golden vegan croissant topped with cream and caramel apples from terms of endearment in NYC

17 Droolworthy NYC Vegan Bakeries & Dessert Spots

Holy smokes! NYC is going to put me (and most likely you, too) into a vegan sugar coma! If you’re looking for tender, fluffy slices of German chocolate cake, buttery pastries, or the cutest cupcakes you’ve ever seen, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll cut to the chase — you’ve come here for one thing and one thing only…baked goods!

Whether you’re hanging out in hip Brooklyn or strolling glitzy Fifth Avenue, you’re bound to pass one of the many epic vegan bakeries in NYC! But you might be wondering where do you start? Well I’ve got you covered with this sinful lineup — all you’ve got to do is eat!

Mouthwatering NYC Vegan Bakeries You’ve Got to Visit

These all-star NYC vegan bakeries and dessert spots are baking up a sweet sugar storm; you’ll find everything from mini vegan and gluten-free cupcakes to jaw-dropping French pastries! 

#1 Erin McKenna’s Bakery

248 Broome St, NY, NY 10002
You’ll be smitten as soon as you walk into this adorable pink bakeshop! Everything behind the dazzling dessert case is vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher — how fantastic is that?! With one look at their “Greatest Hits” (aka menu), you’ll be struck with indecision — chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, salted caramel donuts, icing-covered cinnamon rolls, and that’s just the start!

If you fall in love with their brownies, cookies, or cakes (which is pretty much guaranteed), you can buy their baking mixes to take home with you. I hope you left a little room in your suitcase! 

#2 Confectionery!

440 E 9th St, NY, NY 10009
This bakeshop is the creation of two fantastic upstate NY vegan businesses getting together and thinking, you know what? We can create some real sweet vegan power if we join forces! And we’re so glad that they did.

This NYC vegan bakery and chocolatier is the place to go for gorgeous handmade and decorated macarons, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and to-die-for vegan chocolates! These aren’t your basic chocolate bars either — their handmade chocolate lineup includes bonbons, caramels, turtles, and much more. Their chocolates also make the perfect gift!

#3 Rawsome Treats

158 Orchard St, NY, NY 10002
This raw, vegan dessert boutique will delight your taste buds and eyes — everything is gorgeous! All of the irresistible cakes, pies, and ice cream sandwiches are made with raw nuts, buckwheat groats, and fresh fruit to create sweets that are not only delicious but also packed with a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber!

If you’re a coffee lover, don’t miss their Tirawmisu, and chocolate peanut butter lovers won’t be disappointed with their decadent peanut butter cup! One forkful will send you dancing, I promise!

rawsome treats peanut butter cake vegan new york city

#4 Peacefood Café

Uptown & Downtown locations
This popular vegan café is rocking out a massive lineup of house-made desserts and all of its specialty comfort food favorites — it’s one of the best spots to come for lunch! After diving into a veggie-packed Peacefood bowl or an order of chickpea fries, you’ll want to look at their massive dessert menu.

While most cafes have a couple of cake slices, Peacefood has it all! You’ll drool over their peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, magic cookies, chocolate-dipped macaroons, and so much more. One more bonus — it’s also gluten-free friendly!  

a slice of vegan cheese cake with a graham cracker crust and topped with fresh strawberries from peacefood cafe in NYC
Credit: Peacefood Café

Vegan Bakeries & Dessert Spots in Brooklyn

If you weren’t planning on exploring Brooklyn, you will after one look at some of these outstanding vegan bakeries and patisseries.

#5 Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

102 B Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Zoe sure knows how to make people happy — there is no way you’re leaving here without a smile on your face! From cookie and chocolate-topped cakes to irresistibly decadent cheesecakes, there are so many things to love and try!

On top of a great cake and cheesecake lineup, you’ll also be delighted by their house-made cookies, sticky cinnamon buns, and gluten-free donuts.

vegan cake covered in a white buttercream and topped with chunks of cookies and slices of strawberries and then heavily drizzled with chocolate at happy zoe vegan bakery in brooklyn
Credit: Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

#6 Clementine Café & Bakery

395 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
This community-rooted bakeshop is focused not only on pleasing the palettes of its customers, but also supporting the local community. Everything that comes out of its bakery and kitchen is made with local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible, and the shop is actively involved in multiple charitable initiatives.

The bakery’s menu is extensive and diverse, from buttery empanadas to golden croissants, plus a whole lineup of vegan and gluten-free sweets! On the café side, you’ll be equally as delighted with their breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and special loaded French fries!

four golden vegan pastries sitting on top of a wood plant next to a coffee cup at clementine vegan bakery in NYC
Credit: Clementine Café & Bakery

#7 Le Petite Monstre

Brooklyn Navy Yard
Not too far from Clementine is this quaint vegan patisserie with a jaw-dropping selection of house-made pastries. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with row after row of perfectly golden and flaky croissants, Danishes, cruffins, fruit tarts, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and so much more. It will be a miracle if you make it out of here without a box overflowing with pastries! Gluten-free friends, don’t worry; they have a few things for us too!

#8 Chez Alex

72 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
One more pastry shop with a very vegan-friendly lineup! Isn’t NYC just the best? If you didn’t get your fill at Terms of Endearment or Le Petite Monstre (or maybe those spots aren’t close to where you’re visiting), you have another option.

This sweet café and bakery has a beautiful vegan lineup that includes apple turnovers, plain croissants, muffins, cookies, scones, and more. On top of sweets, they also serve a small vegan breakfast and have a lunch menu filled with hearty breakfast bowls, creamy mac-n-cheese, jackfruit-stuffed Bahn Mi, and much more.   

#9 Dun-Well

222 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Welcome to donut heaven! It’s lined with endless rows of glazed and fudge-covered donuts topped with sprinkles and plump little guys filled with cream, lemon, and jam — could you even imagine a better donut heaven?

If you like trying out unusual flavors, grab one of their popular Everything Bagel donuts! It’s a mix of sweet and savory topped with sea salt, garlic, onion, poppy seeds, and whipped cream cheese filling. Their flavors rotate regularly, and they post daily specials on their Instagram stories. 

a box of six colorful vegan donuts topped with glaze, chocolate, pink icing and sprinkles from dun well donuts in NYC
Credit: Dun-Well

#10 Simply Sweet

2106a Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229
If you’re avoiding gluten or refined sugar, this beautiful vegan dessert shop has your name on it! Everything on the menu is raw and made with a mix of nuts, coconut, dates, and fresh fruit to create sweets that are not only mouth-watering, but full of good-for-you ingredients!

Chocolate lovers shouldn’t miss their “Like Snickers” cake — the creamy chocolate and peanut butter concoction is out of this world! If you’re more of a berry lover, I think you’ll be head-over-heels for their tart lemon blueberry cake — no matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed. 

#11 Cloudy Donut

14 Columbia Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201
One more vegan donut shop in Brooklyn! You can never have too many donuts, right?! This fabulous Black-owned spot started in Baltimore and made its way to NYC to delight customers with its unique flavor lineup!

Everything in the shop is made by hand in small batches to ensure it’s top notch. You’ll find a rotating lineup of delicious options like apple pie, chai spice, maple butter pecan, brown butter chocolate chip, and more (they have over 40 flavor options)!

a box of six vegan donuts topped with chocolate, cookie crumbs, nuts and powdered sugar from the vegan bakery cloudy donut in NYC
Credit: Cloudy Donut

One More Vegan Bakery in Queens, NYC

Our sugar-filled list of NYC vegan bakeries is wrapping up in the Long Island borough of Queens!

#12 Sensible Edibles Bakery

47-57 31st Pl, Queens, NY 11101
This vegan and gluten-free bakery has been baking up a storm since 1992 — long before the vegan scene really took off in NYC. Aside from having gluten-free sweets, this is also the place to come if you need soy-free, nut-free, or refined sugar-free options!

All week long, you can pop in here for a fluffy whoopie pie, chocolate-chunk-packed cookies, tender muffins, and much more. If you’re in the market for more than just a couple of sweets, they can handle that too! The bakeshop can whip up loads of specialty cake and dessert options — some are available the same day!

a stack of three bright red vegan whoopie pies filled with buttercream frosting from sensible edibles in NYC
Credit: Sensible Edibles

NYC Vegan & Vegan-Friendly Bakeries Open for Online Orders Only

#13 Planet Bake

Available in multiple markets throughout NYC & Brooklyn + online orders
This vegan donut company was born during the pandemic in an effort to create healthier dessert options without sacrificing texture and flavor. Aside from being fully vegan, all their treats are also free of gluten, peanuts, and refined sugar! A few of their popular donut flavors include red velvet, dark chocolate, toffee caramel, and more. They ship nationwide if you can’t get to NYC or miss them!

a vegan glazed chocolate planet bake donut held in front of a lime, green, and pink mural in NYC
Credit: Planet Bake

Although you can’t aimlessly gawk in person at these gorgeous sweets, you can online! If you’re planning a party or just want to treat yourself, consider placing an order with these NYC vegan bakeshops. 

#14 Baked by Melissa

Multiple NYC locations — order online, then choose a location for pickup.
If you’re looking to delight a crowd with an assortment of colorful and delicious mini cupcakes, you’ve got to check out Melissa’s vegan lineup!

These bite-sized cakes come in various flavors, including dark chocolate, strawberry, peanut butter, vanilla chocolate chip, and more! You can choose your own assortment, but I think it’s more fun to grab their Zodiac-inspired flavor lineup or Latest and Greatest — not only do you get to taste test some of their favorite flavors, but what’s more fun than celebrating a birthday with your own personal astrologically selected cupcakes? 

multiple rows of mini vegan cupcakes in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, topped with buttercream from baked by melissa in NYC
Credit: Baked by Melissa

#15 The Love Bakery

150 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002 (Online orders only through DoorDash, Grubhub, Seamless, Uber Eats, Postmates, Caviar, or their website)
Look no further if you’re looking for a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free cake with adaptogenic powers! From flower-covered cakes to antioxidant-rich brownies and cookies, this bakeshop will help you feel good about indulging here.

While their cakes are really the stars, you shouldn’t miss their Enlightening Peanut Butter Brownie jar — its layers of cacao, peanut butter, cake, and absolute ecstasy! 

#16 Bleu Neige Vegan Patisserie

2191 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10035 – Pick up only, must pre-order
Although this vegan bakery doesn’t have a storefront (just yet, we hope), it shouldn’t stop you from ordering a small batch of their vegan sweets! You’ll get lost scrolling through all their insane choices — s’more cookies, whoopie pies, chocolate madeleines, Boston cream cupcakes, and so much more!

Also, if you’re in the market for a whole cake for a special occasion, you’ve got to come here — their galaxy mirror glaze is out of this world! 

a round vegan cake topped with a colorful mirror glaze that looks like the galaxy from blue neige patisserie in NYC
Credit: Bleu Neige Vegan Patisserie

#17 LA Sweets

According to this Harlem-based vegan bakery, “it’s always time for something sweet,” and we couldn’t agree more! The woman-run shop specializes in elaborate celebration cakes (think two-tier Minnie Mouse), cupcakes, pound cake, pies, and much more. Orders can be picked up and local delivery is also available.

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