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10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Brighton, England (w/Gluten-Free Options)

Updated March 3, 2024

Brighton is no stranger to the vegan food scene.

This eclectic, environmentally-savvy seaside town in the UK is a serious vegan food haven. There aren’t too many places in the world where you can walk in just about anywhere and find a vegan option, and seriously, I mean anywhere! The Cornish Pastry shop? Yep, they’ve vegan options! Fast food? Yep, they actually have more than one option, and it’s not a garden salad!

Brighton is hands down one of my favorite vegan-friendly towns, but for those of us who are gluten-free and vegan, vegan-friendly doesn’t always mean the same thing. 

Luckily, in Brighton, you won’t be missing out!

There are loads of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants with gluten-free options. They may also have separate areas to prepare the food in case you’re Celiac (for the record, I am not Celiac, just sensitive, so my experience could be different from yours).  

The next time you’re in Brighton, make sure you don’t skip past these 10 vegan restaurants — you’ll find everything from fluffy pancakes to sophisticated dining! 

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10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Brighton & Hove

#1 Happy Maki

23 Sydney St, Brighton BN1 4EN
Highlight: Everything on the menu is vegan & gluten-free, with many raw options.
Born from a love of the environment, specifically the ocean, this vegan and gluten-free fish-free sushi spot is reinventing what it means to be socially and environmentally conscious.

To start, the restaurant is a non-profit, so the prices on the menu reflect the costs required to create the dish, from staffing to keeping the lights on. You can pay the going rate or give a little extra or a little less if you don’t have the cash. If you give a little more, that money is donated to a charity partner.

The creative menu takes a fun spin on traditional sushi fare. Instead of rolls, grab a sushi burrito loaded with crispy veggie duck, onion, red pepper, avocado, cucumber, sesame, and hoisin sauce, or deconstruct many favorite sushi ingredients into a sushi or poke bowl.

Two thumbs way up for the Mango Satay Chick bowl — the mix of sweet mango with salty peanuts is absolutely addictive. 

vegan gluten free sushi bowl with chick'n satay, edamame, carrots, cabbage, rice, and peanut sauce at happy maki in brighton

#2 Purezza

12 St James’s St, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1RE
Highlight: Vegan pizzeria with gluten-free pizza and pasta options
Ok, pizza fans, if you can only go to one place for a slice of cheesy ‘za, then you must go here! These aren’t ordinary vegan pizza pies — these creative creations are topped with crispy pancetta, smokey ‘shrooms, house-made pesto, truffles, and so much more. And, I buried the best part!

Their vegan and gluten-free pizzas are out of this world. I’m not kidding when I say this was the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had — the crust was chewy and bubbly — it even looked like a normal pizza!

For a super comforting and filling pizza, go for the Carbonara topped with molten cheese, house-made egg, and pancetta and finished with a parmesan crumb. Their epic pizzas are made with house-made dough, cheese, and ingredients. No corners are cut at this fantastic vegan pizzeria. If by chance, pizza isn’t your jam, they also have gluten-free pasta and other small plates.

#3 No Catch

127a Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2FA
Highlight: Vegan fish & chips shop with multiple gluten-free fish options and sides.
Ditching straws isn’t going to save the fish, but not eating them will, and No Catch can help! The first and only vegan fish and chips shop has a delicious lineup of fish-free creations that will tantalize your taste buds while not making the oceans sad.

Their menu features smoked Haddock, Tofish bites, and even mushy peas. Many fish-free options like the Haddock, Saveloy, and Tofish can be made gluten-free, and all sides except the Chip Shop Gravy are gluten-free too!

Don’t skip the smoked Haddock; I was impressed with the deep smokey flavor coupled with the crisp battered outside — a dip in their house-made tartar sauce made it a home run!

#4 Nowhere Man

53 Upper N St, Brighton BN1 3FH
Highlight: breakfast spot that specializes in vegan and gluten-free friendly pancakes.
This laid-back café has full-on coffee house vibes with its mix of eclectic furniture inviting you to come in and take a load off, but first, you better order a giant stack of pancakes.

Their vegan and gluten-free pancake lineup includes fluffy cakes topped with sweet blueberry compote, but if you’re starving, go for the All-American vegan breakfast! It’s three fluffy vegan and gluten-free pancakes, bacon, tofu eggs, blueberry compote, and whipped cream! Now, can you think of a better way to start the day?

plate of vegan gluten free pancakes topped with blueberry compote with a coffee mug behind it at nowhere man in brighton

#5 Terre à Terre

71 East St, Brighton BN1 1HQ
Highlight: A vegetarian restaurant that is very vegan and gluten-free friendly.
This vegetarian hot spot has been pushing the veggie propaganda in Brighton long before the days of delicious and melty vegan cheeses! The menu at this modern restaurant focuses on tantalizing tastebuds with various textures and flavors — deep-fried corn cakes with avocado cream and BBQ corn ribs or wasabi-crusted cashews, just to name a couple.

Most of the items on the menu are vegan, with many gluten-free options. One of the best ways to experience their creativity and flavors is to order the Terre à Tapas, a selection of small plates to be shared — this way, you don’t miss out on one delicious bite! 

vegan gluten free tofu dish on a white plate in front of fried corn cakes on a wood table at terra terre in brighton

#6 The Roundhill Pub

100 Ditchling Rd, Brighton BN1 4SG
Highlight: A vegan pub that’s very gluten-free friendly. 
When you ask Brightonians about their favorite vegan spot in the city, nine times out of 10, Roundhill will come up, and after one bite, you will know why! While their elevated pub fare is nothing short of fantastic, locals love their Sunday roast menu the most.

The special Sunday menu is iconic in British culture, but far from vegan or gluten-free friendly, that is, unless you come here! Guests can choose from multiple main beef-less entrees with a gluten-free nut roast as an option, but it doesn’t end with the roast. The main dish also comes with a rich assortment of sides — Yorkshire pudding, root vegetable mash, herb potatoes, broccoli, and more. I think it’s safe to say that you should come really hungry!

If by some fantastic chance you’re able to save a little room for dessert, you’ll want to check out their mouthwatering house-made dessert options — the apple and fig crumble has my name all over it! 

white plate filled with vegan gluten free sunday nut roast, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, broccoli, root mash and gravy at roundhill in brighton

#7 Wolfox Avenue

Multiple locations throughout Brighton – Wolfox Chapters, Health Club, & The Six have similar menus.
Highlight: Vegan and gluten-free friendly café – their brunch/breakfast has the best options.
Whether you’re looking for a coffee on the run or want to relax in their wonderfully lush green setting with a fresh acai bowl or stack of pancakes, you can! With multiple locations throughout Brighton, you can quickly get your day started on a healthy, vegan, and gluten-free note!

Their vegan and gluten-free menu covers all the breakfast and lunch bases. You can start light with overnight oatmeal, fuel your day with a  stack of pancakes topped with fresh berries and orange cream (my choice) or go for the whole field (as they might put it) with crushed peas, avocado, wild mushrooms, new potatoes, cherry tomato, hummus, Panisse, and gluten-free toast!

If you fancy a sweet treat, they also have a rotating lineup of vegan and gluten-free sweets — I highly recommend the peanut butter brownie!

vegan gluten free pancakes in a shallow bowl topped with berries and flower with a glass of iced coffee behind it at wolfox avenue in brighton

#8 Food for Friends

17-18 Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HF
Highlight: Vegetarian restaurant that is very vegan and gluten-free friendly.
A long-standing favorite and even award-winning vegetarian restaurant right in the winding streets of the famous Lanes.

The menu features inventive and seasonal cuisine in a sophisticated setting — a lovely spot for a special night on the town, but make sure you make reservations. The globally-inspired lineup of dishes features veggie-forward options that are both very vegan and gluten-free friendly.

Enjoy rich and spicy flavors with their Mapo Tofu, or get creative with a Vietnamese fish filet served on glass noodles with refreshing lemongrass and lime. Everything is well marked on their menu, so there are no worries about second guessing if something is safe!

bowl of vegan mapo tofu with spiralized cucumber on top at food for friends in brighton

#9 Botanique 

31a Western Rd, Hove BN3 1AF
Highlight: A vegan restaurant that is almost entirely gluten-free.
This naturally chic vegan restaurant serves laid-back California garden vibes — light wood tables, wicker lighting, and no shortage of greenery a gorgeous —spot to enjoy brunch (on the weekends), lunch, or dinner!

The menu is centered on local and seasonal ingredients and finding ways to use the entire vegetable from “root to tip!” The inventive menu is created in partnership with local farmers to ensure seasonality, and the right veggies are used for certain dishes to enjoy their full flavor. The best way to dine here is by exploring their small plates and choosing a few different options for a varied experience.

And, make sure you don’t forget to pair it with one of the handpicked natural and organic wines. 

#10 Kusaki

5-6 Circus Parade, New England Rd, Brighton BN1 4GW
Highlight: Vegan Japanese restaurant that is almost entirely gluten-free
The gorgeous Zen-like atmosphere will put you at ease, while the stunning Japanese fare will provide endless delight! What a terrific dining combination! The vegan menu is almost entirely gluten-free. There are a few items marked CG (contains gluten) and GFO (gluten-free option) — making this an ideal restaurant in Brighton for a vegan and gluten-free dinner or lunch (only available Friday-Sunday)!

The possibilities here are a bit overwhelming — there are just so many things you will want to try (trust me)! The best way to navigate the menu is to order one of everything (kidding)! But seriously, the best way is to order a selection of items if you’re with a group and share.

If you’re solo, like me, order 2-3 small plates, including sushi, to give you a variety of flavors. If you’re still unsure where to start, you can’t go wrong with their crispy Dashi tofu in their sweet house-made Dashi sauce with pickled veggies.

Vegan Bakery in Brighton with Gluten-Free Options

You will come across a handful of places that have a few options for vegan and gluten-free treats but for some seriously fudgy brownie options; you need to check out this spot.

Cielo Cakery

36 Church St, Brighton BN1 1RL
This bakery has a fantastic selection of vegan cupcakes, cake jars, and brownies and always has a few vegan and gluten-free options. You can’t miss the cookie dough brownie; it’s irresistibly fudgy! Even the most discerning taste buds wouldn’t think it’s gluten-free!

vegan gluten free chocolate brownie topped with cookie dough in front of a colorful heart mural at cielo cakery in brighton

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