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Vegan Mexican Food in NYC: 7 Spots for Tacos, Burritos & More

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never turn down a massive order of cashew queso-covered nachos or spicy buffalo cauliflower tacos. Honestly, I don’t think there’s another cuisine that knows how to pack colossal flavor and fun together in one! No one gathers around a bowl of noodles like they do nachos, right?

And if you’re in NYC, you’re in for a Mexican vegan food feast!

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting NYC countless times, and there are a couple of spots I must visit each time — no matter how many times I’ve gone, it never gets old. No matter if you’re exploring the trendy streets of Manhattan or the eclectic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, you’ll find a diverse array of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries that beckon food enthusiasts with their creative interpretations of traditional Mexican dishes.

So, get ready to savor everything from jackfruit tacos bursting with tangy salsa verde to hearty bowls of plant-based pozole in NYC!

Where to Find Vegan Mexican Food in NYC (Vegan Restaurants)

#1 Jajaja Mexicana

Locations in NYC & Brooklyn
I love these colorful, plant-pushing Mexican eateries! When I first got a chance to dine here, there were only one or two locations in NYC; now, there are five in NYC and even one in Florida — it shows just how fabulous their food is! In addition to super creative dishes, each location is beautifully designed with a mix of natural textures and vibrant colors (the one in Hudson Yards errs on the more modern side)— it’s a treat for the taste buds and the eyes.

Each location has its own menu, but with a quick glance, they all look pretty similar. If you’re looking for something specific, check before you go! For starters, you can’t skip an order of their giant nachos covered in house-made chorizo, guac, habanero queso, and tangy salsa verde! After that, you’ve got an enormous number of tacos to check out (jackfruit carnitas are always a good choice), veggie-packed bowls, enchiladas covered in smoky mole, giant burritos, and more!

Good to know: This is also one of the best spots in NYC for vegan brunch!

#2 Bar Verde

65 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003
Gluten-free (and Celiac) friends, this Mexican spot has your name all over it! This green spot not only ditched animal products, it also kicked gluten to the curb (they also have nut and soy-free options) — hooray! The menu features a mix of colorful dishes that highlight a delicious blend of Mexican and Latin American flavors.

Meaty mushrooms play a central role in many of their dishes, from their tangy ceviche to crispy maitake tempura tacos with an irresistible cashew lime crema! I know not everyone loves mushrooms (I’ll never understand why), so don’t worry; there are plenty of other mushroom-free dishes from over ten kinds of tacos, Huitlacoche Flautas, cauliflower enchiladas, and more. Make sure you save room for an order of churros and chocolate!

Good to know: The kitchen is fully gluten-free! Gluten-free friends can enjoy absolutely everything on the menu!

vegan enchiladas covered in a green mole sauce with a queso drizzle on a white plate at bar verde in nyc
Credit: Bar Verde

#3 Siete

37 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011
This sleek spot is the brainchild of Chef Guy Vaknin who’s responsible for some of my other favorite NYC vegan restaurants like Beyond Sushi, Coletta, and Willow. Given that track record, you know you’re in for a treat here!

The menu celebrates traditional Mexican cuisine and flavors with innovative vegan twists! You’ll find carne asada made with Chunk Foods grilled veggie steak with fresh tomatillo salsa, a 20-ingrediant mole covered chick’n, slow braised Birria tacos, and so much more. No matter what you choose, make sure that you save room for a slice of their house-made tres leches cake!

a white plate with two slow braised vegan birria tacos next to a red consume sauce at siete in nyc
Credit: Siete

Vegan-Friendly Mexican Restaurants in NYC

You can rest assured that these spots have full vegan menus or quite a few options. There are plenty of places in NYC where you can order a plain bean burrito or tacos, but in this day and age, I don’t think that’s enough to be vegan-friendly, especially when you have spots like these that are really making vegan Mexican food special.

#3 Mamasita Bar & Grill

 818 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019
If you’re in the school of thought that an order of tacos isn’t complete without a margarita, well, Mamasita is your place! I am willing to go out on a limb and say that this spot must have the most extensive margarita menu in NYC, and its home to the original 60 oz Fiesta Bowl margarita — I have a brain freeze just thinking about it. No matter if you’re going for a baby margarita or killer, you might have a hard time deciding on a flavor — there are over 25 flavor options, and you can combine them!

Once you figure that out, you’ll want to grab their vegan/vegetarian menu for something delicious to eat. After all the margarita talk, it may come as a surprise that on the food side, they focus on making healthier Mexican cuisine packed with plenty of veggies. Almost all of the dishes on the veggie menu can be made vegan, from sizzling veggie fajitas to stuffed spicy bean burritos.

#4 Seeyamañana

49 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
You might not just see me here, mañana, but also pasado mañana (the day after tomorrow)! When I say this spot is vegan-friendly, it truly is; for almost every animal-based option, there’s a veggie-based option! To kick off the meal, you can’t go wrong with an order of crispy roasted cauliflower empanadas with a smokey Oaxacan mole (they’re also gluten-free); after that, the decision gets tough. You could try vegan chorizo enchiladas, charred Brussel sprout tostada, taquitos, and more!

Cocktail lovers will want to check out their agave-forward highball drinks — these are anything but ordinary. For a unique flavor mix, try the prickly pear (cactus flower-infused Blanco tequila, mezcal, select apertivo, sweet vermouth, ruby red grapefruit, lime, topo chico) or for something a little sweet, the coconut (oat-infused mezcal, overproof rum, coconut husk, toasted cashew, lemon, topo chico).

multiple plates and a pink drink spread across a wood table with the focus on a vegan brussel sprout tostada in the middle on a white plate at seeyamanana in nyc
Credit: Seeyamañana

#5 Lupe’s East L.A. Kitchen

110 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013
As I scanned their menu, I almost clicked back, but one more scroll finally landed me on their vegan menu! This casual spot has a great mix of traditional dishes you’d expect to find, along with a few creative ones that I haven’t found at other vegan or vegan-friendly spots.

For something unique, check out the vegan cazuelitas, little fried corn cakes filled with chili verde and back beans, then topped with vegan cheese and salsa — super yum! On the traditional front, you’ll find delicious tamales filled with veggies, spinach and cheese quesadillas, chili verde stuffed burritos, and more.

#6 Mictlan México

17 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
Right down the street from other vegan behemoths (Urban Dessert Lab & Orchard Grocer) is this vegan-friendly Mexican spot — maybe their veggie-pushing neighbors brushed off on them! From the colorful papel picado hanging from the ceiling to the fresh flavors, your senses are in for a treat!

Their vegan menu is filled with so many great options — seitan fajitas, al pastor tacos (seitan), enchiladas, and more. One thing you’ve got to order is their elote vegano — a delicious street corn made with a creamy mayo-based sauce and covered in a tangy lime tajin. It’s a memorable mix of textures and flavors that you can’t find (vegan) everywhere!

Your Might Be Curious: What’s the Difference Between Tex-Mex & Mexican Food?

Mexican and Tex-Mex are often used interchangeably, but they’re different. Mexican cuisine, rooted in indigenous, Spanish, and other influences, emphasizes fresh ingredients like corn, beans, tomatoes, and chili peppers. It features a diverse range of dishes with regional variations, showcasing a balance of spicy, sweet, sour, and savory flavors.

In contrast, Tex-Mex cuisine emerged along the Texas-Mexico border, blending Mexican and American culinary influences. It often incorporates processed ingredients such as yellow cheese, canned beans, and flour tortillas, resulting in bolder and heartier flavors. Tex-Mex dishes like chili con carne, nachos, and fajitas tend to be more indulgent and simplified versions of Mexican classics, catering to American tastes with their emphasis on cheese, meat, and spice.

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