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Does Delta Have a Vegan Meal?

Finding vegan dishes in touristy places is becoming easier than ever. You don’t even have to be on land to celebrate your plant-based diet because more airlines are updating their inflight menus to cater to customers with particular dietary preferences. Does it mean you can enjoy a vegan meal when flying Delta Air Lines? Yes, it absolutely does!

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What Are the Usual Vegan Meal Options on Delta Flights?

Delta’s vegan meal menu varies depending on the route that you’re flying. Here are a few examples:

  • Impossible Burger
  • Black Sheep Food meatballs
  • Vegan vegetable tagine with roasted sweet potatoes covered with a chermoula sauce by The Grey’s Mashama Bailey
  • Vegan antipasto plate with gigante beans, mushrooms, red onions, roasted broccoli, romesco dip and yellow squash by Joint Ventures Restaurant Group’s chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo

I fly Delta a ton and have also been served a vegan chili and Indian dishes, both of which were tasty. Delta usually includes an ingredients label on the meal which is helpful since I also avoid gluten. If you’re flying one of their partner carriers, like Air China, you can expect to enjoy regionally influenced meals like sweet and sour tofu, which I received on a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. It was one of my favorite vegan airplane meals.

china airlines vegan sweet and sour tofu meal on a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles.

In addition, the legacy carrier has a marvelous inflight wine program that caters to vegan oenophiles. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll love House of Brown Chardonnay — a vegan-friendly and sustainable option from Napa Valley’s pioneering Black-owned estate winery.

Delta also began offering Lakeland Dairies oat milk creamer in September 2023 on domestic and international flights departing from the US.

Can I Bring My Own Food on a Delta Flight?

Yes, Delta allows you to bring some food items on board as long as you can pack them correctly to pass the Transportation Security Administration screening. Options could include peanut butter and jelly, fruit, veggies, and other pre-packaged snacks.

Does Delta Offer Vegan Snacks?

Delta offers a wide selection of vegan snacks! Its Flight Fuel menu has included the following treats:

  • Calbee Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps
  • Endangered Species natural dark chocolate
  • La Panzanella multigrain crackers
  • Late July Sea Salt multigrain tortilla chips
  • Madi K’s hickory-smoked almonds
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Crackers
  • Nabisco Original Wheat Thins
  • Naturally Fresh medium salsa
  • Nature’s Bakery lemon fig bar
  • Original Skittles
  • Pick Pocket Dips traditional hummus
  • Quinoa Queen quinoa with pepper dip

All of Delta’s snack boxes include some of these plant-based goodies. Some are also gluten-free.

Aside from premium snacks, Delta also offers vegan-friendly complimentary refreshments — such as Lotus Biscoff cookies and almonds —  in all cabin classes.

Is There a Certain Vegan Code Delta Uses for Vegan and Vegetarian Meals?

Delta uses the generic vegan code for its vegetarian and vegan special meals — VGML.

Do I Have to Preorder the Vegan Meal?

You must select vegan offerings in Delta’s special meal listing and make arrangements for your choices at least 24 hours before your flight in MyTrips or by calling 1-800-221-1212. The airline requires you to add your requests whenever you change your reservation.

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