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5 Best Places to Shop for Vegan Leather Travel Bags

I remember when I got my first vegan bag — I was super pumped that I found something that hadn’t been skinned off of a cow, but that was just a regular handbag — not something I was prepared to cart around the globe. Back then, the idea of a vegan leather travel bag was a bit too far, and I had to settle with my canvas backpack.

Luckily for you and me, times have changed immensely!

The wide world of vegan leather has advanced, and the market for vegan leather travel bags has blossomed, bringing forth a wave of innovation that challenges preconceived notions of what travel accessories should be.

Contemporary companies are embracing cutting-edge alternatives derived from unexpected fruit sources, such as apples, pineapples (in the form of Piñatex), and even cacti, proving that sustainability and style can seamlessly coexist.

So, if you’re in the market to upgrade your travel accessories, be sure to check out the gorgeous lineup of vegan travel bags at these shops!

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Grab One of These Vegan Leather Travel Bags for Your Next Trip

#1 Pixie Mood

I recently became acquainted with the chic lineup at Pixie Mood after testing out one of their belt bags, and I was sold! The brand is committed to creating stylish accessories that minimize their environmental impact while protecting the animals and people in the communities where they work. From start to finish, they are transparent with every step it takes to create these bags, including all the materials, packaging, carbon offsets, and manufacturing standards. 

The bags are made with various innovative materials like recycled vegan wool, recycled vegan shearling, cork, recycled bottles, and more. Another bonus is that many of their wallets include RFID-blocking technology to ensure your private information stays private. 

dark tan vegan leather weekender bag on a white background from pixie mood
Credit: Pixie Mood

Vegan Leather Travel Bag Options at Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood has a sleek range of styles, which include options perfect for travel. Under their “Travel Collection,” you will find spacious Weekender Bags (made with vegan leather and canvas) and sophisticated vegan leather backpacks in various sizes. Check out their convertible belt bags or the efficient travel case for something smaller. The convertible belt bags are fantastic for travel and daily life as you can strap it through your belt loops for hands-free exploration or change it to a crossbody bag. I love this bag for its functionality — usually, you get stuck using a bag in one way, but not with this one.

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Check Out Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood Highlights

100% vegan company
Available online (for the best selection) & in select stores in the US & Canada
Types of travel bags: Weekender bags, belt bags, backpacks, toiletry, & jewelry cases.
10% off all order using code DEALDROP10

#2 Matt & Nat

The first vegan bag I ever purchased came from Matt & Nat — they’ve been pushing the cruelty-free gospel since 1995! The brand is well known for its commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion. The brand’s name, an abbreviation for “Material and Nature,” reflects its dedication to using cruelty-free and innovative materials like recycled windshield glass resin, recycled plastic bottles (inside lining), and fruit fibers like apple in its designs. 

dark blue vegan leather backpack from matt and nat on a white background
Credit: Matt & Nat

Vegan Leather Travel Bag Options at Matt & Nat

Their trend-setting bag lineup is extensive and includes many options that are not only ideal for travel but oh so chic! If you’re looking for a vegan leather travel bag that’s on the larger side, check out their Weekender collection, which includes two made of vegan leather and two with vegan leather accents and a canvas body. For a smaller travel bag, check out their beautiful backpack selection, including a few sling bags, which are great when you want to take some weight off your shoulders. 

Check Out Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat Highlights

100% vegan company
Available online (for the best selection) & in select stores worldwide
Types of travel bags: Weekender bags in various sizes, belt bags, & backpacks

#3 Mali + Lili 

This beautiful, cruelty-free handbag collection is female-founded and BIPOC-owned and came to fruition in 2017 after the founder decided to align her career with her passions. Mali + Lili (named after the founder’s daughters) has received serious recognition — featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List (2020 & 2023) and available in major stores like Nordstrom, Stitch Fix, and Anthropologie. 

Mali + Lili’s vegan bags often feature innovative materials that mimic the texture and appearance of traditional leather without compromising on animal welfare. All the bags are designed in Los Angeles and made from PETA-approved vegan leather. Mali + Lili is firmly committed to sustainable practices, including minimizing packaging and using recycled materials.

light pinkish purple vegan leather travel bag on a white background from mali + lili
Credit: Mali + Lili

Vegan Leather Travel Bag Options at Mali + Lili

When it comes time to travel, Mali + Lili has something to fit your style, from spacious Weekender Bags to beautifully woven vegan leather sling bags and everything in between. Let’s start with the larger travel option — Weekender Bags. Mali + Lili has a “Luggage” section on their website, which leads me to believe that they’re working on other travel options, but for now, you will just find a few different vegan leather Weekender options in beautiful colors like pale blue or hot pink (you’ll never lose a hot pink bag). On the smaller travel side, they have an extensive sling bag lineup (one of my favorite travel accessories). No matter the style, color, or size, they’ve got something you will love. 

Check Out Mali + Lili

Mali + Lili Highlights

100% vegan company
Available online (for the best selection) & in select stores 
Types of travel bags: Weekender Bags & sling bags

#4 Monos

This company understands the frustrations of finding the perfect travel bag — it’s all they do! Monos is the only vegan luggage company (that I’ve been able to find); they’re well known for their sleek and efficient carry-on and checked bags that feature minimalist aesthetics, durable materials, and thoughtful features. But that’s not all — they also have a gorgeous lineup of vegan leather travel bags. 

Aside from crafting sophisticated bags that will have heads turning in the airport, the company is focused on being as sustainable as possible; their motto is, “Travel mindfully. Tread lightly.” The company is climate-neutral certified and donates 1% of its revenue to the non-profit organization, 1% for the Planet. All of their materials are vegan and cruelty-free, and they source recyclable or reusable packaging. 

ivory vegan leather weekender bag with the strap across the front on a white background from monos
Credit: Monos

Vegan Leather Travel Bag Options at Monos

Whether jetting off for business or leisure, you’ll want to peruse their sophisticated Metro Collection. The collection includes a large Metro Carry-All Duffle that features a tech sleeve pocket, extra storage, and interior water bottle pockets. For something a tad smaller, slim down to their Metro Weekender, and even smaller from there (but still spacious) is their Metro Duffel. In addition to the larger bags, their Metro Sling bag is ideal for something compact when you’re on the go!

Check Out Monos

Monos Highlights

100% vegan company
Available online (for the best selection) & in their Vancouver flagship store 
Types of travel bags: Carry-All Duffel, Weekender Bags, backpacks, & sling bags

#5 Etsy 

Now, I know this isn’t a specific company like all of the rest, but I have found many terrific vegan leather bags made by independent businesses and designers, so I think it’s definitely worth a look! Etsy is a vibrant online marketplace that has become a global hub for unique, handmade, and even vegan goods. You can honestly find almost anything on Etsy, from handmade jewelry, clothing, and home decor to vintage furniture and collectibles.

Now, you might wonder what you will find on the vegan leather travel bag front; it depends! Because the platform depends on what individual artisans want to sell, it can change often. I’ve found vegan leather Weekender Bags (in vibrant colors, like this one), vegan leather backpacks (like this one), and vegan leather passport holders (like this one).

You’ll probably find it easier to find specific types of bags and travel accessories than others but don’t give up. Try changing up your search query or changing materials; for example, instead of vegan leather, try cork! 

Check Out Etsy

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