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Does Air Canada Have a Vegan Meal?

Seeing the world doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your values. It’s perfectly possible to get a vegan meal on your next flight, but does Air Canada have a vegan meal? Yes, they do but make sure you pack snacks!

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What Are the Usual Vegan Meal Offerings on an Air Canada Flight?

First it’s important to know that special meals aren’t available on all flights — only those of sufficient length. However, Air Canada proudly offers the following veggie options on all international flights that include meal service, excluding those with Air Canada Bistro service:

  • Vegan meal: Free of animal products or derivatives.
  • Vegetarian Jain Meal: No meat, animal products or root vegetables.
  • Vegetarian Asian/Hindu Asian: Meat-free with minimal dairy.
  • Vegetarian meal: Meat-free.

Typical vegan meals often consist of rice-based dishes, curries, or other roasted vegetable dishes.

Is There a Certain Vegan Code Air Canada Uses for Vegan and Vegetarian Meals?

Are you booking directly through the airline or an agent? If so, the initials “VGML” are the letters to look for — they denote a special vegetarian/vegan meal. You might also see your dining choice labeled as “VJML” for “vegetarian Jain meal.”

Does Air Canada Offer Vegan Snacks?

In 2022, Air Canada partnered with Montreal Chef Jérôme Ferrer to offer pre-made vegan meal/snack boxes through its Bistro program which included a chickpea wrap, mezete classic hummus and breadsticks, and Good to Go Blondies. Unfortunately, as of January 2023, it doesn’t appear the vegan meal box is available.

It’s also important to know that Air Canada no longer offers free snack options on its flights — make sure you bring your own.

Do I Have to Pre-Order the Vegan Meal?

You must preorder the vegan meal at least 24 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure. Failure to do so can result in not getting the dinner you want, as airplanes have limited galley space for storing foods.

The easiest way to order is during the booking process. You can select your meal when choosing your seat assignment, making it easier to remember. Set a reminder on your phone’s calendar to double-check two days before your flight for added peace of mind.

Can I Bring My Own Food on an Air Canada Flight?

You’re free to bring whatever snacks and non-alcoholic beverages you like on your Air Canada flight. Just remember you can’t take drinks through security, so you would need to purchase those in the airport. You also may not drink any alcohol other than what you purchase onboard.

Air Canada’s Vegan Meals

Flying doesn’t have to be more complicated when you have a dietary restriction. Today’s airlines do more to respect the individual food choices of their passengers. Dig into one of Air Canada’s vegan meals and feel good about what you eat while you travel the globe.

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