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7 Creative NYC Vegan Sushi Spots You’ve Got to Try

Updated January 11, 2024

NYC is known for diverse cuisine, from iconic NY-Style cheesecake to fish-free Maki rolls topped with orange seaweed caviar. Sushi, even the vegan versions, is ubiquitous in NYC. You can find simple cucumber avocado rolls in major grocery chains to pick up on the go or glam up for a sophisticated night out while enjoying colorful rolls filled with ahi watermelon and salty mushroom bacon. 

The options and creativity are truly endless.

So, if you’re in NYC and pining for something traditional or over the top, you can’t miss what these creative sushi chefs are slinging — you won’t be disappointed.  

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NYC Vegan Sushi Spots with a Fully Fish-Free Experience

Whether you’re a die-hard sushi lover or a newbie to the sushi scene, you won’t be disappointed by what these vegan restaurants have to offer. On top of being fully plant-based, many are very gluten-free friendly too!

#1 Beyond Sushi

Multiple locations throughout NYC
The options at this NYC vegan sushi spot are as delicious as they are stunning — you’ll absolutely want to take a million pictures for the ‘Gram. The husband-and-wife team behind the restaurant set out to reimagine and veganize traditional sushi with globally-inspired flavors and some unconventional ingredients.

For first-time visitors, you should start with one of their special rolls, like the colorful rainbow roll with fish-free tuna and salmon or the savory veggie-packed Smoky Dragon. In addition to sushi, their menu includes plump Impossible beef-filled dumplings, crispy spring rolls, fried chick’n bao, and much more! It’s best to come here with a group so you can share and enjoy multiple dishes. 

#2 Omakaseed

1204 Broadway, New York, NY 10001
If you’re looking for a unique Japanese -inspired experience, this might be it! This exclusive spot features an eight-seat sushi bar (make your reservations early) and offers five seatings Wednesday-Saturday.

The dining experience includes 15 courses that are somehow finished in one hour for $65. The menu rotates regularly to include seasonal and local produce but consists of various maki, nigiri, and handrolls. The meal is wrapped up with a sweet Japanese-inspired treat like melon with whipped cashew ricotta and nori.

black round plate with one piece of vegan salmon nigiri sushi at omakaseed in NYC
Credit: Omakaseed

#3 PLANTA Queen

15 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
Remember how I mentioned a chic date night spot in the beginning? Well, in my opinion, PLANTA is the best place to go for it! Saddle up to the gorgeous bar or slide into one of the high-back booths with your sweetie and dive into an endless selection of creative sushi. You’ll want to order a few things to share, and deciding will be tough!

You can’t go wrong with their spicy baked crab roll (hearts of palm with spicy mayo and ponzu) or a creative spicy tuna roll (ahi watermelon, avocado, and toasted coconut). 

two trays of vegan sushi rolls on a granite counter topped with avocado slices and red sauce at planta in nyc
Credit: PLANTA Queen

#4 Franchia Vegan Café 

12 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016
Between sightseeing activities, you will want to take a break and refuel at this lovely Midtown Asian spot. Their menu is extensive — so come hungry, very hungry! The sushi lineup covers a wide range of flavors and spices, from the Rainbow Roll, made with BBQ soy meat, crispy shrimp, and spicy tuna, to a little more mellow Dragon Roll with fish fillet, avocado, and cucumber in a crispy tempura.

If, for some strange reason, you’re not in love with all of their sushi options or want something to go along with it, they’ve got Bibimbap, spicy Korean hot pot, noodles, and so much more. You might want to come here more than once — there are just too many delectable things to eat!

giant spread of vegan asian dishes on a wood table at franchia vegan cafe in nyc
Credit: Franchia Vegan Café

Vegan-Friendly Sushi Spots in NYC

Honestly, you can find a handful of veggie rolls on just about any sushi menu in NYC, but these spots have gone above basic to delight their vegan diners. 

#5 Oyamada

31 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003
Japanese actress turned sushi maker is turning heads with her inventive take on traditional Japanese fare. Her array of options is very vegan-friendly and features a variety of Onigiri (rice balls stuffed with savory fillings) and a mix of unique rolls. You have to try the vegan curry sushi roll and vegan hot dog roll — what a crazy combo, right?!

Currently, Oyamada operates as a ghost kitchen, so you can order ahead and pick up at their location in the Flatiron Building or find their delicious fare in a few NYC and Brooklyn shops. 

five separate boxes of vegan sushi with purple and yellow rice and covered covered in a dark sauce at oyamada in nyc
Credit: Oyamada

#6 Buntopia

994 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221
This casual Asian eatery is perfect for a quick bite to eat, or if you’re looking for a spot to meet friends — there is something for everyone! On the vegan side of things, their menu is stellar. If you’re looking for a simple avocado roll, they’ve got that, but I would encourage you to scan the menu a little further and check out their vegan signature rolls!

These creative rolls feature habanero mango, curry roasted peanuts, tempura veggies, and more! I suggest you try the spicy Flamenco (black rice with avocado, jicama, mango, and spicy house-made sauce).  

#7 Momo Sushi Shack

43 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
This Brooklyn spot has a well-marked menu full of vegan options and is super affordable! If you want something veggie-packed, try their Futomaki (pickled veggies, cucumber, tamago, and shitake) or Kitade Doko (cremini and shitake mushrooms with avocado). You might also want to consider pairing your sushi rolls with an order of their spicy shishito peppers or veggie gyoza. 

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