10 US cities to visit for vegan food

10 Best US Cities for Vegan Food

Visiting a city with a non-stop itinerary of things to do and see is great, but what about food (vegan food to be exact)? People often suggest places from their must-visit list that I need to add to my travel itinerary, but I am often left thinking, ok, great! There’s a beautiful art museum, but am I going to have to survive on iceberg lettuce? That’s just not going to cut it!

If you’re like me and would really like to have fun, but also eat, then this lineup is for you! These 10 US cities are chock full of great vegan food and I’m not talking just basic veggie burgers. Think charcuterie boards filled to the brim with creamy cheeses, crispy mushroom calamari, comforting Soul Food, and so much more. And, don’t worry, these cities have plenty of fun to be had too!

For your next adventure, you need to prioritize a visit to these US cities for their to-die-for lineup of vegan food!

You Need to Visit These US Cities if You Love Vegan Food!

#1 New York City

The city that never sleeps, also never stops eating amazing vegan food! While it’s expected that New York City would grace a list like this, it’s for good reason— the diversity and quality of food is amazing! Your biggest dilemma will be figuring out how in the world you will fit it all into your itinerary!  Have no fear! I have you covered with a complete vegan guide to NYC and a lineup of the best vegan and gluten-free food. You can experience just about anything in NYC from chic fine vegan dining to greasy slices of New York-style pizza and stacks of syrup covered pancakes for a satisfying vegan brunch!

After all that eating you can rest assured there are plenty of things to do and see in NYC, along with plenty of walking (you gotta keep moving to fit all that food in any way!).  Make sure you don’t miss a visit to the city’s first vegan shoe boutique, Moo Shoes, along with a tour of Ellis Island, and then peruse some of the city’s finest museums. 

#2 Philadelphia

Just a 90-minute train ride from New York City is a sleeping vegan gem—Philly! For years a trip to Philadelphia had been on my list but was always replaced by other spots. Man was I missing out! The City of Brotherly Love is the perfect destination for a US history lesson and to eat yourself silly. If you think you’ll miss out on traditional favorites like Philly Cheesesteaks, think again! You can load up with a mouth-watering vegan Philly Cheesesteak in one hand and a hearty Italian hoagie in the other—go wild, we’re not judging!

You can find all the amazing vegan eats Philly has to offer in my complete vegan guide to Philadelphia or for an abridged version, just check out my recommendations for the 10 best spots for vegan food. 

Aside from US history, there is plenty of green space to explore, art to appreciate, and stairs to climb (if you’re a fan of the movie Rocky). If the weather is nice, be sure to grab a drink and sit by the water at the Cherry Street Pier. This bustling spot hosts a variety of food trucks, art, and more throughout the year.

#3 Chicago

Nestled on the glistening shores of Lake Michigan, The Windy City is a welcoming and approachable big city. While other giants like LA or NYC may feel a little overwhelming, Chicago is far more laid back, but still chock full of arts, culture, and, of course, vegan food! And I think your quest for vegan food will only help you appreciate Chicago even more. Many of the best eateries are spread out all over the city, so as you eat, you’ll naturally get a city tour!

While you can definitely get your fill of the city’s famous pizza, make sure you don’t miss Kale My Name’s mac-n-cheese balls or get a nutrient boost at Chicago Raw. To help plan your vegan adventure check out my vegan travel guide to Chicago and you also won’t want to miss the best vegan pizza spots in the Windy City either!

And, to appreciate one of the most beautiful cities in the US, make sure you hop on an architecture boat tour or rent a kayak for a unique perspective. 

#4 Miami

Looking for epic nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and a gluttonous amount of vegan food? Then look no further than Miami! Over 10 years ago I visited Miami and thought the diversity of vegan food was subpar. Fast forward to 2024, and the vegan food scene is red hot—other cities need to take note!

Whether you’re looking for chic dining (I mean, it’s Miami, everything is just a little chic) or artfully crafted French pastries (don’t miss L’Artisane), you’ll find it!  Before you book your spring break destination, be sure to check out my top 10 places for vegan and gluten-free food in Miami and guide to where to stay in Miami!

While the beach is a lovely place to relax, there is so much more to do and see in Miami! From the thought-provoking street murals that cover Wynwood to the plant-based vendors selling all sorts of food and wares at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market (it’s the only one of its kind in Miami)—you won’t get bored. 

#5 Austin

You won’t have time to learn the two-step with the massive amount of vegan food in Austin! The eclectic capital of Texas is a vegan oasis. You’ll find a vegan milkshake truck, authentic Birria tacos, vegan bakeries, and so much more — I was honestly surprised at the massive lineup of eats.

Aside from eating on the greenside, Austin also has a love affair with the outdoors. You can grab a kayak and paddle around Lady Bird Lake, cool off during the summer in Barton Springs, and hike or bike your heart out. It’s also home to the original Whole Foods, which on the surface doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it’s honestly like a mega mall — you can grab a fresh smoothie, giant burger, or even a glass of Pinot Noir while you shop! Don’t miss our full vegan travel guide to Austin or the best spots for vegan breakfast or brunch to plan your entire adventure!

#6 San Francisco

There is a little bit of everything packed into San Francisco’s seven-by-seven square miles – from iconic attractions to a world-class food scene. In between dodging Carl the Fog (did you realize they named the famous fog?) to snap pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll be delighted with breakfast bowls filled to the brim with fresh berries and coconut, crispy empanadas filled with sweet plantains, spicy Tofuna rolls, and so much more!

Check out this lineup of the 15 best vegan restaurants in San Francisco and this one for amazing vegan bakeries and sweets!

It won’t take long for you to realize why San Francisco has been nominated countless times as one of the best places to visit as a vegan.  In between all that eating, make sure you don’t miss the stunning city views from Twin Peaks and, if you have enough time, a trip to The Muir Woods National Monument to marvel at the sagacious Redwoods shouldn’t be missed!

#7 Los Angeles

No list of cities to visit for vegan food in the US is complete without mentioning LA. The sprawling metropolis is home to the chic glamour of Hollywood, diverse neighborhoods and culture, and a mega vegan food scene (it’s estimated that there are nearly 1,000 plant-based restaurants)! I know New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but LA is right on its heels. There is so much to do, see, and eat, that you have to plan ahead! 

Whether you’re in the mood for fancy vegan cuisine, mounds of sauce-covered pasta, or the greasy goodness of burgers and fries, LA has you covered. After getting your fill of vegan eats and celeb sightings make sure you plan some time to connect with a little nature (yes, even in LA!) and go for a hike at Los Liones or Runyon Canyon. Even if you only have one-day in LA, you’ve got to go!

Make sure you check out my guide to everything vegan in LA!

#8 Seattle

The laid-back, cool kid of the Pacific Northwest is not only one of the best places to enjoy a cup of joe, but also a thriving vegan food scene with plenty of outdoor activities (weather permitting), and a diversity of art and culture. Seattle has long been hailed as a foodie haven and that also includes a diversity of vegan options. Just about any decent restaurant that you visit in the city will have something to offer their veggie-fans and vegan ones have been known to please even the staunchest meat-eater!

If you’re in a hurry, dash into one of two vegan fast-food chains — Veggie Grill or Next Level Burger for quick eats, but for a really special treat you can’t miss The Harvest Beat’s 5-course dinner with wine pairing. No matter where you visit in The Emerald City you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to check out our full vegan travel guide to Seattle before you go!

#9 Portland

No list of vegan-friendly US cities is complete without mentioning Portland! The vibrant, bike-loving city has a funky vibe that is uniquely its own. It’s safe to say that there is nowhere quite like Portland. The Rose City, as it is affectionately known (locals don’t care for the Stumptown nickname), is the perfect place to support artsy independent shops, sip craft brews, and gorge yourself in its mega vegan food scene.

At last count, there were nearly 50 fully vegan restaurants in Portland — can you believe it?! Aside from all the vegan ones, just about any self-respecting restaurant will have a vegan option. You can start the day with a giant cream-filled donut at Doe Donuts, grab an artisanal pizza pie from Virtuous Pie, then try another treat at one of Portland’s vegan bakeries!

The vegan fun doesn’t end with food in Portland!

Make sure you don’t miss the only vegan market, Food Fight!, or get some vegan ink at Scape Goat Tattoo! This just scratches Portland’s vegan surface; for more fun check out the complete Portland vegan travel guide.

#10 Las Vegas

I was honestly didn’t expect Las Vegas to be vegan-friendly! The city once known primarily for its buffets and steakhouse culture has embraced the growing demand for vegan cuisine — hooray!

Many of the city’s fancy schmancy eateries now feature dedicated vegan menus, and even traditional restaurants are increasingly offering vegan alternatives. While you can find delicious options all over the city, you’ve really got to get off of The Strip to find some of the best gems. With creative plant-based chefs pushing culinary boundaries, you can find everything from sophisticated fine-dining to mouthwatering vegan fast food breakfast sandwiches!

Vegan City Wrap Up: More Vegan Travel Help

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