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Budapest Vegan Bakery Guide: 10 Spots for Cake & Dessert

I love finding traditional veganized sweets when I’m traveling, like strudel in Germany or sausage rolls in England! So, when I started investigating my eating plans for Budapest, I came across multiple popular desserts — chimney cakes, Somlói Galuska (Hungarian trifle), and rétes (strudel) — but none of these appeared like they’d be easy to find vegan!

Sadly, that was the case back then, but today, things are changing!

The vegan scene in Budapest has grown, and with it has come a slew of vegan bakeries and sweet shops eager to surprise and delight you with their sugar-filled wonders! Will you find a fruit-filled strudel or Hungarian trifle? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Vegan Bakeries to Visit in Budapest

#1 Plantmilkyway Vegan Cake & Coffee Shop

Budapest, Csarnok tér 6, 1093 Hungary
If you can only make it to one spot on this list, I think you can’t miss the stunning cakes at this quaint vegan bakery and coffee shop! Aside from being vegan, everything on the dessert menu is gluten-free and soy-free — how fantastic is that?!

For chocolate fans, you can’t skip a slice of their ultra-decadent chocolate torte — it’s layers of dark chocolate and creamy mousse that will knock your socks off. Non-chocolate fans (if you exist!) will find plenty of berry-topped cheesecakes, nutty and fruit mousse cakes, and more. Treats also don’t end with cake; depending on the day, you might find chewy cookies, tiramisu, brownies, and more!

a beautiful purple vegan cake topped with a ring of fresh fruit sitting in a window in budapest
Credit: Plantmilkyway Vegan Cake & Coffee Shop

#2 Fill Good

Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 3, 1136 Hungary
Does the saying go, if you fill yourself up with good food, you’ll feel good? Or, did I just make that up? We will never know, but one thing is for sure: the sweet treats at Fill Good will have you jumping for joy! The bakery case at this spot greets you from the street, and once you stop and take a peek, there’s no way you can say no!

Inside, you’ll find endless rows of vegan pastries, including many Hungarian specialties—golden croissants, giant cinnamon snails, Pozsony crescents, scones, and more! In addition to sweets, they also have some savory options and sandwiches.

#3 Naspolya Nassolda

Budapest, Káldy Gyula u. 7, 1061 Hungary
Right in the heart of Budapest is this charming vegan bakery and café! The cozy spot is where you want to find a comfy seat and stay awhile — plus, once you see their treats and desserts, you’ll want somewhere comfortable to sit while you eat them all!

This spot specializes in outrageously delicious raw desserts. Everything on the menu is gluten, soy, and refined sugar-free! They always have a delightful selection of cakes like tiramisu, lemon poppyseed, orange chocolate chestnut, and more! While cakes seem to be their pride and joy, they also generally have other irresistible options like handmade chocolates, passionfruit moon pies, matcha mango pies, and more!

a single slice of chocolate mousse cake on a white plate with a fork in budapest
Credit: Naspolya Nassolda

#4 Vegan Garden

 Budapest, Király u. 8-10, 1061 Hungary
Ok, this vegan spot isn’t technically a bakery, but it has a terrific dessert menu, including those traditional Hungarian trifles I mentioned in the beginning (remember those?). You just can’t miss them!

The garden-inspired spot is right in the heart of Budapest and offers a globally-inspired menu for lunch and dinner, but if you’re like me, you’re skipping right to dessert! So, my main reason for suggesting this spot is for their traditional veganized Hungarian sweets — it’s always nice when you can indulge in something unique to the destination. There are two traditional desserts — Somló-style sponge cake (trifle with vanilla and chocolate cream) and a similar version with poppyseed bread pudding. If those don’t tickle your fancy, no worries; they also have a terrific lineup of cheesecakes, pies, and cake!

a single slice of vegan cheesecake with a layer of raspberry and mango mousse on a plate at vegan garden in budapest
Credit: Vegan Garden

#5 Napfényes

Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2, 1053 Hungary
So, this casual spot is also not just a vegan bakery; it’s a café that specializes in amazing vegan pastries and confections! Its daily menu features diverse dishes, including stellar vegan desserts and cakes. Their dessert case is extensive — you’ll need to scan it a few times just to get a good idea of your options (good luck deciding)! You’ll find decadent chocolate cakes, cheesecake, pie, and even super creamy gelato! I suggest you grab one of those massive slices of chocolate cake and saddle it up next to a scoop or two of gelato!

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#6 Green Life Vegan Bakery

Budapest, Radnóti Miklós u. 43, 1137 Hungary
From the pink and red flowers framing the entrance to the sweet-filled bakery case, this spot is super charming from start to finish! The whimsical little bakery and grocery shop has something for everyone, especially if you want veganized Hungarian pastries. If they’ve got them, don’t skip the Szilvalekváros slippers, a slightly crumbly pastry filled with sweet fruit filling. Not something you’ll find everywhere! In addition to those, you’ll also want to check out their snail lineup (that’s a funny thing to write). Not only do they have traditional cinnamon snails, but also chocolate cherry, cocoa, and raspberry vanilla!

a tray of mini vegan desserts topped with swirls of chocolate buttercream held in front of a large dessert case
Credit: Green Life Vegan Bakery

#7 Anjuna Ice Pops

Multiple locations throughout Budapest
On a sweltering day, you can’t go wrong with a mango or strawberry popsicle! This family-run shop is the only one of its kind in the city. Everything is made using natural ingredients and real fruits — you’re getting something tasty and healthy! They have a wide range of ice pop (popsicle) flavors like blueberry lime, avocado tarragon lime, black currant and yuzu, and many more. You can enjoy them on their own or dip them in chocolate and cover them with roasted nuts and toasted coconut!

two colorful vegan popsicles in paper trays topped with chocolate, coconut and sliced strawberry in budapest
Credit: Anjuna Ice Pops

Vegan-Friendly Bakeries & Desserts Spots in Budapest

#8 Free – a Gluténmentes Pékség

Budapest, Fény u. 16, 1024 Hungary
Gluten-free friends, this spot is for you. It is a tiny bit outside the main tourist haunts, but it is worth the mini trek! Obviously, everything is gluten-free, and they usually have quite a few sweet and savory treat options. You’ll want to check out their house-made breads like a golden baguette, raisin cake, pizza snails, potato scones, and more!

#9 Fitzkey Chimney Cake

Two locations in Budapest
When I was in Budapest, I swear everyone had one of these golden cakes in their hand, and I was jealous — I couldn’t find a vegan option. That is until I found Fitzkey! Each of their little stands proudly proclaims its vegan options, so you can rest easy that it’s not getting lost in translation. The golden sweet cakes are light and fluffy! You can roll them in sugar, coconut, nuts, and more.

#10 Gelateria Pichler Fagyizó

Budapest, Kossuth Lajos u. 4, 1053 Hungary
You’ll also probably see people using the chimney cakes as ice cream cones, which is next-level deliciousness, and you can do that here! This cute corner gelato shop offers a sweet vegan chimney cake (technically, the dough for all of their cakes is vegan, but what it gets rolled in might not be) and has a great lineup of vegan gelato and sorbet.

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