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Where to Find Vegan Waffles in Brussels

Updated April 4, 2023

Belgium is located in a significant geographic area and has been influenced by many different cultures.  Today, it is not uncommon to meet individuals that speak French, German, or Dutch, depending on which part of the country you visit.  More importantly this influence has played a role in the cuisine in Brussels from its waffles to its fries!

Just as Auber’s La Muette di Portici inspired a revolution in Brussels, I want to inspire you to be sure not to miss one of my favorite highlights of Belgium, the Belgian Waffle!

The History of Waffles in Brussels

The 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo 58) II showcased some of the best technological advancements at the time. It must have been a sight to behold with some of the world’s greatest minds showcasing their talents.  The Soviet Union even displayed a replica of Sputnik, I can only imagine the scandal that must have caused.

But what’s really important is that Expo 58 also introduced a dish made from leavened batter, cooked between two hot plates with a distinct pattern, called a waffle. Today, the waffle has 12 different varieties across Belgium. 

It may sound cliche, “Did you eat waffles in Brussels,” but I ask you, do you go to Rome without eating pizza?  Do you travel to Germany and not taste the pretzel?  The answer is, absolutely not! 

The waffle, which I found scattered across Brussels, and was my favorite part of Brussels, but finding a vegan waffle in Brussels takes a little more effort. Check out a couple spots below where you can get your hands on this traditional veganized delight! And, if you need more vegan eats, check out our vegan guide to Brussels!

Where to Find Vegan Waffles & Treats in Brussels


Galerie Agora 48, 1000 Brussels
This location is in the city center and has house-made vegan and gluten-free waffles that are topped with an array of eye-popping delights!

Photo credit: VeganWaf

The Sisters Brussels Café

Vlees-en-Broodstraat 3, 1000 Brussels
A charming vegan café with a line-up of can’t miss vegan waffles from a traditional Belgian waffle topped with agave to the extravagant topped with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and more!

three sisters brussels cafe vegan waffle
Photo credit: Three Sisters Brussels Cafe

Laurent Gerbaud

2d, rue Ravenstein – 1000 Brussels
No waffles here but this artisan chocolatier has many vegan chocolate treats and coconut ice cream— a stop here shouldn’t be missed!