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13 Best Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats: Zen & Plant-Based Bliss

Updated February 28, 2024

Plant-based yoga retreats offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing wellness enthusiasts to recharge and reconnect with their inner selves. Attending a vegan or vegan-friendly yoga retreat can be a fantastic experience for those who follow a vegan lifestyle or appreciate plant-based cuisine.

These retreats allow you to deepen your yoga practice and stay true to your values and beliefs by following a plant-based lifestyle. Here are some of the best yoga retreats from across the world.

two people doing yoga at sunset on the beach in costa rica
Credit: Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

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What Is a Vegan Yoga Retreat?

A vegan yoga retreat is a wellness experience that combines yoga with a plant-based lifestyle. It typically includes yoga sessions, plant-based meals, and a focus on health, mindfulness, and community. These retreats usually occur in natural settings and often offer workshops and activities promoting physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.  

Yoga is a central component of these retreats. Participants engage in yoga sessions, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, or other yoga styles. The goal is to promote flexibility, relaxation, strength, and mindfulness. Veganism is also a core principle. Meals are usually entirely plant-based, meaning they exclude animal products like meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. The emphasis is on whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. 

a colorful veggie bowl with a side of dressing on a wood table at the vegan-friendly yoga retreat yogabarn in bali
Credit: The Yoga Barn, photo by Matthew Oldfield

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats in the US

#1 The Art of Living Retreat Center

Boone, North Carolina
Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Art of Living Retreat Center is a vegan-friendly haven for yogis seeking tranquility and inner balance. The center offers a variety of yoga and meditation programs that embrace the holistic approach of yoga, combined with Ayurveda, to enhance physical and mental well-being.

The center offers a variety of yoga and meditation programs, including Hatha yoga and guided meditation. They focus on the holistic approach to yoga, incorporating Ayurveda and holistic wellness into their programs. Retreats are offered year-round with varying themes and durations to cater to different needs and schedules, meaning you can pick a date that’s convenient for you. 

The center offers a 100% vegetarian and whole-food-focused menu, with plenty of vegan options. They source organic, local, and seasonal produce whenever possible to keep sustainability in mind. They’re dedicated to environmental conservation, featuring initiatives like energy-efficient buildings, waste reduction, and extensive recycling practices.

multiple people all holding the same yoga pose and dressed in white inside of a bright room in north carolina
Credit: The Art of Living Retreat Center

#2 Mount Madonna Center

Watsonville, California
Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Mount Madonna Center offers a serene and nature-inspired retreat environment with sweeping views of Monterey Bay. The center hosts a variety of yoga and meditation retreats focusing on Hatha yoga, mindfulness, and personal growth.

The kitchen uses fresh, organic ingredients and offers both vegan and vegetarian options. Gluten and dairy-free options are always available, and popular plant-based meals include vegetable curry and tofu scramble. 

Retreats are available all year round, with varying themes and durations. Mount Madonna can accommodate small or large groups, from 15-500 guests at a time. 

a special temple ceremony at a yoga retreat at mount madonna in california
Credit: Mount Madonna Center

#3 Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, New York
The Omega Institute is situated in the picturesque Hudson Valley, surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. The campus exudes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty – perfect for rest and relaxation. Omega offers a range of holistic programs, including yoga, tai chi, meditation, and wellness retreats, focusing on self-improvement and personal growth. 

Retreats and workshops are held regularly throughout the year, covering several aspects of holistic well-being. While not entirely vegan, Omega provides diverse vegan and vegetarian meal options, emphasizing conscious eating and nourishing plant-based cuisine. Chefs prepare the meals from farm-to-table, using seasonal and local ingredients.  

Omega Institute embraces sustainability with eco-friendly architecture, a commitment to recycling and waste reduction, and an overall environmental consciousness. The retreat is also just over two hours from vegan-friendly NYC!

the wooded entrance to the omega institute in upstate new york during the summer
Credit: Omega Institute

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats in the UK

#4 Mellulah Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Dorset, UK
Mellulah Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat is set in the picturesque countryside of Dorset. The retreats provide an opportunity for participants to reconnect with themselves and nature. Retreats often include Hatha yoga and relaxation techniques. The lush countryside provides the ideal surroundings for mindfulness. You can choose between one-day retreats, weekend stays, or longer getaways. 

The center offers vegan and vegetarian meals, focusing on hearty, plant-based dishes that cater to those following a lifestyle void of animal products. Mellulah is committed to eco-friendliness, incorporating eco-conscious practices into its daily operations. These initiatives include recycling food waste and using recycled and organic products. While you’re in Dorset, you might want to consider visiting one of the most vegan-friendly cities in England, Brighton!

#5 The Sharpham Trust

Devon, UK
Located in the peaceful English countryside, The Sharpham Trust offers a relaxing setting for yoga retreats amidst nature. It’s a place to find solace and inner peace, surrounded by lush green landscapes.

At The Sharpham Trust, you can participate in yoga and meditation classes emphasizing mindfulness and self-awareness. The center provides mainly vegan meals, focusing on wholesome and sustainable cuisine that aligns with the principles of yoga and compassion.

They’re committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, with practices that minimize their impact on the natural environment, like using their own water supply as much as possible, contracting green energy companies, using renewable energy, encouraging public transportation, and minimizing water wastage. 

multiple people in a line on a grassy outdoor area holding the same yoga pose during the summer in the uK
Credit: The Sharpham Trust

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats in Europe

#6 Moinhos Velhos

Algarve, Portugal
Moinhos Velhos is a holistic wellness center in the Algarve region of Portugal, surrounded by lush gardens and a peaceful river. The serene environment provides an ideal setting for retreats.

The center offers yoga, meditation, and detox programs that promote health and well-being. The focus of this retreat is a juice detox. Fully vegan fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broths are provided, as well as any necessary supplements and powders. 

During the day, participants have the chance to attend nutrition workshops, meditation sessions, therapies, and yoga classes. The yoga classes cater to both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Practicing yoga by the river adds some extra tranquility to the experience.

overhead view of the vegan-friendly yoga retreat Moinhos Velhos nestled amongst lush greenery in portugal
Credit: Moinhos Velhos

#7 Azulfit Surya Retreat

Fuerteventura, Spain
Azulfit is a yoga and Pilates retreat center located on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. It offers a peaceful escape centered around relaxation and self-care.

Azulfit provides various yoga styles, including Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. The stunning beaches and landscapes of the island create a serene setting for yoga practice. 

The retreat center offers delicious vegan and vegetarian meal options that align with holistic wellness principles. With many ingredients sourced from their own gardens, the healthy meals nourish guests with the energy they need to get the most out of the retreat experience. Homemade bread, marmalades, salads, dips, and grains are available, and the kitchen caters to those with allergies. 

They are dedicated to eco-conscious living, using renewable energy sources — like solar power — and taking measures to minimize waste and environmental impact. They use wastewater to water the gardens and natural products and essential oils for cleaning.

blue pool next to a wicker umbrella at the yoga retreat azul fit at dusk
Credit: Azulfit Surya Retreat

#8 Wanderlust Yoga

Flatdal, Norway
Tucked away in the Norwegian forest is this peaceful yoga center that focuses on showing its visitors the joy of disconnecting with the chaos of life and connecting with nature. Because of it’s location, visitors have the opportunity to do more than yoga — hike through the forest, go swimming in nearby lakes and rivers, visit waterfalls, and enjoy the incredible views of the valley.

An important focus of the retreat is to show guests that plant-based cuisine is not only delicious but it’s also integral to the health of our planet. All of the dishes are made with organic veggies from their garden and local produce. Their dining options include many communal meals that feature flavorful, globally-inspired dishes and house-made treats, like cheesecake!

The retreat operates as sustainably as possible and utilizes solar power and water from a nearby river. Depending on your style, you’ll find a variety of accommodation options from glamping bell tents with comfortable beds and thick duvets to hammocks, nestled in the mystic forest that provide the opportunity of experiencing Norwegian night wildlife up-close.

a group of yoga participants sitting on a hill that overlooks a norwegian valley surronded by beautful mountains in the summer at wanderlust yoga
Credit: Wanderlust Yoga

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats in Bali

#9 Soulshine Bali

Ubud, Bali
Soulshine Bali, situated right in the heart of Ubud, offers a luxurious and serene environment for yoga and wellness retreats. Surrounded by lush rice terraces and tropical gardens, it’s a sanctuary for those seeking relaxation and self-discovery.

Soulshine offers a variety of yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha yoga, along with meditation practices. The tranquil surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for deepening your practice. They even offer the option to host your own retreat.

While not exclusively vegan, the retreat center provides a primarily vegan and vegetarian menu emphasizing nourishing, plant-based cuisine. Some tasty options include veggie burgers, creamy vegan pasta and raw dessert, all made using organic ingredients from their own garden and neighboring farms.

Soulshine Bali is committed to sustainable practices, including eco-friendly architecture and organic gardening. They prioritize preserving the natural beauty of Bali, which is evident when you look outside each window.

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#10 The Yoga Barn — Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali
The Yoga Barn, located in the cultural center of Ubud, is one of Bali’s most famous yoga and wellness retreats. It offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of Ubud, allowing participants to immerse themselves in yoga, mindfulness, and holistic well-being.

The Yoga Barn has multiple yoga styles, meditation, and holistic wellness workshops available. It’s a vibrant and diverse community for yogis from around the world. With several studios and experienced instructors, it’s a hub for yoga enthusiasts seeking to deepen their practice in a communal atmosphere.

The Yoga Barn offers a primarily vegan and vegetarian menu at its Garden Kafe and Juice Bar. The focus is on conscious eating, and there are options for everyone, from meat eaters to those following a raw or vegan lifestyle. Chefs have thoughtfully crafted the menu to provide nourishing and tasty meals. Whether you’re enjoying a post-practice smoothie or a hearty vegan bowl, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your palette.

They embrace sustainability with eco-friendly practices like waste reduction, recycling, and organic gardening. They focus on an eco-friendly ethos that aligns with the principles of yoga and mindfulness.

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a man hosting a yoga class during a retreat at the vegan-friendly yogabarn in bali
Credit: YogaBarn, photo by Arley Mardo

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

#11 Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Blue Osa is an eco-friendly yoga retreat and spa located on the Osa Peninsula, known for its pristine rainforests and untouched beaches. It offers a peaceful environment for yoga and wellness in a natural setting.

Blue Osa provides numerous yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini. Practicing yoga amidst the lush rainforest and by the ocean enhances the retreat experience. They host multiple retreats throughout the year, making finding one that aligns with your schedule easy.

The retreat center is well-known for its vegan and vegetarian menu, emphasizing fresh, plant-based cuisine that nourishes the body and aligns with the principles of holistic wellness. They have detoxes and a traditional Costa Rican menu using the freshest produce from local farms. They’re also dedicated to sustainability, featuring eco-friendly architecture, organic gardening, and waste reduction practices. 

overhead view of the vegan-friendly yoga retreat blue oso tucked in the rainforest, near the beach in costa rica
Credit: Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa

#12 Anamaya Resort

Montezuma, Costa Rica
Anamaya Resort, known for its luxury offerings, is also an affordable vegan yoga retreat, as they offer budget-friendly packages that include yoga and meals. It’s a way to experience the resort’s beauty without the premium price. The resort offers various yoga styles, and even with the more affordable packages, you can access the stunning yoga deck with panoramic views. 

While the base package includes vegetarian meals, you can request vegan options to suit your lifestyle choices. They also provide gluten-free and raw meals on request, and most of the produce is local and organic. 

Anamaya is committed to being environmentally friendly and promoting sustainable tourism. They source most of their products from eco-friendly suppliers, including toilet paper, cleaning products, bedsheets, fertilizer, and furniture. 

four people with their back to the camera holding a seating yoga pose while over looking the lush rainforest at the vegan-friendly yoga retreat anamaya
Credit: Anamaya Resort

Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreat in Thailand

#13 Samahita Retreat

Koh Samui, Thailand
Samahita Retreat, situated on the tranquil island of Koh Samui, is known for its yoga and wellness programs. It offers a peaceful escape for yoga practitioners and those seeking holistic well-being. The retreat center provides various yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga, along with breath training and meditation practices. The serene island surroundings enhance the retreat experience, and you can book retreat packages year-round. 

Samahita Retreat offers predominantly vegan and vegetarian meal options that are delicious and nutritious. Their plant-based cuisine complements the wellness experience. The retreat is dedicated to sustainability and eco-conscious living, implementing waste reduction and organic gardening practices.  

beach front view of the vegan-friendly yoga retreat Samahita  tucked into the jungle in thailand
Credit: Samahita Retreat

Vegan Yoga Retreat Wrap-Up: Stay Nourished & Rejuvenated

Maintaining a plant-based diet while on a retreat aligns with the principles of mindfulness and compassion, which are often the focus of retreat settings. A vegan diet also supports physical and mental health, providing light and nutrient-rich dishes that promote clarity and energy during practice. Additionally, it reduces the retreat’s environmental footprint, contributing to sustainability and preserving the natural beauty of the location. 

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