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Vegan Brunch Paris: 11 Spots for Pancakes, Scrambles & More

Paris has become a vegan superstar! There once was a time when finding a vegan croissant was a laughable request, but not anymore — it’s now considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world!

How’s that for improvement?

From cozy cafes to trendy bistros, finding a vegan brunch option in Paris has never been easier. Come with me on a culinary journey through the streets of the City of Lights to find a diverse and irresistible lineup of vegan brunch offerings — no matter what you’re in the mood for, I bet you’ll find it in Paris!  

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Fully Vegan Brunch & Breakfast Spots in Paris

#1 MESA de HOY

68 R. des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France
The warm and welcoming atmosphere of this plant-based restaurant will immediately put you at ease, and once you see their breakfast menu, you just might not want to leave! This chic spot weaves its love of natural ingredients and aesthetics into its creative dishes. Here, you’ll find breakfast is served Monday – Friday; on Saturday and Sunday, they roll out a special sweet and savory brunch menu.

No matter if you go for breakfast or brunch, you’ll love everything! From fluffy stacks of golden pancakes to chorizo and herb-topped toast to house-made banana bread with a unique caramel miso sauce! One more bonus: this spot isn’t just a restaurant; it’s also Paris’ only vegan and eco-friendly hotel! If you’re still deciding where to stay, there’s nowhere better!

Good to know: Breakfast is served Monday – Friday & brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday. You might find pancakes, house-made pastries, granola, savory toast, and more on the menu.

a person slicing into a loaf of vegan banana bread for breakfast at mesa de hoy in paris
Credit: MESA de HOY


#2 Comptoir Veggie

75 Av. Ledru Rollin, 75012 Paris, France
If you’re on the run and need something light and quick, this casual vegan café is a terrific place to go! The morning menu isn’t massive, but it hits all of the essential breakfast points, like coffee and croissants! Don’t worry; there’s more than croissants. The menu changes monthly to reflect various flavors, but you might be lucky to find hearty breakfast toast topped with house-made tofu scramble, veggie bac’n, and potatoes, or a fruity granola bowl with delicious coconut yogurt!

Good to know: Breakfast is served every day except Sunday & Monday. You might find acai bowls, granola bowls, savory toasts, pastries, and more on the menu.

two colorful vegan smoothie bowls topped with sliced fruit, and coconut shavings in paris at Comptoir Veggie
Credit: Comptoir Veggie


#3 Aujourd’hui Demain

42 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris, France
No matter if it’s today or tomorrow (see what I did there?), this is a fabulous spot to stuff your face with some of the best sweet vegan brunch favorites in Paris! Every day (until 6 PM), you can stroll in here and check out their “sugar” section of the menu for all the best ways to start your day. They’ve got a variety of pancakes like maple & nut or banana chocolate, along with a granola apple bowl with soy yogurt, and more!

On the weekend, they add a couple of other hearty brunch favorites, like a savory toast benedict with Ocean Kiss smoked Solmon to the list! One more bonus: this isn’t just an excellent place for breakfast or brunch; it’s also a small shop stocked with vegan food, cosmetics, accessories, and more.

Good to know: Breakfast is served every day starting at 11 AM, with a more extensive brunch menu on the weekend. You might find a variety of sweet pancakes, toast, granola bowls, and more on the menu.

a stack of vegan pancakes sitting on a white plate and topped with a nut crumble with maple syrup at Aujourd’hui Demain in paris
Credit: Aujourd’hui Demain

#4 Ground to Grow

28 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France
The vibe at this spot reminds me a lot of MESA de HOY (hopefully, they don’t mind me saying that). Maybe it’s their shared love of yoga and a natural lifestyle, but these two spots could be gorgeous sisters! Every day, this casual café is flipping up a mix of sweet and savory pancakes, along with house-made granola and fresh pastries. If you can’t decide what to get, they have a mix-and-match option — a mix of sweet and savory pancakes or a little bit of everything!

In addition to food, Ground to Grow also has a terrific drink menu (no, not those kinds of drinks). You’ll find specialty lattes (rose and cardamon or a black sesame latte), unique tea blends, and fresh juices and smoothies.

Good to know: Breakfast is served every day (except Monday), starting at 11 AM. You might find sweet and savory pancakes, pastries, smoothies, fresh juices, and more on the menu.

a small stack of savory pancakes topped with avocado and roasted vegetables on a white plate at ground to grow at brunch in paris
Credit: Ground to Grow

#5 Urban Greener

30 Rue Muller, 75018 Paris, France
It’s evident from the dishes to the décor that this spot loves a good, natural, plant-forward vibe. The quaint café is ready to delight you on the weekend with a hearty brunch feast — reviewers shared that they actually went out of their way just for it!

You’ll find stacks of golden pancakes (which appear to be pretty popular in Paris, doesn’t it?), perfectly spiced scrambles with house-made bac’n, tart yogurt with berries, and more! One crucial tip: this spot is small, and the brunch is popular, so I’d recommend getting there right when it opens. Otherwise, you might have to wait a bit!

Good to know: Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11:30 AM. You might find pancakes, savory toast, yogurt with berries, waffles, and more on the menu.

a savory vegan tofu scramble with roasted veggies and potatoes that someone is cutting into at brunch in paris
Credit: Urban Greener


#6 Soya Comptoir Bio

106 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France
Tucked on a quiet corner, away from the major sights and across the street from a calming canal, is this lovely vegan café. They’re ready to welcome you bright and early all week with a small but mighty breakfast menu (and a special brunch menu on the weekend). There are technically only two weekday breakfast dishes — a granola bowl with soy yogurt and fruit or a savory toast with coffee and fresh pressed orange juice.

They also have a snack or tapas menu with a few things I deem breakfast-worthy, like patatas bravas and Mexican tacos!

Good to know: Breakfast is served during the week, and a special brunch menu on the weekend. You might find granola with yogurt, fruit, and toast on the menu.

#7 Cloud Cakes

Two locations in Paris
There’s not one but two super cute Cloud Cakes locations in Paris where you can sink your teeth into a fantastic petit dejeuner menu while sipping creative lattes. This casual spot has a little bit of everything — it’s easy to delight a diverse crowd here. For a very French start to your day, consider a golden croissant with an espresso, but if that’s not enough, no worries!

If you’re like me and really enjoy breakfast (which means you eat a solid meal), go for their special Cloud breakfast, which includes a hot drink, a juice or smoothie, pastry, and toast! In addition to that, they’ve also got a classic acai bowl topped with crunchy granola, pancakes, and even grilled cheese!

Good to know: Breakfast is served daily from 9 AM – 11 AM. You might find pancakes, toast, acai bowls, fruit with granola, and more on the menu. They also have a great selection of specialty coffees and teas (I recommend the ginger beetroot latte and Curcuma spice latte).

a round vegan belgian waffle on a white plate, topped with sliced berries and coconut whipped cream next to a latte in a blue mug at cloud cakes in paris
Credit: Cloud Cakes

#8 Wild & The Moon

Multiple locations throughout Paris
If you’re in the mood for a superfood start to your day, you need to head here! These chic cafes are all about making sure they are helping people connect with the importance of healthy food for their health and our planet!

No matter which café you visit, you’ll always find a kaleidoscope of fruity and antioxidant-filled bowls. If you’re looking for something a little sweet, check out the Blue Magic bowl made with pineapple and blue spirulina; for workout aficionados, you’ll want the Six Pack bowl filled with banana, almond butter, vegan protein, and raw cacao. In addition to the cold smoothie bowls, they also have hearty oat-packed and granola bowls with seasonal fruits. Just a heads up, there’s also a Wild & the Moon location in another vegan-friendly city, Amsterdam!

Good to know: Breakfast is served all day, every day. You might find oatmeal, smoothie bowls, granola, healthy pastries, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, kombucha, and more on the menu.

Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly Brunch Spots in Paris

#9 Kitchen

74 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris, France
Gluten-free friends, if you’ve been hunting for a spot with pancakes, you must make a mad dash here! This simple vegetarian café has terrific vegan and gluten-free options on its morning menu. You can get things started with an order of vegan and gluten-free pancakes topped with fruit or enjoy a healthy order of Matt’s vegan toast topped with pumpkin, button shrooms, and smoked tofu — always lovely to have something different from avocado toast (no offense avocados)!

Good to know: Breakfast is served every day starting at 8 AM. You might find vegan and gluten-free pancakes, toast, chia pudding, smoothies, and more on the menu.

#10 Judy Market

Two locations in Paris
Alright, gluten-free friends, I’ve got another fabulous spot for you — not only is this charming café vegan-friendly, but it’s 100% gluten-free. As you’re scanning the menu, look for the little yellow hearts for their vegan options, which might include a granola bowl with coconut yogurt, house-made tartines, avocado toast, and more. Before you decide which location to visit, check the menus because they aren’t the same (and, of course, options can change).

Good to know: Breakfast/brunch is served all week. You might find Bircher muesli, avocado toast, house-made pastries, cold-pressed juices, and more on the menu.

a vegan granola and yogurt bowl topped with sliced banana, nuts, and coconut next to a latte and sitting on a blue and white towel at judy market in paris at brunch
Credit: Judy Market

#11 Charli’s Crew

14 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris, France
There’s vegan-friendly, and then there’s Charli’s Crew, which loudly proclaims its vegan-friendliness from its website to its window front — such a fantastic thing to see! You’ll be smitten with this bright blue and pastel pink spot as soon as you walk through the door, but looks will only get you so far, right? You’ll find scrambled tofu, No’tella toast, house-made granola, and more on the menu. Another bonus for this spot is that it’s also gluten-free friendly, and all of its dishes are free of refined sugar!

Good to know: Brunch is served every day (except Monday & Tuesday). You might find Scrambled tofu, multiple toast options, house-made granola, and more on the menu.

Brunch Wrap Up: Need More Vegan Travel Help?

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