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40 Best Vegan Gifts for The Holidays, Birthdays, Housewarming, & More

Isn’t it the best feeling to give someone the perfect gift? But, maybe finding the perfect vegan gift sounds like a daunting task.

Have no fear, I have the best vegan gift guide for anytime of the year to ease all your shopping woes. From decadent chocolates to witty tees and everything in between — I’m sure you’ll find just the right thing!

What are you waiting for!?

Check out these 40 awesome vegan gifts that are surely on every vegan’s wish list no matter what you’re celebrating! Oh, an if you need vegan stocking stuffer suggestions, I’ve got that, too (just click on that link)!

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#1 Chic cruelty-free handbags & accessories from Pixie Mood. Use code PIXIEGIFT15 for 15% off until January 1, 2024! Excludes gift cards and can’t be used with other discounts.

#2 Vegan & organic wine from Kind of Wild. First time purchasers can receive 20% off with code BEKIND20.

#3 Men’s & women’s veggie powered clothing from Vegan Outfitters. Use code XMAS5 to save 5% on orders over £50 (about $62).

#4 Eco-friendly shampoo & conditioner bars from Viori. Use code VEGGIES to save 10%

#5 Tons of vegan & eco-friendly beauty products, home goods, & more from Earth Hero. Use code VEGGIESABROAD to save 10%! Code isn’t valid on sale or subscription items, gift cards or on Bumbleride, TerraCycle, or Naturepedic products.

#6 Adaptogenic shroomy coffee & matcha boost from Renude. Use code VEGGIESABROAD to save 10% off sitewide

The Best Vegan Gifts to Give

Vegan Food & Wine Gifts

#1 Kind of Wild wine

For all those vegan winos out there, this is perfect! The wine lineup at Kind of Wild is organic, vegan, and all the grapes are grown sustainably. You can mix and match a 3-pack or choose the Wild Club and gift wine every month! Also if you happen to be in Michigan, we have some pretty stellar vegan wines too!

Check Out the Wine Lineup

#2 Creamy Milk Chocolate Bars from LOVO

Vegans have long enjoyed dark chocolate but ultra creamy milk chocolate is a relatively new addition to our chocolate lineup. LOVO is a woman-owned brand and the first-and-only line of milk chocolate bars featuring a variety of plant milks as the star ingredient. All of the chocolates are made in Switzerland, the land of milk chocolate, so you know these will be ahhhmazing! And if your gift receiver has a sweet tooth, you might also want to check out these decadent cookie dough tubs! Both pair really nicely with gift #1 (I’m just giving you ideas)!

Buy Chocolate Now
four LOVO vegan milk chocolate bars in a lineup as a vegan gift
Credit: LOVO

#3 Enjoy some positiviTEA with a cup from The TeaBook

This zero-waste tea company not only loves tea but also loves bringing awareness to underrepresented historical and political figures. All of the teas come individually or in a themed box, like FriTÉ Khalo – watermelon rose hibiscus tea, Salvador DalTÉ: chocolate mint tea, or RBG Tea: Ruth Bader ginseng lemon green tea. Some teas contain honey, so just double check the ingredients, they’re also marked.

Check Out positiviTEA
a cup of watermelon hibiscus frida khalo themed tea from the teabook
The TeaBook

Vegan Shopping Tip!

Looking for something unique and/or want to support local businesses or artists? Check out Etsy! Etsy is filled with a mega mountain of great ideas — just search vegan gift or just vegan and see what comes up!

Check out Etsy

#4 Vegan Snack Box from Urth

Send your favorite person all of their favorite snacks! Urth curates a variety of snack box options, including a vegan option, filled with chocolate, chips, candies, nut butters, mini meals, and much more! You can choose to send just one box or a box a month for 3, 6, or 12 months! The box also comes in a variety of sizes from mini to jumbo!

Buy Snacks
vegan snack box with popcorn, snacks, drinks, cookies, from the snack company urth
Credit: Urth

#5 Vegan meats for days!

Your vegan friend needs to taste this smoky, sweet, and spicy plant-based salami sampler from Renegade Foods! This would also go well with that cheese kit and wine I mentioned earlier, in case you were looking for ideas!

Buy Vegan Meats
three vegan salami products wrapped in light brown packaging from renegade foods
Credit: Renegade Foods

#6 Support a vegan restaurant

Know their favorite restaurant, bakery, or maybe a new place opened that you think they must try? Then grab a gift certificate! Restaurant gift cards are always bound to please. 

a glass dessert case filled with rows of vegan donuts topped with pink and chocolate icing, powdered sugar and glaze at dough joy in seattle

#7 Team Tofu mug

You can never have too many mugs, especially when they are fun vegan ones! And, if that’s not the message that you’re looking for, no worries! Vegan Outfitters has plenty more options.

Check Out Veggie Mugs
white mug that says in black print, team tofu
Credit: Vegan Outfitters

Vegan Travel Gifts

#8 Vegan leather passport holder

For that jet-setting vegan in our life, give them something chic and cruelty-free for their passport!

Buy a Cruelty-Free Passport Holder

#9 Book a vegan getaway

This might be a gift for a good friend — girls’ weekend, anyone? Or, for a significant other, who would want to pass up the opportunity for vegan pancakes in bed!? Vegan hotels and bed & breakfasts are scattered all over the world, and I’ve got a guide for the US and Europe — you’re welcome!

yellow sign that says vegans with an arrow pointing to the right

#10 Book a vegan food tour!

If you know that your friend or loved one is traveling, check and see if there is a vegan food tour at their destination! Is there a better way to explore a new city than through food? I don’t think so!

Check Out Food Tours
people drinking wine and cheersing in celebration over a table of food

#11 Grab tickets to an upcoming vegan festival or event

Throughout the year, there are loads of amazing events around the globe, from vegan food festivals in LA to the massive vegan Camp Out in the UK! Some of the events are ticketed, while others are free — if it’s free, you could buy lunch!

Check Out Upcoming Events
the impossible stage at the vegan womens summit in nyc 2023

#12 Packing Cubes

These handy and colorful packing cubes from Cotopaxi are a must for any traveler looking to save some space in their suitcase. They also help keep things organized (I use them to keep my dirty laundry separate from everything else).

Buy Packing Cubes
colorful cotopaxi packing cubes
Credit: Earth Hero

#13 Colorful Hip or Sling Bag

One more helpful traveling item! Keeping your hands free and your stuff secure is so important when you’re on the road. This fun sling bag from Cotopaxi, will do just that and more!

Buy a Sling Bag

Vegan Clothing & Beauty Gifts

#14 Comfortable Lounge Pants

These cozy pants are great for long travel days or just lounging around. They’re made by the sustainable and environmentally-conscious company, Tentree. For every item purchased, Tentree will plant a tree to support reforestation efforts around the world. Earth Hero also stocks loads of other great mission-oriented clothing companies that have vegan options too!

Check Out Cozy Pants
green cropped lounge pants by tentree
Credit: Earth Hero

#15 Eye makeup magic

With this vegan and cruelty-free eye magic palette from Pacifica, anyone can be a glamazon!

Buy the Makeup Palette
a large purple and pink eye makeup palette from pacifica with a mirror
Credit: Pacifica

#16 Shower bombs

Who has time for a bath anymore? Shower bombs are perfect for someone on the go who wants to turn their bathroom into a calming steam room.

Buy Shower Bombs
heart shaped shower steamers in pastel colors
Credit: Liz Rush

#17 Vegan nail polish set from Dazzle Dry

Finding a fun nail polish that won’t chip in a day and is vegan and cruelty-free sounds like a needle in a haystack, unless it’s Dazzle Dry! Seriously, this polish is legit.

Buy Dazzle Dry
mini set of vegan and cruelty nail polish from dazzle dry
Credit: Dazzle Dry

#18 Home spa kit

Forget about trying to find a cruelty-free spa, bring the spa to your home with this comprehensive set from Public Goods! Another great place to find vegan, and cruelty-free bath and grooming products is Etsy.

Check Out Spa Products
at home spa kit with a candle, lotion, soaps, and more from public goods
Credit: Public Goods

#19 Makeup for every color

The Lip Bar is a Black woman-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup shop based in Detroit! They’re on a mission to make sure no matter your complexion, they’ve got something to make everyone feel fab.

Check Out The Lip Bar
multiple red makeup products from the lip bar on a pink background
Credit: The Lip Bar

#20 Zero-waste bath & beauty products

Whether your gift receiver wants to cut down on plastic or maybe is a traveler and needs to cut down on liquids, there are a ton of zero-waste products to check out from fun brands like Meow Meow Tweet, Hi Bar, Fat and The Moon, and more! Use code VEGGIESABROAD to save 10% on your order!

Check Out Eco-Friendly Gifts

#21 Give the gift of energy, sleep, immunity & more!

Moon Juice has a full line of skincare and supplements crafted with clean ingredients and enhanced with the power of plants and adaptogens. Whether someone wants to improve their skin and hair or have more energy, Moon Juice can help!

Check Out Moon Juice
vegan skincare products from moon juice stacked on top of each other in front of a white background
Credit: Moon Juice

#22 Stylish cruelty-free kicks from Rothy’s

Who needs leather when we have so many creative, cruelty-free shoe options? The folks over at Rothy’s has perfected the art of making chic flats, sneakers, loafers, and even bags from plastic bottles! All of their sustainably-made shoes are washable and super durable so you can rest easy knowing that you’re giving a gift that will last a long time!

Buy Cruelty-Free Kicks
light gray vegan slip on pointed toe flats from rothy's
Credit: Rothy’s

#23 Cute & ethical vegan tee

Vegan Outfitters has an endless selection of fun tees, socks, hoodies, and more to proclaim your plant-powered prowess! On top of the terrific message, Vegan Outfitters produces everything ethically (100% sweat shop free) and they donate 10% of profits to animal sanctuaries — that’s a gift you can feel good about giving!

Buy a Cute Veggie Tee
a white tee that says save the chubby unicorns with a picture of a rhino from vegan outfitters
Credit: Vegan Outfitters

#24 Sophisticated handbag or wallet from Pixie Mood

They’ll be a serious style maven with a vegan handbag, backpack, or wallet! Nowadays, there is no way to tell the difference between a vegan bag and a moo-filled one! Plus many of the bags from Pixie Mood are made with recycled plastic bottles and they off-set the impact of shipping! You can feel extra good about this purchase.

Buy a Chic Bag

Special bonus: from now until January 1, 2024, you can save 15% off your order (excludes egift cards) with the code: PIXIEGIFT15

Best Sellers

#25 Chill out or pep up with essential oils

There is seriously an essential oil out there for whatever ails you! This set from Public Goods includes lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus oil all of which have been found to help promote relaxation, focus, and energy

Check Out Essential Oils
four brown bottles of essential oils from the brand public goods
Credit: Public Goods

#26 Livin’ On the Veg socks

You can never go wrong with fun veggie socks, especially these!

Buy Veggie Socks
a person wearing white socks that at the top says livin on the veg
Credit: Vegan Outfitters

#27 Hand-poured terrarium candle

This beautiful soy wax candle might be too beautiful to burn!

Check Out Beautiful Candles
soy wax terrarium candle filled with small wax succulents
Credit: Zoet Studio

#28 Sustainable jewelry

All of the gorgeous jewelry from Mejuri is made sustainably and supports underrepresented women and non-binary people through their empowerment fund. Another great place to find handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry is Etsy.

Check Out Sustainable Jewelry

#29 Vegan hiking boots

Help your friend or loved one trek through mountains and streams cruelty-free with these multi-purpose hiking shoes from Merrell.

Buy Vegan Hiking Boots

Gifts for Vegan Cooks

#30 Sweet vegan ice cream treats!

Give the gift that keeps on giving with an ice cream maker and vegan sprinkles — what could be more fun!?

Buy an Ice Cream Maker

#31 Milk it!

For the foodie who would rather create their own plant-based milk with a touch of a button! The Almond Cow milk maker can be used with any nut, seed, or grain — not just almonds.

Buy a Milk Maker

#32 Get Pressing with a new Tofu press

This is way more efficient than a leaning tower of books or pans — also safer! I once dropped a giant pan pressing tofu (luckily, I dodged breaking a toe)!

Buy a Tofu Press
a green and white tofu press sitting on a wood cutting board
Credit: Tofuture/Amazon

#33 Make your own irresistible vegan cheese kit

With this unique kit, you don’t have to be an expert chef to whip up tantalizing vegan halloumi or ricotta!

Buy a Cheese Making Kit
a box containing a vegan cheese making kit in the background in front of vegan cheeses and one hand pouring a vegan liquid cheese
Credit: The Big Cheese

#34 Indoor growing system

This is perfect for the foodie who loves fresh herbs and veggies year-round!

Buy an Herb Garden
a white indoor vegetable growing machine with green leafy vegetables growing inside
Credit: Areo Garden

#35 Kombucha grow kit 

This might be a stereotypical vegan gift, but if your pal likes kombucha, they might like making it!

Buy a Kombucha Kit
a box for a kombucha growing kit next to a glass jug and tea bags on a pink towel
Credit: The Kombucha Store

#36 Oyster mushroom kit

Oyster shrooms are perfect for so many recipes, from creating Nashville hot chick’n to topping a cheesy pizza and many other tantalizing things!

Buy a Shroom Kit
a large birch log with oyster mushrooms growing all over it
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Vegan Library: Give the Gift of Cooking & More

#37 Cook up a feast with The Vegan Butcher cookbook

Create a delicious vegan steak or charcuterie board with this fantastic cookbook (you should put the vegan cheese kit with this)!

In addition to that, they might also be interested in:

Check Out Vegan Cookbooks
the red cover of the vegan butcher cookbook in front of a selection of vegan meats
Credit: Zacchary Bird, The Vegan Butcher

#38 Improve athletic performance with The Plant-Based Athlete

For all those strong and fit vegans out there, this book is for them! The book features interviews from champion ultrarunners Rich Roll and Scott Jurek; former NFL player David Carter; champion boxers Yuri Foreman, and many others on how they use the power of plants for performance.

Buy Now

#39 This is Vegan Propaganda: (And Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You)

Vegan activist, educator and influencer Ed Winters, takes readers on a journey to understanding how our food choices impact some of the world’s most pressing issues — climate crisis, human exploitation, disease, and more. This is a great book for vegans, veg-curious folks, and even non-vegans.

Buy Now

Gifts that Support Local or National Charities

#40 Make a donation in their honor

Ok, maybe this person has all these lovely vegan gifts, and you’re truly just stumped. In that case, give them a gift that supports an issue or cause that is important to them. So many outstanding local and national organizations would love your support in honor of your friend or loved one.

What Makes a Gift Vegan?

If you’re not a vegan, you may have thought, what in the world makes a gift vegan!? Don’t worry; it doesn’t require any hocus pocus or spending hours searching the internet for that one elusive vegan gift. A vegan gift means it’s free of animal products.

That’s pretty straightforward, right?

That means no eggs, milk, meat, honey, or dairy if it’s a food product. If it’s clothing, avoid anything made with animals like leather, wool, silk, fur, etc. Sometimes products will clearly label their products as vegan, while others don’t, so check the label.

Also, when in doubt, ask Google! Often when I am in the store and checking out a new product, I will double-check this way.

Ok, one last thing, vegan doesn’t mean it’s cruelty-free or vice versa (cruelty-free means no animals were harmed through testing or other activities). When you’re Googling or looking at labels, look for both.

Gift List Wrap Up: More Vegan Inspiration

Now that you’ve got your shopping list taken care of let’s talk about some other fun vegan things! Whether you’re planning a trip or just looking for vegan cheese shops, I’ve got something to help!

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