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Vegan Stocking Stuffers: 22 Ways to Deck the Halls with Vegan Joy

Picture this: Santa’s sleigh gliding through a crisp winter night, loaded with vegan toys and treats for all the good little kiddies!  

A vegan Santa would just make for a merrier Christmas, am I right?!

So, whether you’ve (or your friend or loved one) been naughty or nice, get ready for a sleigh full of delectable surprises as I round up what I think are the best vegan stocking stuffers to make your (and your loved ones) holiday season as jolly and cruelty-free as can be!

Also, if you need ideas for a larger present, don’t miss my vegan gift guide! It’s perfect for the holidays, birthdays, house warmings, and more!

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Vegan Stocking Stuffer Shopping Tip!

Looking for something unique and/or want to support local businesses or artists? Check out Etsy! Etsy is filled with a mega mountain of great ideas — just search vegan gift or just vegan and see what comes up!

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The Best Vegan Stocking Stuffers for a Cruelty-Free Christmas

#1 Chocolate & Sweets

I’m kicking off this list with one of my favorite things to receive: CHOCOLATE! There were only a few vegan chocolate and sweets options back in the day, but today, it’s a whole new ballgame! Honestly, I could make this entire list about my favorite vegan chocolate, but I think you’d get bored. So, if you’re stuffing someone’s stocking who has a sweet tooth, check out my favorite creamy chocolates:

Vegan Milk Chocolate – Ultimate Variety of Schmilk®

This vegan milk chocolate is legit! I was never a big milk chocolate lover in my pre-vegan days, but I’m in love with these. They also make peanut butter bites, hazelnut crunch truffles, and more!

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two bars of vegan milk chocolate sitting on a marble counter

UNREAL dark chocolate peanut candies

Move over M&Ms, a delicious, cruelty-free peanut candy has come to town! The brand also has a variety of other chocolatey treats, and if you just can’t decide, you can’t go wrong with their variety pack of sweets! 

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a bowl filled with vegan unreal coconut and chocolate candy bars
Credit: UNREAL

Super Colorful Chocolate Bon Bons

Don’t miss these handmade chocolates if you want something unique and special. If, by some crazy chance, your gift receiver isn’t a chocolate fan but likes candy, you’ve got to get your hands on these!

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Katjes Plant-Based Gummy Candy

These super colorful vegan gummies come in fun shapes featuring unicorns, she-roes, rainbows, and more!

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a store display with bags of vegan gummy candy

#2 Adaptogenic Coffee & Enhancer

Coffee lovers need this! These Chaga Matcha and Chagacinno mixes are enhanced with wild forged shroomy mushrooms to help support immune health, relieve stress, and more. The Chagacinno mix can be added to your coffee, and the Matcha is best added to milk.

Use code VEGGIESABROAD to save 10% off sitewide

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a vegan latte next to a box of adaptogenic vegan mushroom powder sitting on a pink background
Credit: RENUDE

#3 Nutty Nuts from Karma Nuts

Skip the boring, plain cashews and go for these cocoa-dusted, cinnamon-wrapped, or golden turmeric cashews (plus many more sweet and savory flavors)!

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Whether you want to make your loved one cookies or grab a sleeve of Oreos (or maybe check out this cookie/blondie creation from Rule Breakers), you can’t go wrong! 

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vegan cookie/blondie treat in blue packaging being held by someone where bright pink gloves in the wintertime
Credit: Rule Breaker

#5 Bee-Free Honey

There is no need to bug the bees when you can find deliciously sweet handmade vegan honey like this one!

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two jars of amber vegan honey on a wood table next to a yellow flower
Credit: The Vegan Cauldron

#6 Artisanal Vegan Cheese from Vermont

A wheel of vegan pepper jack, cheddar, or Camembert will definitely make you the best stocking gift giver ever!

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#7 A Cup of PositiviTEA from The TeaBook

Fill their cup with various tea blends inspired by under-represented historical and political figures like Frida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and many more! One note: some teas have honey, so just check the label; they’re all well-marked. 

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a cup of watermelon hibiscus frida khalo themed tea from the teabook
Credit: The TeaBook

#8 Veggie Socks

Make ‘em smile with these Livin’ on the Veg socks! Use code XMAS5 to save 5% on orders over £50 (about $62).

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a person wearing white socks that at the top says livin on the veg
Credit: Vegan Outfitters

#9 Cozy Hat & Scarf

Get cozy with a super warm, no-wool winter hat and scarf — this is perfect for someone who has to deal with old man winter. Use code XMAS5 to save 5% on Vegan Outfitters orders over £50 (about $62).

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a gray winter beanie hat with a pom pom made without wool
Credit: Vegan Outfitters

#10 Fun Scrunchies & Hair Accessories

Who knew that giant ’80s scrunchies were coming back? But what’s even better, these colorful scrunchies are the first that are biodegradable and plastic-free! Use code VEGGIESABROAD to save 10% on your order.

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pink and purple hair scrunchies on a white tag
Credit: Earth Hero

#11 Cruelty-Free Nail Polish That Lasts

Finding nail polish that is vegan and cruelty-free but also lasts longer than two days is a challenge, that is until Dazzle Dry came to town! You’ll find a fun array of colors — perfect for anyone on your list!

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mini set of vegan and cruelty nail polish from dazzle dry
Credit Dazzle Dry

#12 Moisturizing Body Butter

Since the Body Shop was founded in the ’70s, it’s been dead set on fighting animal testing and operating in the best way for the community. It’s one of the few major beauty brands that can say it’s 100% cruelty-free because it doesn’t sell its products in China (China requires animal testing — some reports claim that is changing). Over 60% of its products are vegan, some contain beeswax, and they even have an entire line certified by The Vegan Society. 

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a small gift set of vegan almond milk body butter from the body shop in a gift set
Credit: The Body Shop

#13 Soaking Salts

Give the gift of stress relief with these bath salts! These Epsom salts are enhanced with lovely essential oils and dried flowers.

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#14 Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are an excellent gift for the traveler or eco-warrior on your list. A great option is the beautifully wrapped bars from Viori. These bars are created with ancient haircare techniques from the Red Yao Tribe. Use code VEGGIES to save 10% on your order!

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vegan shampoo and conditioner products from viori

#15 Sustainable Safety Razor by Hanni Beauty

Another gift idea for someone looking to be more eco-friendly and ditch plastic! This weighted safety razor is designed to give you the best shave ever! What’s even better, they have up to 90 days to decide if they love it.  

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#16 Handmade Vegan Lip Balm

These handmade lip balms will keep their lips nice and smooth and come in various flavors like mint, horchata, lemonade, and more!

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#17 Silly & Fun Veggie-Powered Stickers & Pins

They can wear their veggie pride on their sleeve, water bottle, laptop case, or just about anywhere with this creative sticker pack or a fun pin!  

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a variety of colorful vegan stickers on a pink background
Credit: Lito Craft

#18 Hail Seitan Ornament

No Christmas tree is fully decked out until it has a hail Seitan ornament on its branch! 

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a pink and red christmas ornament that says hail seitan
Credit: Vegan Power Co.

#19 Customized Phone Grip

This might be one of the best gifts for a pet parent! If you can get a cute or fun photo of their furry friend, you can turn it into a custom phone grip. 

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a photo of an orange cat winking made into a phone grip
Credit: M2Fashion

#20 Cork Passport Holder

For travelers who want to be sustainable and cruelty-free, there’s no better way to protect their passports than in a cork holder!

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#21 Veggie “V” Car Emblem 

Wherever they drive, they can let everyone know a veggie-lover is coming through! It can also be stuck on the outside of a laptop or fridge. 

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a silver vegan
Credit: VisiblyVeg

#22 52 Ways to Say “I’m Vegan”

Every vegan traveler needs these! The pack of cards comes in 52 languages, which translates “I am vegan” and “I do not eat meat, fish, dairy, milk, cheese, eggs, honey, or animal products.” All of the languages have been translated by native speakers.

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a desk of cards that are translated into 52 languages with the phrase I am vegan on it sitting on a marble counter
Credit: Fussy Traveller Club

What Makes Stocking Stuffers Vegan?

Excellent question! Whether you’re new to this vegan thing or purchasing something for a friend or family member, you might wonder, how in the world do I know if it’s vegan!? First things first, something can be considered vegan because it omits animal products and is cruelty-free (not tested on animals). 

a person with a makeup brush next to a bunny's face signifying animal testing

For food, this would mean that the product doesn’t contain any ingredients that come from animals or involve animal exploitation. This includes meat, poultry, fish, dairy (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, lactose, casein, and whey), eggs, honey, gelatin, and other animal-based additives. Most of the time, it’s pretty straightforward, but sometimes food manufacturers add things like shellac, Carmine, beeswax, and other food colorings or additives that aren’t vegan — frustrating, I know. 

For non-food items, like clothing and accessories, avoid things made from leather, wool, silk, fur, and any other animal-derived fabrics (always look at the label or turn to good ole Google if you get stuck).

Sometimes, you’ll hit the vegan jackpot, and the cookie, chocolate, or even a non-food item will be labeled vegan (sometimes on the front of the packing or on the back under the ingredients). This will make your life much easier, but unfortunately, labeling laws (in the US) don’t require companies to disclose if the product is vegan, only if it contains a major allergen (wheat, shellfish, sesame, milk, etc.). 

a pink sticker on a dark background that says donut eat animals

So, if you’re standing dumbstruck in an aisle wondering, is this vegan? You have two options: scan the ingredients (products with fewer ingredients make it easier). If you’re still stuck, turn to Google (again)! A quick search of “Is Hershey’s dark chocolate vegan” (the answer is no), or whatever else you’re wondering, will, nine times out of ten, solve your problem. 

Now that I’ve said all of that, you’re probably thinking, wait a minute, aren’t you giving me a lineup of vegan stocking stuffers so I can avoid this headache? Why, yes, I am! So, let’s get into it and make your shopping adventure as easy as vegan pumpkin pie. 

a brown paper package wrapped with red and white ribbon with a red ornament on top

So, What are The Best Vegan Stocking Stuffers? 

Well, that comes down to who’s receiving it. It’s essential to consider your friend or loved one when deciding what’s the best — just because you love it doesn’t mean that they will, and you don’t want whatever you buy to end up in the trash or buried deep in a drawer! 

Personally, I love chocolate and anything thoughtful and silly. If someone gives me something and I know they’ve put a lot of thought behind it, it will always be my favorite gift, even if it’s just a silly cow pin. Check out these articles for more gift ideas or other vegan-rific things. 

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