a dessert case filled with rows of vegan donuts covered in chocolate, nuts, and sugar and stuffed with cream

10 Sinful NYC Vegan Donut Spots You Must Visit

Who wouldn’t want to embark on a delicious quest through the bustling streets of NYC to find the best vegan donuts? This sounds like a job that’s too good to be true, and to be honest, it kinda is! But if I don’t do it, how in the world will you know where to go? 

Armed with an insatiable sweet tooth and an unwavering passion for plant-based delights, I set out on a journey that promised sugary triumphs and glazed victories. And I wasn’t disappointed! I found everything from plump golden donuts stuffed with rich chocolate and cream to magnificent cookie-topped creations that would make Homer Simpson do a double take.

From the chic neighborhoods of Brooklyn to the iconic avenues of Manhattan, you will find plenty of opportunities to be woken by the aroma of freshly baked, cruelty-free confections.

So, what are you waiting for? Get planning where you will go first!

Fully Vegan Donut Shops in NYC & Brooklyn

#1 Cloudy Donut Co.

14 Columbia Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201
This is where the vegan donut magic happens! Once you walk into this beautiful little shop, you’re greeted with a cloud of sugar-filled goodness that I think is laced with something because you will suddenly think you need to buy all of the donuts! That might be possible at most places, but here, they rotate up to 44 magnificent vegan flavors — that’s a lot of sugar-filled dough!

Their flavors range from classic cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar to the ultra-creative blackberry mint mojito, brown butter chocolate chip, and cotton candy! Deciding what to get will be next to impossible — make sure you bring a little bag so you can take a box with you! In addition to delighting humans with its creations, they even bake up two pup treats so your four-legged friend doesn’t feel left out.

a box of six colorful vegan donuts topped with chocolate, powdered sugar, berries and more from cloudy donut co in brooklyn
Credit: Cloudy Donut Co.

#2 Dun-Well Doughnuts

222 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Another fabulous Brooklyn vegan donut spot — Brooklyn is really starting this list off strong! If you’re visiting NYC, maybe map out how long it will take you to get over here before you book accommodations or just stay in Brooklyn! It’s worth it for the donuts! This sugar-buzzed spot was the first vegan donut shop in NYC and makes all of its drool-worthy creations by hand every day!

Just like with Cloudy Donut Co., you’ll find a few traditional flavors, but those pail in comparison to their specialty creations! Depending on the day, you might be wowed by their chocolate hazelnut sea salt, peanut butter & jelly, French toast, buttered cornbread with hot “honey,” and so many more! Which will you choose first?

two boxes of round vegan cake donuts topped with glaze, powdered sugar, coconut and more from dun well doughnuts in brooklyn
Credit: Dun-Well Doughnuts

#3 Clementine Bakery

395 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
This hip, greenery-covered vegan bakeshop is baking up all kinds of irresistible treats, including donuts! Behind its pastry case, you will find row after row of perfectly glazed and sugar-covered donuts in a variety of flavors like chocolate sprinkle, coconut cake, maple pecan, and more!

Now, besides donuts, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that they also have super gorgeous pastries, cakes, cookies, and even food! You could honestly spend your whole day just eating here and be so happy! I highly recommend a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich if you’re interested in breakfast food. Oh, and they also have gluten-free bagels (I never find those anywhere)!

a tray of vegan cake donuts covered in coconut frosting at clementine bakery in brooklyn, nyc
Credit: Clementine Bakery

#4 Erin McKenna’s Bakery

248 Broome St, New York, NY 10002
Vegan and gluten-free friends, this stop is for you! If you’re gluten-free, you often get left out of the donut and treat fun, but that all stops the moment you walk into Erin Mckenna’s! On top of being fully vegan and gluten-free, everything is also soy-free and Kosher! It kind of seems impossible, right?

Inside this cute, pink bakeshop, you will find a solid lineup of sugary sweets, which always include their famous cake donuts! Their greatest hits of donut flavors include salted caramel, coffee crunch, cinnamon sugar, maple, Samoa, and more! Can you believe those are all vegan and gluten-free!? If you’re a coffee fan, I highly recommend the coffee crunch!

#5 Le Petit Monstre

Brooklyn’s Navy Yard
We’re heading back to Brooklyn for the sweets at this chic French-inspired spot! You’ll be smitten with absolutely everything at this vegan bakery, from their trendy exposed brick and plant-lined shelves to the endless selection of jaw-dropping sweets — don’t forget your camera.

So obviously, you should expect to find a gorgeous selection of perfectly golden pastries, and you will, but you will also find equally gorgeous donuts! This bakeshop has everything! Their donut flavors rotate, but you might find their super popular chocolate covered cronuts or other fun flavors like chocolate-filled, pistachio, strawberry, and many more. When you come here, bring a friend so you can try more goodies!

a long tray with vegan cake donuts in rows covered in cinnamon sugar, coconut, and chocolate in brooklyn
Credit: Le Petit Monstre

Vegan-Friendly Donut Shops in NYC & Brooklyn

#6 Doughnut Plant

Two locations in Manhattan & one in Brooklyn
These guys spent years perfecting their vegan donut creations and came up with their special Sourdoughnuts. These cake-style donuts are decadent and covered in a variety of mouthwatering glazes. A few standout flavors include dark chocolate, pistachio, apple cardamom, and strawberry. Each location has its own lineup, and if you’re looking for something specific or a half dozen, you better order in advance — they sell out fast! Also, the best way to check their flavor availability is Instagram; they update it regularly! 

two vegan glazed donuts side by side on a piece of wax paper at doughnut plant in nyc
Credit: Doughnut Plant

#7 UnRegular Bakery

124 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003
What started as just a pizzeria has expanded to include delicious donuts! If you’ve had their vegan pizza, you know that their donuts will be nothing short of spectacular. They’ve perfected the art of creating a perfectly light and airy Bomboloni, an Italian-style doughnut, and they’ve also perfected the art of creating a vegan version! Although they don’t have a ton of vegan options, you will generally always find two in fun flavors like house-made Nutella and cream cheese or blueberry rosemary. On top of light and airy Italian doughnuts, they also have a vegan breakfast sandwich with truffle mushrooms and Vertage mozzarella.

a large, round vegan italian style donut filled with cream and topped with chocolate and sugar from unregular bakery in nyc
Credit: Unregular Bakery

#8 Super Nice Coffee and Bakery

Multiple locations throughout NYC
It is super nice to find vegan options on a menu but to be honest; it’s 2024; shouldn’t that be the bare minimum? I digress; let’s get back to the task at hand: finding you the best vegan donuts in NYC! This spot has a great rotating lineup of vegan options; you’re not just stuck with boring ole plain donuts (sorry if that’s your fave, but you get what I mean)! Here, they’ve got tasty raised yeast options like loganberry glazed, mango chili, maple pecan, strawberry sprinkle, and more! All of their vegan options are house-made with oat milk and a coconut oil-based vegan butter. 

#9 Jack’s Stir

Multiple locations throughout NYC
This NY-based coffee house prides itself on serving the best cup of organic joe in the city, which pairs perfectly with its vegan donuts! But that’s not all! There seems to be a plant-powered revolution happening at Jack’s Stir because all of their baked goods are vegan (not all of their food items are, though; maybe that’s changing?). Pair that perfectly roasted cup of coffee with whatever donut option they’ve baked up that day, like a traditional apple cider or red velvet — there isn’t a donut that doesn’t go well with coffee!

a small round white plate with a plain vegan donut next to a chocolate vegan donut and a muffin with an iced coffee in the background at jack stir's in nyc
Credit: Jack’s Stir

#10 Dough Doughnuts

Multiple locations throughout NYC
If you’re sightseeing, this popular spot has a location in Rockefeller Center — an ideal way to refuel before exploring more of the city! This vegan-friendly donut shop prides itself on creating artisanal donuts by hand, which always includes vegan options! Their standard vegan options include glazed, cinnamon, and sugar, but they introduce seasonal flavors like hibiscus and blood orange throughout the year. 

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