7 Best Spots for Vegan Chinese Food in London

I feel like vegan Chinese food (more than just a dish or two) is one of those things that you don’t find loads of. I mean, there’s always veggie chow mein, but I’m talking about finding fully vegan (or even vegetarian) Chinese restaurants with innovative menus full of traditional spins!

Luckily, it’s pretty darn easy if you’re in London. I think I’ve found almost every type of vegan cuisine in London, including Chinese food! There’s definitely a good reason why London is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.

From traditional favorites to modern interpretations, you’ll find everything from tofu with black bean sauce to crispy mock duck and sweet and stir-fried veggie prawns! So, get ready to find all of the best vegan Chinese food in London at one of these restaurants.

Vegan & Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants in London

#1 Tofu Vegan

Multiple locations throughout London (Islington, Spitalfields, & Golders Green)
These casual spots are peppered throughout London, which makes planning a visit easy! If you’re doing a lot of sightseeing, the Spitalfields location is probably the most convenient, and it’s also not too far from a few other vegan spots, including the vegan sweet spots, DAPPA, and Vida Bakery (you might want a treat afterward)!

The menu is inspired by their chefs who are from Sichuan, the Cantonese south of China, and the northeastern Dongbei region, so you’re in for a regional adventure of flavors! Mushroom lovers will be excited to see that there are quite a few unique dishes featuring shrooms, such as spicy hand-shredded king oysters and fried tofu and mushroom balls with special sauce. In addition to those, you’ll find Peking D’ck (duck), steamed spicy dumplings, Dongbei sweet potato noodles with spicy sesame sauce, and more!

a large round white bowl filled with an orange broth and small vegan gyoza at tofu vegan in london
Credit: Tofu Vegan

#2 Zen Buddha

236 Station Rd, Edgware HA8 7AU, United Kingdom
This spot is a little outside the heart of London, but it is absolutely worth the drive or ride on the Tube (you can also order delivery and bypass all that, too)! The menu is massive, and so are the portions. As you’re scanning it, keep that in mind, or maybe you want leftovers for the week? Not a bad idea!

Zen Buddha hopes to be a beacon of light with its dishes for those looking to follow a more compassionate way of life. Everything on the menu is vegan, and many things can be made without onion or garlic. As I mentioned, the menu is massive! If it’s your first visit, I suggest checking out some of their unique fish-free seafood specialties made with veggie prawns and shrimp.

A few favorites include spicy Szechuan veggie fish and cashew nut veggie prawns.

#3 Veggie Wok

Unit C, 1st Floor, F25, 399 Edgware Rd, London NW9 0FH, United Kingdom
Not far from Zen Buddha is this colorful, fast-casual vegetarian Indo-Chinese spot. It’s actually located inside the Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall, so if you’re dining with a group that can’t decide what they want to eat, this might be a great option! On an interesting note, the owner of Veggie Wok left his banking career behind to start the restaurant (and spread veggie vibes — well, at least, I hope so)!

The menu is a “make your own” bowl concept—you start with a rice or noodle base, then add sauce, protein, and veggies. If you’re not really a fan of coming up with your own concoction, no worries! They already have pre-created options, like chili mock duck and sweet and sour chick’n. They also have a handful of Chinese and globally-inspired sides that you might want to add to the order.

Another bonus: the menu is well-marked for gluten, nuts, and sesame.

a large white bowl filled with a mound of white rice, spicy tofu and fresh veggies at veggie wok in london
Credit: Veggie Wok

#4 Facing Heaven

1a Bayford St, London E8 3SE, United Kingdom
At first glance, the fluorescent lights and bright yellow tables made me wonder if this was really a Chinese spot. But, the funky, retro vibe actually blends perfectly with its creative, fire-powered Sichuanese cuisine.

Before you rush to make a reservation, their website does warn that if you have a gluten, soy, sesame, or peanut allergy, you need to find somewhere else to dine — a definite bummer but good to know ahead of time. For the rest of you, you should have at least a slight love of heat to dine here — chili is used in just about everything. Nothing is low on flavor or spice, from the dusted tofu skin with fermented soy and scallion sauce to crispy Chongqing cauliflower and Dan Dan noodles!

Good to know: this isn’t a great place to go if you’re gluten, soy, sesame, or peanut-free

a large spread of small vegan chinese dishes spread across a bright yellow table at facing heaven in london
Credit: Facing Heaven

Vegan-Friendly Chinese Restaurants in London

#5 Dragon Inn Club

16-18 Upper Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London SW1V 1SH, United Kingdom
This vegan-friendly spot declares that it’s the first Sichuan restaurant in London to offer vegan hot pot! The slightly elevated spot has a full vegan hot pot menu, but it’s only available to two people. If you’re dining solo, you’re out of luck — sorry!

For those unfamiliar with hot pot, you start with a soup base like the Sichuan spicy or clear soup with red dates and goji berries; from there, you add veggies, tofu, sweet potato noodles, mushrooms, sauce, and so much more. The fun of hot pot is that you can be as creative as you want! They also have a Sichuan a la carte menu with a few more vegan options, like crispy tofu with chili and garlic sea-spice aubergine.

One note: the “V” on their menu denotes vegetarian, so clarify which ones are vegan.

#6 Tao Tao Ju – Chinese Restaurant

15 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE, United Kingdom
Right in the heart of London’s Chinatown is this vegan-friendly spot that prides itself on its fresh-to-order Dim Sum. They offer a vegan set menu and an a la carte menu, giving you many options! The set menu is for at least two people and includes six different dishes, such as dumplings, crispy mushrooms, salt and pepper tofu, and more.

The set menu is great if you’re indecisive, but the a la carte menu is for you if you’d rather choose or are starving. The extensive menu includes Dim Sum, soup, tofu dishes, noodles, and much more.

#7 Imperial China London

25a White Bear Yard, Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA, United Kingdom
One more vegan-friendly Dim Sum spot (also in Chinatown) with a focus on Cantonese cuisine. Unlike the other two spots, Imperial China doesn’t have a separate vegan/vegetarian menu (whomp, whomp), but it does have multiple vegetarian sections on its main menu with plenty of vegan options. Since it’s not marked, you do have to ask which are vegan. They have plenty of traditional veggie-focused dishes as well as some mock meats, which are fun to try!  

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