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11 Delicious Spots for Vegan & Gluten-Free Food in London

Updated April 29, 2024

London is a vegan foodie paradise – you can indulge in Caribbean cuisine, light and airy crepes, velvety custard, and even a slew of fast-food options! But what if you’re gluten-free on top of being vegan? Are you stuck with just lettuce wraps and gluten-free cardboard bread?

Heck no!

Being vegan and gluten-free in London will not hold your taste buds back! You’ll find absolutely everything you could possibly want to eat.

One tip — London is ginormous, and these vegan and gluten-free friendly spots are all over the city, so do yourself a pre-trip favor and add them to your Google map before you go. Your feet will thank you!

Can’t Miss Spots for Vegan & Gluten-Free Food in London

#1 Mildred’s

Multiple locations throughout London
Vegan restaurant with a very allergen-friendly menu
Well before vegetarianism was hip, let alone veganism, Mildred’s was shaking up London’s food scene. In the late 80s, the first Mildred’s opened in Soho, breaking the stereotype that vegetarian cuisine was a plate of twigs and berries.

Fast forward to today, they have five locations throughout London, serving an entirely vegan and gluten-free friendly menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! With one scroll through their gorgeous veggie-forward feed, you’ll want to eat every meal here.

One fantastic bonus for diners is that their online menu will sort through various allergens, not just gluten, ensuring a safe dining experience! Whether it’s a Mexican-inspired feast for breakfast or a bowl of Kiri Hodi (Sri Lakan coconut curry with sweet potato, green beans, carrots, basmati, and mint chutney), you won’t be disappointed! 

#2 Mallow

1 Cathedral St, London SE1 9DE, United Kingdom
Vegan restaurant with gluten-free options
Tucked into the heart of Borough Market is this chic plant-based spot — right from the street, it will grab your attention with its gorgeous blue accents and greenery-draped entrance. The menu focuses on local and sustainable ingredients and aspires to waste as little as possible.

The colorful veggie-forward menu features English favorites like a full English breakfast and internationally-inspired dishes. Just like Mildred’s, their online menu allows you to sort for allergens before you go (the same people own them). Whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, all the dishes are gorgeous.

While I would generally say don’t skip this or that, I have a hard time here! I think you should try everything! Luckily their lunch and dinner menus feature small and large plates allowing you to choose a few things or go big!

#3 Vurger Co.

Two locations — Shoreditch and Canary Wharf
Vegan fast-food restaurant with an almost entirely gluten-free menu
Vegan fast food always looks so delicious but is rarely gluten-free friendly! If you’ve got a hankering for greasy fries and a giant loaded burger dripping with sweet BBQ sauce, then you’re in luck at the Vurger Co. Almost everything on their menu is gluten-free or can be made gluten-free — can you believe that!?

Whether you’re in the mood for a crispy fried Hunny Chick’n, pulled BBQ pork Sammy loaded with onion straws, or a traditional melty cheeseburger, you can have it all and more here! Deciding what to get is difficult. If you’re a traditionalist, go for the cheeseburger with their 50/50 fries (regular and sweet potato); for something a little different, go for my fave, the BBQ pork – the house-made sausage patty with smoked gouda, onion straws, and BBQ baconnaise is a home run!

#4 Plants by De

18 Weighhouse St, London W1K 5LU
Vegan restaurant with a very gluten-free friendly menu
Before you wander into this charming, modern café, you’ll probably recognize the name from countless snacks on supermarket shelves throughout the UK. One woman started the brand as a recipe blog, which evolved into a healthy vegan eating empire!

The plant-based menu is super gluten-free friendly; most dishes, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, can be made gluten-free! At breakfast, there is no better way to start the day (especially if it’s chilly) than with a bowl of comforting almond butter porridge with sweet fruit compote.

If you’re fancying something a bit healthier, this is a great spot to get a good dose of veggies for lunch or dinner, but you may want to finish with something sweet once you see the dessert menu.

#5 Cookies & Scream

5 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4TP
100% vegan and gluten-free bakery
Have you ever had a vegan and gluten-free cake and thought, oh no, where’s the trash? Well, that’s the absolute last thing you’ll be thinking here! This Halloween meets retro vegan bakery in London is baking up gluten-free magic — if you show up and the dessert case is a little empty, it’s because it’s just that good (so go early).

Deciding what to get here is hard; bring a friend so you can share (pick me)! If you’re looking for suggestions, I am a little obsessed with their chocolate sponge cake with cream and jam. Holy smokes, this cake is so decadent; it’s the richest mix of Oreo meets cake and is perfect with a scoop of ice cream and coffee. Their deep-dish peanut butter pie is also supposed to be out of this world – get a slice and let me know!

#6 Farmacy

74-76 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH
Vegan restaurant with a very gluten-free friendly menu
From the name, you can probably guess that they feel strongly about using food as medicine — you’ll only find the freshest, organic ingredients here! This boho chic restaurant is always buzzing with a steady stream of people looking to enjoy their seasonal and local plant-based fare.

The dishes are prepared with produce and ingredients grown on their farm in Kent, just an hour from London. If you’ve been feeling a little blah from all of the heavy vegan indulgences that London offers, come here to get a solid dose of veggies and get back on track.

Many of their dishes are gluten-free, and their menu is well marked for other allergens. Go full-on veggie with a hearty Caesar salad, get a good dose of healthy carbs with their house-made gluten-free chickpea falafel waffle, or go for the rainbow with a bowl of savory Pad Thai with rice noodles, roasted tofu, and an abundance of fresh veggies.

#7 Plant Club

49 Green Lanes, Newington Green, London N16 9BU
100% vegan and gluten-free Italian restaurant
After just a few months in this temporary pop-up space, this fantastic vegan and gluten-free Italian spot in London is changing people’s minds about gluten-free pasta and pizza!

The eatery was formerly in Hackney, but the pandemic forced it to relocate and rebuild. The menu is a dream for those who are vegan, gluten-free, and love Italian carbs! Dive into bowls of fresh pasta covered in house-made sauces, indulge in light and chewy gourmet pizza pies, or even enjoy fluffy focaccia! Although this spot is a bit outside central London, it is worth the trek!

#8 Holy Carrot

2-4 Hans Cres, London SW1X 0LH
Vegan restaurant with an almost entirely gluten-free menu
Over on the posh side of town is this spot with one of the most gorgeous lineups of vegan and gluten-free food in London. Although the waitstaff is dressed in t-shirts, I couldn’t help but feel slightly underdressed in my cheetah print tennis shoes in this gorgeous space with quartz tables and clouds of hanging dried flowers — it’s definitely special.

The menu, right down to the desserts, is almost all gluten-free and free from additives and refined sugar! You can find a mix of delicious healthy raw dishes to larger and more comforting burgers or buffalo wings, but, although those sound like cheat meals, they all have a unique veggie spin – no fake meats here.

If you’re feeling hungry, don’t miss the Sexy Tofu — the savory glazed tofu on top of a bed of creamy peanut sauce made with eggplant and red pepper— a fantastic mix of flavor and texture. 

Unit 33, Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E1 6GY
100% vegan and gluten-free ice cream and sweets
It was dumb luck that I stumbled past this fantastic ice cream meets cookie spot down in Shoreditch! I did a double take on the menu — could it really be that all of the cookies, cookie dough, and ice cream were vegan and gluten-free? OMG — I need one of each!

The unique ice cream and cookie dough ice cream sundaes are an indulgence we all need! Their soft-serve ice cream is from the delicious vegan pop-up DAPA, and all their cookie dough and cookies are house-made. You can load your cookie dough up with toppings and ice cream, go more traditional and make an ice cream cookie sandwich, or make a mixture of the three! 

#10 La Fauxmagier

20 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH
The only vegan cheese shop and tasting room in London
Who says vegans can’t have creamy wheels of brie, enjoy the intense flavors of blue cheese, or melt away with the creamiest goat cheese? Step inside this small vegan cheese heaven, and you can experience these and more!

La Fauxmagie is whipping up traditional favorites along with unique and spicy cheese blends, but the best way to sample your heart out is to slip down into their cellar for a special cheese and wine tasting. The small dining space only seats a handful of tables, so make sure you make reservations.

The tasting menu features traditional goat and smoked cheese flavors to vampire-fighting Ricotta with garlic oil. The cheeses are paired with a selection of vegan wines, but if alcohol isn’t your thing, they also offer non-alcoholic options. All the cheeses are gluten-free, and you can request the most delicious, light, and airy gluten-free bread to go along with it!

#11 Purezza

45-47 Parkway, London NW1 7PN
Vegan pizzeria with the best gluten-free crust on the planet
Finding a decent vegan and gluten-free pizza isn’t easy, but finding one that knocks your socks off is like looking for a pop of gold at the end of the rainbow! Well, there might not be any gold here, but I promise your taste buds will think this is better. I had heard that Purezza was the place to go for plant-based creations, but I figured, could it really be that good?

I’ll cut to the chase, it is that good, and the gluten-free crust will knock your socks off. Are you sure this is gluten-free? I loved it so much that I wanted to find a way to sneak a pizza pie on the plane! Whether you’re looking for traditional melty cheese on sweet marinara or want to go all out with a Carbonara creation, you can here!

And, if pizza isn’t your thing by some odd chance, they also have house-made gluten-free pasta and salad (but seriously, don’t miss the pizza!).

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