Philadelphia Vegan Bakeries: 10 Spots for Cakes & Desserts

Updated March 14, 2024

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is not only renowned for its rich history and iconic landmarks but also its vibrant and growing vegan scene!

Amidst the historic neighborhoods, a culinary revolution is underway, one that celebrates compassion, sustainability, and SUGAR! To say that I was surprised by Philly’s vegan sweet treat scene might be an understatement. I expected to find delicious options on restaurant menus and maybe one vegan bakery, but I found way more than that!

From plump cream-filled donuts to buttercream works of art, the vegan bakeries in Philadelphia offer a tantalizing array of treats that rival their traditional counterparts in taste, texture, and creativity.

Vegan Bakeries in Philadelphia You Must Visit

#1 Crust Vegan Bakery

4409 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Just a little outside of the downtown in the quiet Manayunk neighborhood is this downright drool-worthy woman-owned vegan bakery! Everything is made right on site, from the fluffiest slice of cake to the most intricately designed colorful cookie. Every day, their bakery case is lined with massive cookies, fudgy brownies, buttery scones, plump muffins, and much more.

Hands down, the fan favorite (and what you absolutely can’t miss) are their colorful pop tarts! These perfect tarts are made with a light and flaky crust and filled with an array of fun flavors like raspberry rose, brown sugar cinnamon, peanut butter and jelly, and more! The flavors rotate regularly, so expect seasonal inspiration depending on when you visit! Oh, and one more thing — need an adorable custom cake with sweet kitties or maybe a birthday sloth? They can do that, too!

Treat options: cookies, pop tarts, fudgy brownies, buttery scones, plump muffins, & more.

golden vegan poptart covered with a light yellow frosting with a pink swirl held above more pop tarts at crust vegan bakery in philadelphia
Credit: Crust Vegan Bakery

#2 Dottie’s Donuts

Multiple locations throughout Philly
Want to get your hands on the best vegan donuts in Philadelphia? You don’t just have one opportunity to do that; you’ve got four! This vegan donut shop is peppered all over Philly, making it super easy (maybe a little too easy?) to get your sugar-dusted and cream-filled fix. It’s become much easier to find vegan cake donuts, but finding plumped-yeasted ones can be challenging; luckily, that’s not a problem here.

Dottie’s specializes in the ultra-fluffy yeasted donuts that will just blow your mind — seriously, when you see these donuts lined up, your mouth will start to water, and you will not know which to choose (I think the answer is all of them!). Generally, you can always find chocolate, vanilla, Boston cream, apple fritters, and other sweet treats, but they also often have unique flavors! A few you might get lucky and find include s’mores, Oreo, candied pecan with maple bacon, Thai tea, and so many more.

Donut flavors: chocolate, vanilla, Boston cream, apple fritters, s’mores, Oreo, candied pecan with maple bacon, Thai tea, and so many more.

#3 Batter & Crumbs

1401 Reed St, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Who needs Starbucks when you’ve for Batter & Crumbs? This modern café meets bakeshop is ideal for anyone who loves sweets and coffee. On the sweet side of things, they’ve got a hefty lineup of house-made sweets like cherry cheese Danish, jumbo fudge brownies, cream-filled cannoli, cinnamon coffee cake, and more. But the sweet fun doesn’t end there; they also carry a small selection of vegan and gluten-free treats from High Fidelity!

So now that you know what kind of treats are in store for you, let’s have a coffee talk! They are always brewing up a delicious selection of specials like vanilla rose latte, coconut chai, spicy agave latte, and more. In addition to specials, they always have a wide array of amazing lattes like Nutella, maple oat, Matcha, and more.  

Treat options: cherry cheese Danish, jumbo fudge brownies, cream-filled cannoli, cinnamon coffee cake, gluten-free options, and more.

#4 High Fidelity Bakery

1929 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Vegan and gluten-free friends, this spot has your name all over it! The owner behind this bakeshop has been a longtime vegan and has a daughter who is gluten-intolerant, so he wanted to find a way to recreate popular treats that she and the public could enjoy! Their menu offers a terrific selection of sweet and savory options.

On the sweet side, you can’t skip one of their light and fluffy cake donuts (two thumbs up for Chai spice) or maybe a chewy Snickerdoodle or a slice of decadent cheesecake! Although sweets are the name of the game, you’ll also find delicious quiches, pizza, a tofu pot pie, and more. As someone who is vegan and gluten-free, this is the type of place that’s so hard not to buy one of everything!

Treat options: donuts, cookies, cheesecake, plus savory options.

vegan donut and cookie from the bakery high fidelity in philadelphia

#5 P.S. & Co.

1706 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Gluten-free friends, you thought the fun ended at High Fidelity, didn’t you? Well, it doesn’t! This rustic vegan and gluten-free café is super charming — you’ll want to snap a picture of the cakes, the décor, everything! P.S. & Co. offers a café menu with great breakfast and lunch (dinner is available on Saturday) options as well as a full bakery menu! You’ll find sweet breakfast breads, seasonal tarts, giant slices of cake, and their bestselling tahini chocolate chip cookie!

On top of being delicious, everything is presented so beautifully, from succulent-topped cupcakes to happy birthday cookie cakes! No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed; just remember to pair it with one of their specialty teas or coffees (you can’t go wrong with their maple cinnamon cold brew with Brazil nut milk on a warm day)!

Treat options: breakfast breads, seasonal tarts, cake, tahini chocolate chip cookies, and more!

vegan and gluten free cupcake sitting on a plate topped with a swirl of purple buttercream at ps and co in philadelphia
Credit: P.S. & Co.

#6 Grindcore House

Two locations in Philadelphia
I had to do a double take when I saw “vegan coffeehouse.” I thought, really, in Philly?! Well, my friends, it’s really true and really amazing! These two coffee shop locations not only specialize in terrific cups of joe but also stock their bakery counter with a sensational lineup of sweet treats from local shops like Crust Bakery, Vegan Treats (located in Bethlehem), Humble Provisions, and High-Fidelity Bakery.

This is also a great way to sample sweets from various spots if you think you can’t get to all of them during your visit! The sweets rotate depending on what the bakeshops are baking up, but you’ll usually find cake donuts, berry-topped cheesecake, whoopie pies, fudge bars, scones, and much more.

Treat options: donuts, cheesecake, whoopie pies, fudge bars, coffee cake, & more.

a vegan latte sitting on a plate next to a slice of cake topped with a white buttercream and colorful sprinkles at grindcore house in philly
Credit: Grindcore House

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Vegan-Friendly Bakeries in Philadelphia

#7 The Flying Monkey

1146 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Inside the Reading Terminal Market)
Tucked inside the busy Reading Terminal Market (also home to the vegan deli, LUHV) is this popular bakeshop that’s been honored by the likes of the Food Network for its cakes and treats! On the vegan side of things, you will always find at least a couple of options, like chewy chocolate chip cookies and vegan whoopie pies. In addition, they have vegan cake and filling options if you’re in the market for a whole cake!

#8 Sweet Box Bakeshop

339 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
This bright and cheery vegan-friendly bakery prides itself on its creative lineup of delicious cupcake flavors, which always include vegan options! The flavors change monthly, but some standout options include chocolate hazelnut crunch and chocolate on chocolate. One important thing to note is that this place is popular, and flavors tend to sell out, especially on the weekend. So don’t dilly-dally!

#9 The Kettle Black

631 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Although their online menu doesn’t proudly declare their vegan-friendliness (which I think they might want to change), they are friendly! One of the fan-favorite options at this spot is their house-made bagels schmeared with vegan cream cheese — sesame, everything, plain, and more! On top of that, depending on the day, you might also find vegan pastries and specialty bread.

#10 Hello Donuts + Coffee

2557 Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
There’s no better combination than donuts and coffee, especially when they’re vegan! All of the fabulous options at this vegan-friendly donut shop are well marked — just look for the little “v” next to the donut names. I was surprised that there were almost as many vegan options as non-vegan! A few fun flavors include maple bourbon, chocolate chip cake, vanilla bean twist, and more!

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