Where to Find Vegan Donuts in Detroit

Updated April 4, 2023

Is there anything better than deep-fried dough topped with a thick layer of delicious, melty chocolate? Heck, no! The donut has a long and storied history, with one tale about its origin dating back to a New England ship captain, who claims to have invented the tasty treat in the mid-nineteenth century according to the Smithsonian. Wherever they came from and whatever the history, donuts are a guilty pleasure that are absolutely irresistible—it’s hard to enjoy just one! Whether you prefer a donut filled with jelly or a plain donut covered in powdered sugar, there are amazing vegan options to put you into a deep carb coma! Here are 5 places to find vegan donuts in Metro Detroit. 

The Best Spots for Vegan Donuts in Metro Detroit

All of these spots should delight your sweet tooth but if you’re looking for more treats, check out our lineup of the most mouthwatering vegan desserts in Detroit!

Dooped Donuts

1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226
Move over Dunkin, Dooped Donuts is the new Double “D” in town. These donuts are so good even a non-vegan will be “dooped” into enjoying every bite of one of these delicious treats. In addition to visiting their shop, you can also find these donuts inside the trendy Ferndale Project. The donut selection is constantly rotating but includes favorites like cannoli (filled with a chocolate chip buttercream, and topped with powdered sugar), and caramel macchiato (coffee-infused icing, topped with caramel drizzle and cacao nibs). Check out their Instagram to see all of their dreamy delights!

one large round vegan donut topped with sugar streusel in front of a to go cup of coffee in detroit

Rolais’ Caribbean Baking

Pop-ups and online only
These donuts are amazing and can be found at places like Eastern Market on Saturdays and local festivals like VegBash, but they can also be ordered online. Their menu of donut delights includes a brown butter coconut bacon, paradise passion fruit lemon, and our favorite, chocolate orange whisper. The donuts are light and airy, and the fillings are rich and creamy. You won’t be disappointed.

Rolais vegan donuts

Duck Donuts 

2920 W. Maple Rd., Troy, MI 48084
If you’re looking for a made-to-order vegan donut, this is your place. Hop online and build your own box of 12 or grab their vegan-friendly assortment which includes a lemon icing donut with a blueberry drizzle or a chocolate icing donut with chocolate sprinkles. All toppings are vegan except hot fudge and salted caramel. 

duck donuts vegan assortment
Photo credit: Duck Donuts

The Donut Bar 

Two Locations in Southfield and Troy 
The Donut Bar has a great variety of vegan donuts including a peanut butter chocolate Oreo and a raspberry delight (dipped in a raspberry glaze and topped with a vegan ganache, powdered sugar, and fresh raspberries.) They pride themselves on making handcrafted donuts with house-made fillings, and everything is made fresh daily!  

donut bar vegan peanut butter donut
Photo credit: The Donut Bar

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best vegan donuts in metro Detroit! If you have a spot that serves up great vegan donuts, let us know. We would love to hear about them and of course, try them!