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7 Must Try Vancouver Vegan Ice Cream Spots

I can’t be the only one that searches for vegan ice cream spots as soon as I know where I’m traveling, right!?

If you’re like me and find yourself in Vancouver and your sweet tooth is craving a creamy treat, you’re in luck! The Vancouver vegan scene is epic and includes a mouthwatering lineup of options — ice cream sandwiches, soft serve, hard scoops, and more!

So let’s cut to the sugar chase and get to the best spots for vegan ice cream in Vancouver!

Best Spots for Vegan Ice Cream in Vancouver, BC

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream! Luckily, Vancouver has some outstanding options when you’re in the mood for a creamy treat.

#1 Softie Co. Vegan Ice Cream

39 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 3H7, Canada
Feel like ice cream royalty at this Vancouver vegan spot with a colorful cone dusted with edible gold! This tea-inspired creamery is swirling up oat-based soft-serve flavors that you won’t find anywhere else — Matcha, Hojicha, Ube, Yuzu, and more. Once you’ve chosen your flavor or flavor combo, you can dust or top it with strawberry puree, tapioca pearls, matcha drizzle, or of course, gorgeous edible gold that looks oh-so-chic in their house-made charcoal cones. This ice cream is definitely asking you to take its photo!

One more important note: aside from being vegan, it’s also soy, nut, and gluten-free to boot!

two black charcoal ice cream cones filled with green matcha ice cream and chocolate from softie vegan ice cream in vancouver
Credit: Softie Co. Vegan Ice Cream

#2 Earnest Ice Cream 

Multiple locations throughout Vancouver
It’s hard to imagine that this Vancouver ice cream behemoth started as an ice cream tricycle peddling around Vancouver Farmers Markets and Metro Vancouver with its small lineup of creamy treats. Fast forward to today, the tricycle has grown into four unique locations throughout Vancouver, and you can find its products in select retailers! While they aren’t a vegan shop, they are vegan-friendly! No matter which shop you visit, you’ll always find multiple decadent ice cream flavors like vegan peanut butter chocolate pretzel, mocha brownie, raspberry, chocolate, and more! Their flavors are made with local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible to give each scoop the best flavor profile. 

#3 Innocent Ice Cream 

2103 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V2, Canada
This vegan-friendly ice cream shop is home to outrageously delicious vegan and gluten-free ice cream sandwiches! If you’ve tackled vegan and gluten-free baking, you know it’s not as easy as it looks, but here, even the most gluten-loving eater wouldn’t realize it’s gluten-free! Every day, they whip up house-made cookies to sandwich between their unique creamy vegan ice cream flavors. If you don’t see a concoction that tickles your fancy, you can always create your own, but honestly, how could you pass up Kong (double chocolate cookies with banana pudding nice cream) or Buttercup (peanut butter cookies with chocolate peanut butter fudge nice cream)?

In addition to ice cream sandwiches, they sell ice cream cakes, pints, cookie dough, and traditional ole scoops!

a pink rectangle box with three vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches from innocent ice cream in vancouver
Credit: Innocent Ice Cream

#4 Elephant Garden Creamery 

2080 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada
There are no lackluster flavors at this vegan-friendly, elephant-inspired ice cream shop! Visitors will always find staple vegan flavors like mango sticky rice along with multiple rotating seasonal flavors like Salted Gula Melaka or Lychee Raspberry Rose — see what I mean about no lackluster flavors! This shop is tucked amongst a slew of fantastic independent boutiques, markets, and vegan restaurants on Commercial Drive — after you get your scoops, go for a wander! 


797 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5, Canada
Who knew over-the-top ice cream sundaes and goth go together like peanut butter and jelly!? The tiny black-and-white shop looks more like a nightclub than an ice cream shop — but you won’t soon forget your visit! Their entire, slightly disturbed menu is mostly vegan and features some of the most creative ice cream sundae creations in Vancouver. From the Dirty Blonde (Chocklit soft serve smothered in salted caramel, salted pretzels, Dirty Whip McQueen, DiCaprio Stardust, and white chocolate candy) or the minty Menthol Breakdown (Chocklit soft serve, mint coconut cookie crumble, Filthy Mint Whip, Punk Chocklit Hard Shell, and Chocklit Chip Cookie) — good luck deciding!

#6 Jenna’s Ice Cream

1496 Charlotte Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2L3, Canada
If your exploration of Vancouver takes you to the northern part of the city, you’ll want to stop for your sugar fix here! This vegan-friendly creamery makes new and unique flavors daily — you never have to worry about getting bored. Their vegan options are made with an almond milk base and include flavors like mango, berry, chocolate fudge brownie, caramel, and more! If you fall in love with one of the flavors, you’re in luck because they also sell it by the pint!

#7 Virtuous Pie 

583 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1, Canada
You might be thinking, what is a pizzeria doing on a vegan ice cream list? Well, it’s because they make killer ice cream and cannolis! You’ll find a rotating lineup of small-batch, house-made ice cream flavors that can be enjoyed in a bowl or gluten-free waffle cone, but I think you should skip that!

You need to sandwich one of their fantastic flavors with their creamy cashew cannoli filling between two house-made cookies — how’s that for an ice cream cookie sandwich? You’ll also want to save room to try one of their popular cannolis — the lemon cream is divine!

vegan ice cream sandwich held over a mint table next to a plate of garlic knots and two lemonades at virtuous pie in vancouver
Credit: Virtuous Pie

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