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8 TV Travel Shows to Globe-Trot from Your Couch

Updated January 9, 2023

If you’re like me, you long for the days when you can hop on an airplane and be jettisoned off someplace new, exciting, and different from everyday life.  Unfortunately work and life sometimes get in the way of those jet-setting plans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning future trips or dreaming of new experiences!

There is no better way to escape to new places than through our TVs!  Here is my list of the 8 best travel tv shows to watch to feed your need to globe-trot, it’s just too bad there aren’t any to feed your vegan appetite too.

8 best travel tv shows to watch now right now

Down to Earth Netflix Show

#1 Down to Earth

I won’t lie, I was reluctant to watch this, not because I’m not interested in exploring sustainable ways to live around the world but because of Zac Efron. I really couldn’t see myself taking him seriously, but a good friend changed my mind. Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien take viewers around the world to see how other countries are living more sustainably. From the role of clean water in France to clean energy in Iceland, they cover interesting topics in interesting places.
Available on: Netflix

#2 Somebody Feed Phil

What’s better than an unassuming Jewish guy traveling to places around the world, meeting with local chefs and exciting personalities, in an effort to find some of his favorite (not my favorite!) food? I know the episodes aren’t vegan friendly, but we can still be inspired by his adventures. I enjoy this show for the good-hearted nature of the host and the fun places he visits, like Lisbon, Singapore, Rio De Janeiro, and more.
Available on: Netlix

#3 An Idiot Abroad

Are you a fan of British comedian, Ricky Gervais? Then you will probably get a good kick out of this! Ricky Gervais and friend, Karl Merchant send their sheltered friend, Karl Pilkington on what sound like epic trips of a lifetime, but every trip comes with special assignments. According to Gervais, Karl never had prior knowledge of exactly what he was getting himself into.
Available on: Amazon Prime Video

dark tourist on Netflix

#4 Dark Tourist

If you’re interested in the sights and sounds that generally don’t make it into the brightly colored guidebooks, this show is for you. Journalist, David Farrier takes you on “dark tours” of unusual places like traveling to Medellín to explore the legacy of Pablo Escobar, Kazakhstan to investigate a site used for testing Soviet nuclear weapons, or hang out with real life vampires in New Orleans.
Available on: Netflix

#5 Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

The late, great chef got his start in NYC but was no stranger to tv. It is easy to binge this show because Bourdain doesn’t give a typical take on travel. Instead, he travels the path less taken and visits some places the average traveler might not consider. Through his adventures he shows the beauty of these locations and their people.
Available on: Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max

#6 Rick Steves’ Europe

Most everyone knows Rick Steves for his travel guides. The information contained in his guides is thorough and highly useful. It is no coincidence that his television series is just as informative as they are enjoyable. I like his tv shows because of the way he covers the history of the places he visits while capturing a bit of the local atmosphere.
Available on: PBS, Amazon Prime Video

#7 Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

Some may find the humor in this travel show to be a bit “cheeky”, but Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, take you on a journey to unique and interesting places around the globe. At times, the duo comes off as disrespectful and ridiculous, but the relationship between Jack and his father is meant to be comical. I will say, I still can’t quite understand the doll that Michael and his wife treat as a real son.
Available on: Netflix

#8 House Hunters: International

Even though House Hunters: International isn’t exactly a travel show it is great because it will show you what life is like in places all over the world. It gives viewers the chance to dream of what living abroad might be like. I love it because you can live vicariously through the shows participants. Try not to binge this show in one sitting!
Available on: HGTV, Hulu

 As I mentioned earlier, none of these are vegan travel shows, maybe one is in the works or maybe I missed it? Exploring the world and finding the best vegan delights sounds like something I would have on repeat!

What are some of your favorite shows to watch that let you experience and daydream about travel?