vegan tofu benny breakfast plate with colorful potatoes and slaw next to a green juice and water on a light wood table at eternal abundance in vancouver

15 Tasty Vancouver Vegan Breakfast & Brunch Spots

I just don’t understand people who don’t eat breakfast — how is that possible?! You’re seriously not starving until lunch rolls around? OMG, I would gnaw off my arm if I had to wait that long!

I am guessing some of you are nodding in agreement! Breakfast is essential to power through a day of sightseeing or a Netflix marathon — there’s no way I can properly concentrate until I’ve got something in my belly. But sometimes, finding breakfast and brunch spots is challenging, that is, unless you’re in Vancouver!

No matter the day of the week, you’ll always find somewhere slinging green smoothies and golden waffles, and I think I have found just about all of them! From plant-based morning munchies to towering golden waffles, here are the best spots in Vancouver for vegan breakfast and brunch.

Vancouver Vegan Breakfast Options Available All Week

It’s the worst when you’re looking for breakfast options on a Tuesday morning, and every menu says, sorry, weekend brunch only! Thankfully these Vancouver breakfast spots have tasty vegan options all week long.

#1 TurF

2041 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1N3, Canada
This hip fitness studio and plant-forward kitchen can help you start your day off in more ways than one! First, hit one of their strength-packed workout classes, then after class, saunter right next door to their health-focused café.

The vegan-friendly menu focuses on nutrient-dense ingredients and dishes that will help you glow from the inside out. Thankfully breakfast is served all day, which is perfect because whether it’s 8 AM or 1 PM, I think you’ll want to enjoy their blueberry buckwheat protein pancakes layered with strawberry cinnamon compote, lemon ricotta, house-made granola, and maple syrup drizzle or a simple wild mushroom and cashew ricotta toast. For my smoothie fans, you’ll be in seventh heaven — Chocolate Mushroom Trip, New Green Party, or Glow are all perfect for getting you going. 

#2 To Live For

1508 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4T8, Canada
Although this vegan spot is a little off the beaten path, it was bumping with a steady stream of caffeine and breakfast treat-seeking folks! Starting at 7 AM, you can roll in here for a slice of tender banana bread (a house specialty) or a breakfast sammie made with their English muffins or golden croissants! But, if you’re a coffee fan (like me), don’t skip their Tiramisu overnight oats — it’s the perfect blend of cream and tang with an espresso boost.

One note: there isn’t a large seating area in the café; if it’s busy, you may have to wait a few minutes for a seat to open up, but traffic seems to move in and out of here steadily. 

vegan banana bread, overnight oats and a coffee sitting on a white table at to live for bakery in vancouver

#3 Chickpea Restaurant 

4298 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9, Canada
There is no need to make a mad dash in here to ensure you don’t miss the breakfast menu cut-off — breakfast is served all day — hooray! You might be wondering, does their entire breakfast feast revolve around chickpeas?! Although that would be entertaining and possibly quite challenging, chickpeas aren’t their breakfast all-stars (come back for lunch or dinner for more of that).

Their comfort-focused menu is extensive; this is a great spot to go if you have to please a variety of diners. For the protein-seeking breakfast eaters, you don’t need to look any further than one of their fantastic savory scrambles made with tofu and eggless seasoning, then enhanced with truffled mushrooms, lox, and more! If you’d prefer the sweeter side of breakfast, have no fear because you’ll be drooling over their stacks of fluffy blueberry oat pancakes and French toast topped with house-made coconut whipped cream. 

two vegan eggs benedict plates with colorful veggies and creamy yellow hollandaise on a gray table at chickpea in vancouver
Credit: Chickpea Restaurant

#4 MeeT

Locations in Yaletown, Gastown, Victoria, and Main Street
With one look at their menu, I think you’ll want to meet here every day of the week! MeeT is well known for its classic vegan comfort eats; if there is anything that you’ve been missing, I bet they’ve got it!

Their epic brunch menu includes crispy, golden, gluten-free (yes, gluten-free) waffles covered in lemon berry compote or double battered spicy chick’n (oyster mushrooms), and even a full English breakfast complete with baked beans and home fries! These pair perfectly with their special breakfast martini (vodka, Copa de Oro, coffee, salted caramel syrup, and coconut whipped cream).

One important note for my gluten-free friends is that they have separate fryers, so no worries about cross-contamination — they take allergies and sensitivities very seriously! 

#5 Eternal Abundance 

1025 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X1, Canada
What could be more convenient than a vegan café and market joining forces? Nothing! Tucked into a lineup of great independent shops in East Vancouver is just that. You can start your day here with their special Tofu Benny with smoked tofu and creamy cashew hollandaise or a giant quinoa waffle made from a blend of freshly ground quinoa, oats, and hemp milk and topped with fresh fruit. You’ll also want to grab one of their fresh pressed juices — a blend of orange, carrot, apple, turmeric, and ginger will absolutely kick-start your day.

One final note, their menu is also gluten-free on top of being fully vegan!

vegan tofu benny plate with potatoes sitting next to a green juice and water at eternal abundance in vancouver

#6 Aleph 

1889 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H8, Canada
During the week, brunch doesn’t start until 11 AM, but on the weekend, you can slide in here starting at 9 AM to get your fill of Middle Eastern-inspired breakfast dishes. This casual vegan restaurant seeks to bring together all of the fantastic flavors of the Middle East into its menu, and that doesn’t stop with breakfast.

You can start the day with a savory Shakshuka (classic stew of tomatoes, red pepper with tofu scramble and pita bread), their special Gaza Scramble topped with labneh (vegan yogurt), or stay traditional with a fluffy stack of pancakes. Whatever you decide, don’t skip the coffee tahini smoothie, but if coffee isn’t your jam, they have an equally delicious banana tahini smoothie — move over peanut butter and banana, there is a new delicious combo in town!

vegan middle eastern breakfast specialties at aleph eatery in vancouver
Credit: Aleph

#7 Waffle Land Café 

32 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4, Canada
If it weren’t for this spot’s street sign declaring vegan waffles, I would’ve walked on by! From their name, you’ve probably already guessed that this charming café specializes in waffles, not just any waffles —Belgium Liege waffles and Norwegian waffles with vegan options! Their vegan menu doesn’t include just one or two options; there are a ton! From golden waffles topped with sweet caramelized bananas, pecans, and maple syrup to smoked tofu with avocado, hummus, and a dusting of garlic sesame — you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Weekend Vegan Breakfast & Brunch Spots in Vancouver

Set your alarm because you’ll want to be first in line at all of these Vancouver vegan brunch spots! They’ve got everything from stacks of fluffy pancakes to loaded breakfast burritos.  

#8 The Naam 

2724 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1, Canada
Pushing veggies is nothing new for this vegetarian café. They’ve been in Vancouver since the late 60s — long before anyone was talking about veganism! You’ll want to check out their breakfast eats on the weekend and holidays for an eclectic mix of dishes. They’ve got full veggie feasts complete with scrambled tofu, home fries, veggie sausage, croissant breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and more!

vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, and sausage links on a white plate at the naam in vancouver
Credit: The Naam

#9 The Acorn 

3995 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P3, Canada
Grab your friends or that special someone for a chic brunch experience at this sophisticated vegetarian restaurant. Their award-winning brunch menu celebrates fresh, locally sourced ingredients crafted into stylish dishes in their zero-waste kitchen. Many of their dishes highlight the unique flavor profiles of different vegetables, from fried German potatoes with Fir mustard  to blue oyster mushrooms with kelp brine, green strawberry mignonette, and Hungarian hot “tabasco.” You won’t be disappointed. 

vegan pancakes topped with fresh berries and granola on a gray plate at the acorn in vancouver
Credit: The Acorn

#10 MILA 

185 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X3, Canada
The internationally-inspired flavors on this vegan brunch menu can’t be beat, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else like it. The menu rotates regularly to showcase different ingredients and flavors, but at any given time, you might be delighted with a savory fried rice waffle with kimchi and smoked scallion aioli or the powerful flavor combo of cream and coffee in their special tiramisu pancakes made with vanilla crème patisserie, chocolate espresso ganache, raspberry gel, and chocolate espresso soil.

#11 The Burrow 

 2781 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4C5, Canada
This Mexican-inspired vegetarian spot is an absolute gem — almost everything on their menu can be made vegan and gluten-free! How fantastic is that? While their brunch menu is filled with many Tex-Mex favorites like loaded breakfast burritos and hearty bowls topped with cashew queso, they also have popular brunch favorites like cinnamon-soaked blueberry French toast! Whatever you choose, it will pair perfectly with their sweet and creamy Horchata — I think it’s best with oat milk. 

vegan tex mex brunch tacos and beans at the burrow in vancouver
Credit: The Burrow

#12 Nuba 

Locations in Gastown, Yaletown, & Kitsilano
I usually wouldn’t include a spot with only one thing on its menu, but I think this unique and flavorful dish shouldn’t be missed. Every weekend this beautiful, modern Lebanese restaurant features its special Socca Omelet made with chickpea flour, extra virgin olive oil & fresh herbs, topped with spicy eggplant, cucumber, tomato, green onion, and herb tahini. For anyone who thinks they can’t give up eggs, you need to try this! 

Vegan Smoothie & Juice Shops in Vancouver 

If you just need something healthy and fast, these three spots can help you! 

#13 Glory

Locations in Coal Harbour, Olympic Village, and Yaletown
Holy organic, cold-pressed juice selection! This spot knows juice and not just your regular ole orange or apple juice; they’ve got just about every green, red, and orange kind of concoction you can imagine! There are so many; they’ve skipped coming up with imaginative names and just gave them a number. On top of their endless selection of juices, they’ve also got a great mix of acai bowls, smoothies, breakfast wrap sandwiches, and a tofu benny bowl. If you’re in a rush, grab a raw protein bar to go!

#14 The Juice Truck

Six locations throughout Vancouver
There’s nothing I love more than starting the day with an adaptogenic green smoothie! This popular juicery and café is peppered throughout Vancouver, making it easy to get your fix. In addition to an extensive lineup of berry and veggie-filled smoothies and juices, you’ll find a terrific mix of baked goods (many from To Live For) and chia and yogurt parfaits. 

#15 Kokomo 

Locations in Kitsilano, Chinatown, Edgemont Village, and Port Moody
When you’re on the run and want something berry or veggie-packed, this casual vegan eatery is the place to go! They’ve got just about every kind of smoothie you can dream up — Coffee Crisp for those who need a little caffeine boost, Giant Green Smoothie for those who want a massive dose of spinach and a protein punch, or Orange Twist for something bright and fruity! If you need more than a smoothie, no worries; they’ve got you covered with multiple acai bowls and a special yogurt parfait made with their special house-made raw granola.

vegan acai bowl topped with fruit, coconut, granola, and a chocolate drizzle held in front of the kokomo sign in vancouver
Credit: Kokomo

Vancouver Wrap Up: More Vegan Travel Help

Now that you know where to find vegan breakfast and brunch options in Vancouver, you need to know where to have dinner, where to stay, and more! Plus, if your adventure doesn’t end in Vancouver, you might want to check out one other incredibly vegan-friendly city — Toronto!

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