweet, nothing beats a freshly baked cinnamon roll! If you’re gluten-free, you’ll want to high-tail it here for their golden pancakes topped with vegan cream, marmalade, and fresh fruit.  One more bonus, they also have a vegan-friendly location in Amsterdam!

Brunch Wrap-Up: More Vegan Travel Help

Now that you know all of the great vegan brunch options in Berlin, you might be curious about what else there is to check out. Or, maybe, looking for more vegan travel inspiration. Whatever you’re looking for, I’ve got it!

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