cup of vegan soft serve topped with dried raspberry dust and chocolate chips in london

9 Must-Try London Vegan Bakeries & Dessert Spots

Is there anything better than forkfuls of fluffy, rich chocolate cake or creamy ice cream covered in chunks of cookie dough and fudge? I don’t think so! 

Sometimes vegans get stuck with just one or two sweet treat options — no one wants a scoop of flavorless vanilla! Luckily, that’s far from the case in London (I think they outlawed pathetic dessert options there)!

London has ranked time and time again as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world for good reason. The city has many different vegan options to choose from and they go well beyond just food!  The next time you’re looking to reward your sweet tooth, you don’t want to miss these vegan bakeries and ice cream shops in London. 

The Best Vegan Bakeries & Ice Cream in London

You’ll find tons of vegan bakeries in London with every sweet treat under the sun from ice cream cookie dough sundaes to decadent donuts and flaky pastries! 


Ely’s Yard, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom (it’s also available in a few other spots throughout London)
Doesn’t it suck when you go into an ice cream shop and see a mountain of epic ice cream sundae creations to find out the only vegan option is sorbet with fruit? Well, there’s no chance of that happening at this vegan ice cream truck!

Their outrageously creamy vegan soft serve is made from a nut base, created into thick vegan milkshakes and sundaes, and swirled into sweet house-made waffle cones. Their genius creations rotate regularly and have included soft-serve fave flavors like matcha, coffee, and vanilla — go wild and top it with cookie dough, Biscoff cookies, fudge, and even donuts!

vegan soft serve ice cream in a cup topped with fudge, caramel and peanuts at dappa in london
Credit: DAPPA

Unit 33, Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E1 6GY, United Kingdom
Do you ever have trouble deciding between ice cream and cookies? What if you didn’t have to choose and could have both? That’s the glory of visiting this sweet shop! Start with one or two of their incredible house-made cookies — double chocolate, black forest gateau, and peanut butter, are just a few — then sandwich it between creamy vegan ice cream or in a sundae! If ice cream cookie sandwiches or sundaes aren’t really your thing, then check out their cookie dough sundaes or pots! You can enjoy their plant-based cookie dough creations straight up or mixed with sweet ice cream as a sundae or a milkshake!

a box of four vegan and gluten free chocolate cookies from the after school cookie club in london
Credit: The After School Cookie Club

#3 Ruby’s of London

11 Durnford St, London SE10 9BF, United Kingdom
Located inside the bustling Greenwich Market, this charming vegan bakeshop specializes in making your mouth water and jaw drop! If you’re trying to impress someone — come here! You’ll be delighted with countless rows of beautiful vegan pastries, cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and more. It will be hard to choose between donuts covered in pastel pink icing or little chocolate cakes topped with mini mounds of creams — perhaps the choice is to get both?

Credit: Ruby’s of London

#4 Arapina Bakery

8, Little Thames Walk, London SE8 3FB, United Kingdom
This vegan-friendly bakery isn’t too far from Ruby’s — I think you should plan a sweet adventure and hit both spots! Most of the bakeshop’s sweets are vegan, but they do offer a few savory vegetarian options; who cares about savory? We want sweet, right!? Their vegan lineup will knock your socks off — light and crispy macarons, luscious lemon and chocolate tarts, jammy-filled cookies, cupcakes, and more! In addition to the vegan treats, they also have many vegan and gluten-free options, like their raw triple chocolate and caramel brownie! It has my name all over it!

a slice of vegan chocolate cake with a dark chocolate and light chocolate layer and raw crust at arapina in london
Credit: Arapina

#5 Doughnut Time

Multiple locations throughout London
This vegan-friendly donut shop is well known for show-stopping donut creations that will put you in a sugar coma! If you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer your fluffy fried dough topped with sugary icing, you’re in luck, but once you see the other options, you will kick tradition to the curb!

If you love berry-filled options, check out the Gordon Jamsay filled with fruit jam, dipped in strawberry glaze, then rolled in cookie crumbs, and topped with buttercream and a traditional jammie dodger biscuit! For something sweeter, check out one of their cookie dough specialties like the Ice Ice Bae Bae, filled with vanilla buttercream, dipped in vanilla icing, and topped with chocolate chip cookie chunks, cookie dough, and a chocolate drizzle. 

a box of four vegan donuts topped with vanilla icing, chocolate icing, cookies, and cookie dough from doughnut time in london
Credit: Doughnut Time

#6 Crosstown Marylebone

5-6 Picton Pl, London W1U 1BL, United Kingdom
More vegan donuts? Heck ya! This vegan donut and sweet shop is right in the heart of London and steps from major shopping spots, Soho, and more — the perfect place to take a sweet treat break! They are well known for their irresistible lineup of amazing donuts like peanut butter and blackcurrant compote, Tongan vanilla glaze, dark chocolate truffle, and many seasonal favorites! If you have had your donut fill (is that actually possible?), check out their lineup of handmade ice creams, biscuits, and chocolate! The gorgeous chocolate bar creations make great gifts and pack well too! 

one vegan peanut butter and berry donut held with two hand above a donut box in london
Credit: Crosstown Marylebone

#7 Vida Bakery

139 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB, United Kingdom
Tucked amongst the eclectic shops on Brick Lane is this brightly colored vegan and gluten-free bakery (gluten-free friends, you’re getting spoiled in London)! You can sink your teeth into freshly baked brownies and plump cupcakes, but you can’t miss a slice of their beautiful rainbow cake — they say it’s the best in London! In addition to yummy cakes, they also have soft-serve ice cream with unlimited toppings — so go wild! One more bonus, if you live in the UK, they ship their cakes, cookie dough, and DIY baking kits!

a vegan rainbow cake slice on a colorful plate next to a vanilla ice cream cone that has been flipped on its head at vida bakery in london
Credit: Vida Bakery

#8 Floozie

Building Lower Ground, 15 The Mkt, London WC2E 8RE, United Kingdom
Calling all cookie fans! You haven’t had a cookie until you’ve experienced the joy of a Floozie cookie! These stuffed cookies are incredible — they’ve taken everyone’s favorite treat and loaded it with various drool-worthy creations. It’s hard to eat just one! For something special, don’t skip the black forest cookie, a fudge cookie stuffed with dark chocolate and sour cherry compote.

If you’re gluten-free, you don’t have to sit this stop out! Grab one of their delicious peanut butter and jam cookies! Your cookie visit isn’t complete without one of their signature Floozie Cremes or a creamy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows!

three boxes of six vegan stuffed cookies on a  pink background from floozie in london
Credit: Floozie

Special London Vegan-Friendly Bakery

#9 Café de Nata

25 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JN, United Kingdom
This Portuguese bakery caught my attention with its giant sign exclaiming its plant-based options — how could I not check it out? While other bakeshops specialize in various sweets, this spot focuses on creating the famous Portuguese custard tarts, Pastéis de Nata. These traditional tarts are far from vegan-friendly unless you come here! They’ve recently rolled out a vegan nata with a flaky buttery crust filled with creamy custard. 

three vegan custard tarts in front of two white boxes with green vegan stickers from cafe de nata in london
Credit: Café de Nata

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