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How To Spend One-Day in LA: Complete Trip Itinerary

As a vegan, LA is one of those cities you have to visit at least once (but seriously, more like once a year). 

I’m not kidding when I tell you that LA is one the best US cities for vegans — a diverse food scene (light and flaky croissants, crispy calamari, creamy carbonara, out-of-this-world milkshakes), markets dedicated to vegan clientele, events, and even clothing — It’s like walking into a world that understands you!

But what if you only have one single day in this vegan mecca? Is it still worth the visit? An emphatic YES! Even if you only have 24hrs. in LA, you should take it and savor every possible second. 

Now, planning only one day in LA might seem overwhelming, so I have taken all of the stress out of it for you — before you hit the road, check out this one-day vegan itinerary to LA.

Complete One-Day LA Itinerary

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Up-and-at-’em — Morning LA Itinerary

There is no time to dilly dally today, so whatever you have to do to get yourself moving, maybe set two alarms, do it! 

We have a lot of ground to cover.

Although you may only think of LA as a bustling city, we will start this day with one of the most scenic hikes — Los Leones in Topanga State Park. This is a great spot to capture panoramic LA views. Start at the East Topanga Fire Road Trailhead; this way, you don’t have to go too far to get a perfect look (in case you want to make this a quick hike because, after all, there is a lot to do today). But if hiking is your jam, to get to the Parker Mesa Overlook, it’s 2.5 miles one-way (word of warning, it is relatively challenging, so plan accordingly). 

After the hike, head to Venice to enjoy a confidence-boosting vegan breakfast at the LA hot spot, Café Gratitude. Seriously, with dishes like “I am Lively” (Belgian oat waffle with berries) or “I am Nourished” (tofu scramble breakfast wrap), how can you not feel ready to tackle the rest of the day?

After breakfast, take a little time to wander down Abbott Kinney and check out all the cute boutique shops. After, head to the unique Venice Canals (it’s like a mini version of the real Venice Canals in Italy). 

After you’ve captured enough canal shots for Insta, pop on over to the best vegan market in the US (according to VegNews), Besties Vegan Paradise. This is the spot to grab hard-to-find snacks and specialty items, and they even have a little café. So, if you need a little caffeine boost, grab a Dark Ceremonial Cacao or a Golden Matcha, but make sure you grab a chocolate bar (or two) for the road!

Next stop, West Hollywood!

That’s Amore or Go South of The Border? Lunchtime Decisions.

Now it’s time to choose your own eating adventure — this choice is just too difficult for me to make for you! 

Either float away into a carb coma at Pura Vita with bowls of creamy carbonara with savory shiitake bacon or fill up with a hearty Lasagna Pura (layers of cashew ricotta, mozzarella, mushrooms, spinach, and marinara). 

Or, go south of the border with chorizo empanadas, plant-based fysh tacos, and loaded nachos at the chic Gracias Madre — if you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity!

Now can you see why that’s a difficult decision? Good luck! No matter what you choose, make sure you save just a sliver of room for our next stop in swanky Beverly Hills. 

Mon Dieu — Is This Really Vegan? Snack Time.

When you went vegan, did you think your days of flaky French pastry were over? Well, if you did, you’re in for a real treat!

Chaumont Vegan- LA’s only vegan patisserie is tucked amongst the ritzy shops of famed Beverly Hills. When you arrive, you will notice two signs — Chaumont and Chaumont Vegan; the shop started as a regular old French bakery but in 2020 opened its vegan sister store (hallelujah!). 

I promise you’re not going to believe your eyes — buttery almond croissants, croissants filled with rosewater, chocolate croissants — you’ve died and gone to vegan croissant heaven! Aside from croissants, they also have a variety of other gorgeous baked goods (nothing is ugly here) and a few gluten-free options!

Once your eyes and belly have gotten their pasty fill, there is one more patisserie stop in Beverly Hills that you have to make (I mean, while we’re here, we can’t just pass by, right?).

Just up the street from Chaumont is Ladurée — another gorgeous little French café! 

Not everything at Ladurée is vegan, but they always have two vegan chocolate pastries and a massive lineup of vegan and gluten-free macarons. 

You have to take one of their boxes of assorted vegan macarons for the road (I promise you will be happy that you did). The flavors range from traditional vanilla to passionfruit and seasonal selections like pineapple, chocolate lavender, and s’mores. 

After all that eating, stretch those legs with a walk down Rodeo Drive — the perfect place to do a little window shopping and admire the lifestyles of the rich and famous (the homes just across Santa Monica Blvd. are out of this world). 

If you’re really curious about the celebrity side of Beverly Hills, there are multiple tour options that explore the area.

Speaking of Celebrities — Suggested Afternoon Activity

If this is your first time in Los Angeles, you probably want to make a quick trip to check out quintessential Hollywood — the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Pantages Theatre. This is an excellent time to squeak it in before dinner!

Word of warning, if you’re kind of on the fence about doing it or short on time, you can skip it. Often tourists feel like it was a letdown. So, if you miss it, don’t worry!

Wrap Up One Day in LA with Dinner & Treats

As we round out this fantastic one-day vegan itinerary in LA, there is no better way to wrap it up than at Crossroads Kitchen. This upscale restaurant delights the palates of all diners, not just vegans; due to its popularity, I suggest making reservations, but if they are booked, you can still pull up to the bar to enjoy a fantastic meal.

Make sure you choose your dining partner(s) wisely, as the dishes are meant to be shared, which is a good thing because it will be hard to decide which to choose. Impossible cigars, artichoke oysters, lentil lemon piccata — you might be thinking, where do I even start? If that’s the case, check out their chef’s tasting menu to ensure you don’t miss any of their all-star veggie plates. 

After that amazing meal, there is no better way to cap off your day than with ice cream from Dear Bella Creamery. Their entire lineup of ice cream, cookies, and even waffle cones are vegan and gluten-free! 

Treat yourself to a decadent sundae piled high with chunks of brownies, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and more, or load your favorite flavors between two of their house-made cookies! 

How is that for a sweet ending?

Is One Day in LA Enough?

Honestly, no, one day will not be enough to cover the city but will it be enough to give you a little sample — making you want to come back! Los Angeles is a big city and even if you had three days there would still be more things that you would not be able to do and see. When you’re planning your quick visit, make sure you prioritize quality over quantity — really focus in on the things that are important to you, this will make your visit more memorable.

Do I Need a Car to Visit LA for One Day?

It depends on your itinerary. If you follow this one day itinerary, then yes, you will need a car in LA. This itinerary covers a large portion of the city so you get to sample a little bit of everything. You could use Uber or Lyft, but that might add a little extra time and end up being more expensive than the car rental. You wouldn’t be able to complete this itinerary using mass transit.

If you only plan to visit downtown LA then you can get away from having to rent a car and use Uber or Lyft to get to and from the airport.

Where To Stay For One Night in LA

Hotels in Santa Monica or Venice Beach

Ocean Breeze Suites

2 Breeze Ave, Venice, CA 90291
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Ocean View Hotel

1447 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Need More Than a One-Day Itinerary to LA?

If you have more than one-day in LA, there are loads more things that you have to check out — a vegan street fair, Vegan Exchange (only open on Sundays), more food (of course), art, hiking, and more! I’ve got just the info that you need, check out these articles to help assist with your planning. The vegan guide to LA is a great place to start, aside from more vegan food suggestions, you’ll also find more great things to do, hotel suggestions, and how to easily get around LA (the traffic is terrible).

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